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  1. csbakerconv.JPG (15882 bytes)csbakerconvlckplt.JPG (60658 bytes)csbakerconvbutt.JPG (48716 bytes)csbakerconveng.JPG (46229 bytes)csbakerconvbk.JPG (28859 bytes)csbakerconvbkcls.JPG (55666 bytes)Kentucky style longrifle originally manufactured in flintlock and was converted from flintlock to percussion by M.A. Baker of Fayetteville NC, for use by the Confederacy.  This unmarked example {only 5 or 6 marked ones are known} is out of a North Carolina estate and is very similar to the example of page 19 on Confederate Longarms and Pistols by Hill & Anthony.  The barrel is a massive 45 inches in length.  During the Civil War era, a leather strap was inlaid around the stock for your cheek to rest against.  There are actually only a few of these Baker Confederate Conversions left around.--$950.SOLD
  2. tinypistol.JPG (65205 bytes)tinypistolrev.JPG (61920 bytes)tinypistoleng.JPG (60859 bytes)tinypistol2.JPG (42738 bytes)Very nice condition original Civil War era 7 mm French Pinfire revolver.  Usually with these little revolvers, either the loading door, the folding trigger, or the cartridge ejector rod are missing.  This example has all three intact and the action works perfectly.  Confederate General Stonewall Jackson carried a Pinfire revolver much like this one.  I am including an original 9 mm Pinfire cartridge to display with the revolver.  I am intentionally including a cartridge one click larger size than the revolver to prevent a child from being able to load the revolver and accidentally fire it.  It is in very nice condition with a smooth aging gray/brown patina.--$450.
  3. shortgun.jpg (9689 bytes)shortgunlockplt.JPG (47607 bytes)shortgunlckpltrev.JPG (50385 bytes)shortgunlckplt.JPG (61662 bytes)shortgunser.JPG (66259 bytes)Historically speaking - This could be the most important weapon of the Civil War era.  It is the Model 1860 Spencer 7-shot Repeating carbine.  The Union Cavalry trooper could rattle off 7 rounds easily in the time that a Confederate could load one round.  It became known as the Yankee "All Week" gun.  "They loaded it on Sunday and shot it all week" !!  This example is a straight out of the attic find out of the Northeast, and has a very pretty smooth - never cleaned - chocolate brown patina tip to tip.  The action still functions perfectly, and a good bore remains.  It is serial number "45705" which is nice early production, and judging from records - quite likely went to the 19th New York Cavalry Regiment {serial numbers on both sides of this number went to that unit.}  No Civil War collection is complete without an example of one of the most important weapons of the American Civil War.--$1,895.SOLD
  4. shotgunfri.JPG (21553 bytes)shotgunfrilcplt.JPG (54865 bytes)shotgunfrinmbr.JPG (86601 bytes)shotgunfriw.JPG (63603 bytes)Fresh in out of the local bushes - "1860" date Austrian .54 cal. rifled musket.  These were extensively carried by Confederate infantry - especially those muskets {like this one} remaining in original .54 cal.  This example has a smooth, chocolate brown, attic patina, and perfect strong action both at half cock and at full cock.  What some tales this old warrior could tell !!--$950.-SOLD
  5. coltandbullets.JPG (51578 bytes)coltandbulletsrev.JPG (47891 bytes)coltandbulletsptnt.JPG (59926 bytes)coltandbulletsmkr.JPG (30342 bytes)coltandbulletssrl.JPG (55900 bytes)coltandbulletssrls.JPG (51884 bytes)coltandbulletssrlptnt.JPG (58314 bytes)Very nice looking .36 cal. Model 1851 Colt 6-shot Navy Revolver.  It has a real  pretty slick chocolate brown patina, and the action is as crisp as when it was new.  It has an all matching serial number of "114537" {including the wedge} - and this is very desirable "1861 - 1862" production.  It came out of the local area, and was quite likely "C.S." carried.  There is quite a bit of cylinder scene remaining, and a little finish in the recessed areas.  The Colt barrel markings are about as deep and sharp as when it was new.  I am including 6 dropped Colt bullets that I recovered here at Stones River to display with the revolver.--$1,895.
