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CS Buckles

  1. Absolutely mint perfect excavated large size Confederate "Wishbone or Forked Tongue" frame buckle.  This buckle was recovered about 40 years ago on private property near "Rocky Face Ridge, GA.  It has NEVER EVEN BEEN WASHED OFF and still has the original green woods mulch layer stuck to it.  SUPER NICE.--$850.SOLD
  2. Very attractive excavated emerald green "Medium Size" Confederate "Forked Tongue" or "Wishbone Frame" C.S. waist belt plate.  This was recovered many years ago from Winchester, VA.--$795.
  3. Really pretty "pea-green" excavated smaller size beveled edge Cavalry style GA. Frame Confederate waist belt plate.  This buckle was recovered many years ago on private property near Chickamauga, GA. and is an exceptionally nice example.--$595.
  4. This is one of the RAREST and MOST SOUGHT AFTER of all Confederate "C.S." Central Government waist belt plates to recover.  It's nickname is the "C.S. Sardine" -- So named because it is shaped much like a "sardine ration can".  This plate was recovered in central Mississippi and is very solid and is a "Super Nice" example of this scarce Confederate buckle.  It has a pretty chocolate brown patina and has only one very tiny freeze crack.  The solder marks are clearly visible on the reverse where the hooks were at one time located, but they are not present now - as usual.  This is a Confederate plate that you rarely ever see offered for sale.--$4,850.
  5. Very attractive excavated large size Confederate "Fork Tongue" or "Wishbone" Frame Buckle.  It was recovered from a Confederate camp in North Mississippi.--$750.
  6. Beautiful condition and one of less than 20 known - excavated smooth "Artillery Style" Confederate wreath for the Leech and Rigdon "Artillery Type" 2-Piece "C.S." saber belt plate.  This was recovered by Nationally known Relic Hunter - Mr. John Marks - out of Eastport, MS.  When the right Leech and Rigdon "C.S." tongue comes along --- Talk about having a SUPER RARE AND BIG DOLLAR "C.S." 2-piece saber belt plate.  {Rarity 9}--$895.

