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  1. Very pretty condition, early battlefield pick-up, non-excavated, "drop", 3 inch, time fused Hotchkiss projectile.  This shell is nice enough that it could be fired today.  The iron remains smooth with a chocolate brown patina, much like what you see on a musket barrel.  The lead sabot remains completely intact as well as the base cup.  The brass time fuse is not only perfectly intact but can be screwed in and out of the shell with your fingers.  Almost every Civil War collection has an excavated Hotchkiss projectile, but very few have a non-excavated example with a removable fuse.--$350.SOLD

  2. Very pretty, excavated, COMPLETE, 3 inch, time fused, Hotchkiss projectile.  This shell was recovered over 30 years ago at the Battle of Nashville, 2nd day fighting near Granny White Pike.  The projectile remains complete with nose, brass fuse, lead sabot, and cup.  I have disarmed the shell as well as cleaned and coated it.  The projectile is now ready for display.  Only a small percentage of the Hotchkiss projectiles that we recovered at the Battle of Nashville were complete.--$295.SOLD

  3. Excavated, 6 pound size, solid-shot cannonball recovered many years ago on private property at Shiloh.  The ball has been cleaned and coated and is ready for display.--$175.SOLD

  4. Extremely rare to recover, 3 pound Ketchum hand grenade.  This grenade was recovered many years ago on private property near Port Hudson, Louisiana.  It has been sectioned with the fuse remaining intact on one side so as to be able to see the inside cavity of the grenade.  In over 40 years, I have only seen three or four Ketchum grenades sectioned.  This item will make an excellent addition to someone's Civil War artillery display.--$295.

  5. Excavated, 3 inch Read, rifled, Confederate artillery projectile.  This projectile was recovered from private property near Chickamauga, Georgia, and has already been disarmed, cleaned, and coated and is ready to go on display.  One side of the projectile is quite attractive with only typical ground action.  The reverse side of the projectile does have some pitting.--$325.SOLD

  6. Very sought after 42 inch in length Civil War "War-log" that was recovered many years ago from private property near Antietam.  This log has two visible bullets that have been exposed.  Both hullets are Williams Cleaner bullets.  The War Log has been cleaned and coated, and is ready for permanent display.  Through most of its length it is from 7 to 9 inches through.  Nice War Logs often run several thousand dollars.  This is a nice one, and at a very reasonable price.--$850.

  7. Getting very rare to find, absolutely perfect, unfired condition, brass, Confederate cannon friction primer with the twisted primer wire remaining perfectly intact.  This friction primer was recovered from a Confederate cannon position just off Leland Avenue at the second days fighting - Battle of Nashville.--$45.SOLD

  8. Very scarce to recover - Excavated LARGE portion of a CAST BRASS RATCHETED SABOT FOR A 9 INCH CONFEDERATE BROOKE PROJECTILE.  This was recovered many years ago on private property near Mobile, AL. by my good buddy - Wayne Tucker.--$65.

  9. Excellent U.S. artillery vent pick priming wire for cannon.  It was used to puncture the powder bag through the vent at the rear of the tube so that when the fuse friction primer ignited, the cannon would fire.  It is 24" in length overall for a very large gun.--$75.

  10. Extremely rare, 6 pounder size, Confederate, wood drive-in fuse cannonball.  This projectile was recovered many years ago from private property near Shiloh and is one of less than half a dozen of this type ball ever recovered there.  It is disarmed, cleaned, coated, and ready for display.  We have located an original, correct, wooden fuse adaptor for this rare shell and are including it with the projectile.--$495.SOLD

  11. Very rare to recover, complete, excavated, Federal Navy, cast brass water cap fuse.  The fuse has the water cap itself intact and is marked, "Ord. and the anchor" and is dated 1861, but the fuse impacted on the "61" and it is barely visible.--$95.

  12. Just as dug - 12lb. size Bormann fuzed cannon ball recovered from a lawn on the Battle line at the 2nd days' fighting, Battle of Nashville.--$295.SOLD

  13. Original, quite rare, partially filled, blue wrapped packet of Federal cannon friction primers.  This packet still contains three original cannon friction primers as well as most of the original blue wrapper.  Some of the markings remain faintly visible if you have bright light and a good imagination.  This will display fantastic with your artillery shells or fuses.--$95.

  14.  Quite rare and in very nice condition, excavated, 3 inch size, Confederate, Reed Parrott projectile.  This shell has the lathe dimple in the base and iron sabot, lathed turned sides, and took a wooden drive-in fuse adaptor.  This projectile was recovered over 30 years ago from private property near Chickamauga, Georgia.  It has been disarmed, cleaned, coated, and is ready for display.--$450.

  15. Nice condition, original, Civil War Artillery lanyard.  No artillery display is complete without a lanyard.--$425.

  16. Rare, 12 pound size, Confederate, polygonal cavity ball with four side diamond shaped pattern shrapnel inside.  The ball has been cut in half, nicely showing the diamond shaped pieces inside, the wooden drive-in fuse plug, and a large casting flaw typical of Confederate artillery shells.  This will make an excellent addition to someone's Confederate artillery display.  It has been cleaned, coated, and is mounted on a walnut display base.--$295.

  17. Group of 6 excavated cannon friction primers.  These were recovered many years ago by Mark Swann from a cannon position behind the Stone Wall at the Battle of Nashville, TN.--$175. for all 6

  18. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$45.

  19. Beautiful condition, excavated, Confederate cannon friction primer.  This was recovered along the 2nd day Battle of Nashville Confederate line.  It remains complete with the twisted brass wire intact.--$48.


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