  6. savage.jpg (45757 bytes)savagerev.JPG (44254 bytes)savagemkr.JPG (49775 bytes).36 cal. Savage Navy Model Revolver fresh out of an Ohio estate sale.  It has a very thick brown - never cleaned attic patina - and the intricate "figure 8" action still works as well as it did during the Civil War.  The original grips are intact, and the edges are worn rounded from actual field service.  This revolver didn't sit around in an arsenal, but was clearly carried in the field.--$1,895.-SOLD
  7. blltmld.jpg (56886 bytes)blltmldopen.JPG (50170 bytes)blltmldrev.JPG (52863 bytes)1840 - 1860 era scissor type folding single cavity .36 cal. pistol ball mold.  The mold is in perfect condition and has a quite odd combination pouring hole and sprue cutter device.--$65.SOLD
  8. 1831london.JPG (71108 bytes)1831londonlckplt.JPG (57336 bytes)1831londonmkr.JPG (78148 bytes)1831londoneng.JPG (79629 bytes)1831londoddte.JPG (60729 bytes)Beautiful completely untouched attic brown "New England" original .54 cal. flintlock Militia musket.  The musket is marked "LONDON WARRENTED - 1831"  and came out of a central North Carolina estate several years ago.  This is exactly what type weapon many young Confederates left North Carolina carrying in 1861.  I have several excellent condition powder horns that will display perfectly with this musket.--$1,850.SOLD
  9. unmarkedcolt.JPG (49135 bytes)unmarkedcoltrev.JPG (47242 bytes)unmarkedcoltout.JPG (44124 bytes)unmarkedcoltoutrev.JPG (45913 bytes)unmarkedcoltsrl.JPG (53955 bytes)unmarkedcoltsrl2.JPG (57804 bytes)unmarkedcoltcal.JPG (72322 bytes)Was just brought in - .36 cal. Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver.  The revolver is complete and is in a quite rare "tuck flap" Confederate made holster.  The revolver has really been carried a lot - The grips are worn rounded and worn back almost 1/4th inch at the corners.  All the visible serial numbers match, but the cylinder number is almost totally worn away, and the front frame number is worn almost away as well.  The serial number is "138775" and that is exactly "mid-war" 1863 production.  The Reb that carried this revolver had no love for the "U.S." -- He has intentionally removed every last trace of the "Colt - U.S.A. - and New York" markings.  The revolver is slick as can be where these markings used to be.  There is a "slight" coolness to this, but it's definite "not a plus" for the value of the revolver.  The pretty Confederate manufacture holster is worth $600. to $650. alone, so if we add only $695. for the Colt - we are at $1,350. or so- BUT here is a bargain.--$1,150. for the Colt Navy revolver in C.S. holster {REALLY !!}-SOLD
  10. 1846springfield.JPG (24431 bytes)1846springfielddte.JPG (54288 bytes)1846springfieldlckplt.JPG (53376 bytes)1846springfielddnh.JPG (99788 bytes)1846springfieldhenry.JPG (58335 bytes)Very pretty .69 cal. 1846 dated Model 1842 Springfield smoothbore musket.  The musket has the soldier's initials on one side of the stock and his last name on the other side.  It was carried by David Henry of Co. "G" 16th Texas Infantry.  This musket was purchased about 40 years ago from members of David Henry's family, and has been in Ken Bilbrey's collection until Kenneth recently passed away due to an accident on the farm.  It appears that David Henry served at Jenkin's Ferry, and on the Red River Campaign.  The musket still has excellent action, and remains completely uncleaned with a chocolate brown patina tip to tip.  A sweet artifact especially if you really like Texas items.--$1,650.SOLD
  11. excelpinfire.JPG (58901 bytes)excelpinfirerev.JPG (56516 bytes)A local family just brought in this beautiful condition 7-MM folding trigger French Pinfire revolver.  It is literally "dripping" with original bluing, and everything you want is intact {loading door - ejector rod - and folding trigger.  This is a very similar weapon to the one carried by "Stonewall Jackson".  I am including an original pinfire cartridge for display BUT it is a slightly larger size and will not load {to protect the kiddies}.  This is going to be a centerpiece in someone's collection.--$595.