US Buckles

  1. Quite rare non-excavated "GILTED" large size Federal "U.S." oval waist belt plate.  Really nice condition with 100 % gold gilt on the face and full lead and all three hooks intact on the reverse.--$275.
  2. This is one of the nicest examples of the shipwreck recovered "SNY" waist belt plates that I have seen.  The face is really pretty with a real nice patina and letters that just jump out at you.  The reverse has full lead and rusty remnants of the 3 iron hooks.--$650.
  3. Excellent condition non-excavated early issue large size - lead filled - "Puppy Paw" hook style U.S. oval waist belt plate.  I love these nice early "Puppy Paw" hook U.S. buckles.--$295.
  4. Non-excavated cast brass Model 1851 "applied silver wreath" eagle sword belt plate on it's original black leather waist belt and with it's original black leather cavalry carbine cartridge box still intact on the rig.  The belt and buckle are as nice as you are going to see.  The carbine cartridge box is attractive, pliable, and displays well, but is missing the end panel on the left end facing the box.  {In display this can't be seen at all}.  This entire rig with cart. box intact is priced at very little more than what just the gilted eagle saber belt plate would bring.--$595.
  5. Model 1851 Federal Officer's integrally cast wreath eagle sword belt plate on original black leather waist belt.  Very nice condition overall and the soldier customized his saber belt plate a little bit by tapping the edges down, there-by making the edge a little bit wider on his buckle than what is typical.  A very nice relic.--$475.SOLD
  6. Very attractive - just as dug, with a pretty chocolate brown patina - Federal carbine sling buckle and matching belt tip.  This was recovered many years ago by Wade Buchanan from "Camp Stanley" here at Murfreesboro, TN.  This was the 1862 - 1863 Federal Cavalry "Winter Camp" while here at Murfreesboro, TN. {following the Battle of Stones River}.--$125.
  7. Solid as a rock excavated "W. H. Smith - Brooklyn" marked large oval "U.S." cartridge boxplate.  This was dug on private property many, many years ago near Chickamauga, GA.  It has full lead and both wire loops perfectly intact.--$295.
  8. Excellent condition non-excavated large size, lead filled "U.S." oval Federal cartridge boxplate.  This plate has a beautiful - NEVER CLEANED - rich, bronze aged patina on the face.  The reverse has full lead and both iron loops perfectly intact - and 2 1/4 inches apart.  Just the ticket to finish out your leather cartridge box needing a GREAT plate.--$250.
  9. Fresh out of a Kansas estate sale.  Non-excavated cast brass Federal Model 1851 eagle sword belt plate on an 1870s era saber belt rig.  The 1870 saber belt rig looks almost exactly the same as the Civil War belt rig, but can be distinguished by having a round adjuster hook rather than the Civil War "flat" adjuster hook.  I would guess that this belt rig saw service in the Indian Wars and in "taming" the Wild West.  Here is something that you rarely find - and Both leather "saber drop straps" remain intact.--$695.
  10. Non-excavated "Puppy Paw Hook" style lead filled large oval "U.S." waist belt plate.  This buckle has true character with a very well done field repair to the front belt hook.  The field repair was so well done that the buckle is still wearable and quite serviceable yet today -- 150 years later.--$250.
  11. Super beautiful excavated large oval "U.S." cartridge boxplate.  This plate was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram over 40 years ago on private property at Chickamauga, GA.  The era of recovering this kind of fine quality has long since past.--$225.
  12. Excavated circular Federal eagle breastplate recovered a few years ago here at Stones River.  The plate displays well, but had some chipping around the rim when recovered.  This has been professionally stabilized, and the plate is very solid and stable now.--$95.
  13. Quite nice grouping of four artifacts recovered from a small camp just outside Lawrenceburg, TN. by Michael Orton.  From the flower buttons and style of the stirrup - we sort of feel the site Confederate even though there was a nice large size "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate recovered there.  All the items are in better than average condition.--$195.
  14. Pretty excavated circular lead filled Federal eagle breastplate.  This was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram many, many years ago on private property near Chickamauga, GA.  It has a crisp face - full lead - and one of the two iron attachment loops remaining intact.  This is a nicer eagle breastplate than is typically being recovered now.--$175.
  15. Excavated large oval S.N.Y. ( State of New York) waist beltplate.  This buckle was recovered about 20 years ago near Cold Harbor, VA.  The face does have a little ground action, but has a nice appearance with brown green patina.--$595.
  16. Scarce excavated large size lead filled regulation Federal Cavalry "Martingale Heart".  This was recovered here at Stones River and had a little rim damage when found.  The fragile area has been stabilized and the heart now displays very nicely.--$395.
  17. Attractive excavated large size "U.S." oval lead filled cartridge boxplate.  This was recovered on private property at Chickamauga several years back.--$150.
  18. Excavated large size lead filled "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate.  This plate was recovered in the early 1980s on private property in central Virginia by Chuck Sykes.  It has a very attractive chocolate brown patina.--$125.
  19. Excavated large size U.S. oval cartridge boxplate recovered from Chickamauga, GA. with a beautiful face and a "W. H. Smith - Brooklyn" maker's mark that you can read across the room.  This plate was dug almost 40 years ago and it's quality reflects that.--$295.
  20. mrkedplteandblt.JPG (44455 bytes)mrkedplteandbltclose.JPG (65446 bytes)mrkedplteandbltmrk.JPG (73708 bytes)Large size "U.S." oval waist belt plate on the original maker marked black leather waist belt.  The belt has the brass keeper intact and is marked "Wilkinson Maker - U. S. - Springfield, Mass." - but the belt does have an old repaired break on the back side.  Still a very nice U. S. belt rig.--$450.
  21. chickmagaus.JPG (57131 bytes)chickmagausrev.JPG (76851 bytes)Excavated large size lead filled "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate recovered at Chickamauga a few years ago.  The face has one little rust bump on the bottom of the "S" but is otherwise an excellent plate with a smooth chocolate brown patina on the face and full lead and both loops on the reverse.--$195.
  22. niceusoval.JPG (66096 bytes)niceusovalrev.JPG (77057 bytes)Perfect condition unissued large size lead filled "U.S." oval waist belt plate.  This is the arrow hook variety and all three hooks remain intact.  This is the classic belt plate of the American Civil War.--$250.

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