  12. parkersnow.JPG (26942 bytes)parkersnowlckplt.JPG (41807 bytes)parkersnowmkr.JPG (67030 bytes)parkersnowdte.JPG (51090 bytes)parkersnowptnt.JPG (63064 bytes)parkersnowus1.JPG (62824 bytes)Beautiful condition and quite rare "1863" date - .58 cal. "Parkers - Snow & Co. - Meriden, CONN." musket that has one of the very earliest conversions to trapdoor that you are going to see.  The conversion is by "W. H. and G. W. Miller - Meriden, CONN." and is dated "May 23, 1865".  The Civil War had only been over for a few days.  The musket is really pretty tip to tip and comes with it's original bayonet.--$1,650. with bayonet, and $1,450. if you don't want the bayonet.SOLD
  13. id42sprfld.JPG (56800 bytes)id42sprfldrev.JPG (55483 bytes)id42sprfldblt.JPG (58595 bytes)Just brought in a few minutes ago.  Pretty little 7MM French "folding trigger" Pinfire revolver.  This was carried by John or William Kinchloe - both were relatives and both served in the 4th KY. Mounted INF.  Normally with these little Pinfire revolvers either the folding trigger - or the ejector rod - or the loading door are missing.  This revolver has all three items intact as issued,  and until now has been in the Kinchloe family since the Civil War.  It has a beautiful - never cleaned - smooth attic brown patina.--$550.SOLD
  14. colt96908.JPG (54965 bytes)colt96908rev.JPG (57160 bytes)colt96908srl.JPG (56736 bytes)colt96908srl2.JPG (52534 bytes)colt96908srl3.JPG (27659 bytes)colt96908ptnt.JPG (55991 bytes)colt96908crvg.JPG (62563 bytes)Very pretty Model 1849 Colt Pocket revolver.  It has an all matching {including the wedge} serial number of 96908 which is nice early 1852 production, and surfacing here in the South usually indicates likely Confederate use.  It has a 5-inch barrel and a nice, smooth chocolate patina overall with traces of bluing, and lots of cylinder scene remaining.  The mainspring remains about as strong as when it was issued, but the hand-spring needs looking at as the cylinder doesn't advance every time.  The original walnut grips have about 90 % original lacquer.  {I had to wear earplugs while writing this one up -- It was playing Dixie SO loudly !!}--$1,150.SOLD
  15. snglbltmld.JPG (58010 bytes)snglbltmoldcls.JPG (43507 bytes)Civil War era single cavity .36 cal. round ball mold.  This could be used for molding .36 cal. balls in the field for either a .36 cal. rifle or .36 cal. pistol or revolver.  I have included an original bullet to display with the mold that we recovered here at Stones River.--$48.
  16. robinson.jpg (59175 bytes)robinsonlckplt.JPG (55866 bytes)robinsonmkr.JPG (88631 bytes)robnsondte.JPG (77773 bytes)robinsonegl.JPG (90890 bytes)robinsonjs.JPG (85313 bytes)Fresh out of a PA. attic - "1864" date "E. ROBINSON - NEW YORK" .58 cal. 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The musket has action about as crisp as when it was issued and is a quite rare "E. ROBINSON" contract.  Robinson's contract was for 30,000 weapons, but we don't know how many were actually delivered.  The musket has a nice "never been cleaned" - chocolate brown - attic patina.  I wish that we knew who "J.S." was - but unfortunately we don't.  Just a good un-messed with Federal .58 cal. 3-band rifled musket.--$1,250.
  17. 1855sprngfld.JPG (12697 bytes)1855sprngfldbrl.JPG (8127 bytes)1855sprngfldlckplt.JPG (52419 bytes) 1855sprngfldcrvg.JPG (67441 bytes)1855sprngfldegl.JPG (83927 bytes)1855sprngfldmkr.JPG (63463 bytes)1855sprngfldus1.JPG (57967 bytes).69 cal. Model 1842 Springfield 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The metal has a smooth attic brown patina with lockplate markings of "U.S. - Springfield - 1855" and the barrel has a matching "1855" date.  The barrel bore is rusty and dirty, but I can still feel some rifling remaining.  The wood is pretty with nice color, and has all the little typical dings and marks of lots of service in the field.  One sling swivel is intact and one is on a battlefield somewhere.  This musket was brought in out of the local area, and was quite likely Confederate carried.--$1,150.SOLD
  18. 1837sprngfld.JPG (14135 bytes)1837sprngfldbrl.JPG (9861 bytes)1837sprngfldlckplt.JPG (57266 bytes)1837sprngflddte.JPG (75287 bytes)1837sprngfldus.JPG (62106 bytes)1837sprngfldcrvg1.JPG (91568 bytes)1837sprngfldcrvg2.JPG (66851 bytes)Very pretty .69 cal. Model 1816 3-band Springfield Smoothbore Musket originally produced in flint, and during the Civil War era was converted to percussion, and about 50 years ago was expertly "re-converted"  back to it's original flint configuration.  The lockplate is crisply marked "1837 - Springfield - U.S.", and the action is about as crisp as new.  AND - this musket comes with it's original .69 cal. friction fit triangular socket bayonet.  This is the exact type weapon that the Confederates were primarily armed with at the Battle of Mill Springs, KY.  The soldier carved his initials "J.C." into the right hand side of the stock.  This musket has museum-like eye appeal on wall and in display.--$1,250.SOLD
  19. palmetto.JPG (12011 bytes)palmettobrl.JPG (7670 bytes)palmettolckplt.JPG (58799 bytes)palmettomkr.JPG (75065 bytes)palmettodte.JPG (63040 bytes)COOLEST CONFEDERATE SHOTGUN EVER !!!!  It isn't at all unusual to come across muskets brought home from the Civil War by soldiers - who then cut the stocks back, and made them into shotguns to then hunt with to feed the family.  It is, however, VERY RARE to come across a SOUTH CAROLINA "PALMETTO ARMORY" brought home from the Civil War and turned into a shotgun.  This weapon was just brought in and has a beautiful lockplate marked "Columbia, S.C. - 1852 - Palmetto Armory - and the Palmetto Tree".  The barrel is cut back to 34 inches, and is marked "Wm. Glaze & Co."  The stock is cut back to where the first barrel band would have been.  I can see solder marks on the underside of the barrel where tube guides for the wooden ramrod were at one time located.  The family moved here years ago from near Charleston, SC, and had relatives in the 25th SC - {EUTAW Regiment}.--$1,250.  {roughly the value of the lockplate alone}SOLD
  20. 1851springfieldstk.JPG (45807 bytes)1851springfield.JPG (14876 bytes)1851springfieldlckplt.JPG (55438 bytes)1851springfieldbynt.JPG (26590 bytes)1851springfieldus.JPG (88134 bytes)1851springfieldmrk.JPG (77687 bytes)Beautiful condition .69 cal. Model 1842 Springfield 3-band percussion musket.  The metal is clean with no pitting what-so-ever, and lockplate markings of "1853 - U.S. - Springfield".  The barrel is clean and bright as well with an "1852" date.  The wood is very nice with just the normal small dings and marks of actual field service.  In addition - The musket came with it's original bayonet still with the musket.  The action is perfect and the mainspring is as strong as when it was new.--$1,895. complete with bayonet.SOLD
  21. brauerpepbox.JPG (61467 bytes)brauerpepboxrev.JPG (61904 bytes)braurpepboxend1.JPG (39280 bytes)brauerpepboxeng.JPG (71840 bytes)brauerpepboxhlstr.JPG (59975 bytes)Nice condition AMERICAN MADE .31 cal. Allen and Wheelock 6-shot Pepperbox revolver and is dated "1843".  The action is perfect and the spring remains good and tight.  It has pretty engraving - nipples are all real good with none chipped or broken, and the original flash shield remains in place.  I have a "new made" leather holster for it.--$650.SOLD
  22. colt13426.JPG (54746 bytes)colt13426rev.JPG (50279 bytes)colt13426ptnt.JPG (59243 bytes)colt13426srl.JPG (60438 bytes)colt13426srl2.JPG (44100 bytes)Absolutely "Drop Dead" beautiful condition .28  cal. Model 1855 Sidehammer Colt Pocket Revolver - commonly known as the "Colt Root".  This revolver is serial number "13426" {first Production} Model 2 with "Hartford" address.  This is late 1850s production and many were C.S. carried.  The revolver has about 80 % original bluing and about 90 % visible cylinder scene.  The rifling looks brand new and I doubt that the revolver has ever even been fired.  In 40 years, this is the nicest Colt Root to ever come my way.  Without question - "Museum Quality".--$2,250.SOLD
  23. bulletmold.JPG (66727 bytes)bulletmoldinside.JPG (58338 bytes)bulletmoldcav.JPG (55268 bytes)bulletmoldcavclos.JPG (53284 bytes)Folding double cavity bullet mold for a .31 cal. Colt Pocket Model revolver.  Interestingly, the mold has had two additional cavities for molding small size pistol balls added - so the mold will now mold 4 different projectiles.  This would be a nice little compliment to display with your Colt Pocket Model Revolver.--$85.
  24. capcntnr.JPG (71444 bytes)capcntnrsd.JPG (60844 bytes)Original small percussion cap tin for any percussion revolver.  This would be a fine compliment to display with any Civil War era hand gun.--$48.
  25. pistoldblbrl.JPG (60293 bytes)pistoldblbrlrev.JPG (59548 bytes)pistoldblbrltop.JPG (59776 bytes)pistoldblbrlsrl.JPG (51302 bytes)pistoldblbrlnum.JPG (62343 bytes)Very nice condition and quite rare American made "Allen & Wheelock" Percussion double barrel pistol.  This pistol dates about 1840 to 1850 and is approx. .32 cal.  The action is as strong as when it was new.--$650.
  26. griswprst.JPG (54110 bytes)griswprstrev.JPG (57373 bytes)griswprstgrip.JPG (43002 bytes)griswprstmaker.JPG (35876 bytes)griswprstsrl.JPG (56007 bytes)griswprstsrl2.JPG (60177 bytes)griswprsteng.JPG (54942 bytes)griswprstdoc.JPG (45131 bytes)Absolutely BEAUTIFUL condition .36 cal. Manhattan Navy Model Revolver With PRESENTATION.  The revolver has an all matching EARLY serial number of "5071" with a presentation that reads "Presented to H. A. Griswold By T. J. Butler - 1865".  The revolver has 100 % original cylinder scene and a good bit of original bluing.  The family has connections in both Georgia and Kentucky {as is evidenced by the document above}  This is going to be a very exciting research project for someone and is nothing short of a fine near-mint weapon !!--$1,850.
  27. deringerrif.JPG (14233 bytes)deringerrifbrl.JPG (8268 bytes)deringerriflckplt.JPG (52152 bytes)deringerrifmrk.JPG (56985 bytes)deringerrifcmptmnt.JPG (72685 bytes)This has to be a QUITE rare weapon as I do not ever remember having one before.  It is a Model 1817 U.S. Common Rifle produced by "Henry Deringer" in .58 cal. AND PRODUCED IN PERCUSSION TO BEGIN WITH - {not converted !!} - and believed to have been produced around 1840.  The metal is greying with age, but very nice with virtually no pitting at all.  The lockplate is marked "U.S. - Deringer - Philadel'a", but only part of the marking is visible.  The musket has the distinctive "P" barrel mark, and an excellent bore remaining.  The original walnut stock is very nice with just the normal small marks of service.  One sling swivel remains intact, and one is not present.  I'll bet that you didn't have a clue that Henry Deringer ALSO made military long rifles.  A very scarce longarm that you will only see one or two "PER YEAR" offered for sale.--$1,950.SOLD
  28. ewhitneymsktstck.JPG (15899 bytes)ewhitneymsktbrl.JPG (6124 bytes)ewhitneylckplt.JPG (60558 bytes)ewhitneymskt.JPG (73806 bytes)ewhitneymsktdate.JPG (70879 bytes)Very attractive, and straight out of the bushes of Winchester, TN. - Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle.  It has a pleasing smooth chocolate brown "attic" patina and lockplate markings of "1849 - E. Whitney - N. Haven".  The wood is all original, and has all the typical dings and marks of many a campaign.  The action still works well, and ramrod and both sling swivels remain intact.  I have to keep this one wrapped in a blanket to hold down the volume of just how loud it plays "Dixie"!!!  EVERY Civil War collection needs a pretty "Southern Carried" Mississippi Rifle.--$1,450.SOLD
  29. fayetteville.JPG (14777 bytes)fayettevillebrl.JPG (8439 bytes)fayettevillelckplte.JPG (55098 bytes)fayettevillemkr.JPG (59871 bytes)fayettevilledte.JPG (71889 bytes)fayettevilledte3.JPG (72336 bytes)fayettevillecsa.JPG (57392 bytes)fayettevillemrkng1.JPG (62488 bytes)VERY - VERY RARE "1863" date Confederate manufactured FAYETTEVILLE .58 cal. 2-band rifled musket.  The lockplate is marked "Fayetteville - C.S.A. - 1863" and the barrel has a corresponding "1863" date.  The barrel bands are brass as are the trigger guard, and the well known "C.S.A." marked brass buttplate.  The wood is quite nice, but was shortened a bit for use hunting {to feed the family} after the Civil War.  The wood has been repaired under the front band, and other than being just a little short - looks excellent.  The action still works perfectly.  The musket displays as well as a $12,000. Fayetteville,  and with the exception of the stock restoration under the front barrel band - is a completely original SUPER RARE Confederate manufactured Fayetteville C.S. rifled musket.  {And Is Priced A Long Way From $12,000.}--$5,500.SOLD
  30. 1862tower.JPG (16779 bytes)1862towerbrl.JPG (11849 bytes)1862towerlckplt.JPG (56121 bytes)1862towerdte.JPG (71646 bytes)1862towereng.JPG (59054 bytes)1862towersmrk.JPG (86539 bytes)Very Rare "1862" date .577 cal. CONFEDERATE Enfield 3-band percussion rifled musket with the "Sinclair - Hamilton" C.S. mark.  The stock shows all the little dings and marks of lots of actual field service, and the "Sinclair - Hamilton" Confederate mark can be easily seen.  The lockplate is marked "1862 - Tower - and the crown" and the barrel has the sought after "upside down 25 - 25" marks.  The metal overall has a really nice aged - dark brown - patina.  A light halo of the circle on the stock that reads "Birmingham Small Arms" can be faintly seen.  One sling swivel remains and one is on a battlefield somewhere, and the long range site hasn't been present for many years.  This Enfield is out of "Ole Dixie" and you can't hold it up to your ear without hearing Dixie Playing !!  Every Civil War collection should have a nice CONFEDERATE Enfield 3-band musket.--$1,850.SOLD
  31. ornateflask.JPG (34773 bytes)ornateflaskrev.JPG (30944 bytes)ornateflasktop.JPG (60307 bytes)Absolutely stunning 1840 era 8-inch powder flask with a rich, aged 150 year bronze-brown patina, and the most beautiful and intricate motif that you will ever see.  This is the exact type powder flask that many young Confederates left home for the Civil War slung over their shoulder.  SOOOOO PRETTY.  {And still has a little bit of Civil War powder inside !!!}--$195.SOLD
  32. hartfordcolt.JPG (56801 bytes)hartfordcoltrev.JPG (55111 bytes)hartfordcoltmkr.JPG (41228 bytes)hartfordcoltptnt.JPG (72033 bytes)hartfordcoltsrl.JPG (55856 bytes)hartfordcoltsrl2.JPG (54986 bytes)hartfordcoltsrl3.JPG (47408 bytes)Very nice condition .36 cal. Model 1851 "HARTFORD PRODUCTION" Colt Navy revolver.  It has nice cylinder scene visible through the aged brown patina, and lots of silver wash left on the back strap and trigger guard.  The revolver has perfect action - crisp bore - and an all matching EARLY serial number of "97099".  Nicely carved into the buttstrap is the name "A. Ball" and it is believed that this is either Alexander Ball or Andrew Ball - both were members of "CO. "H" - Lillard's "3rd" Confederate Cavalry or Mounted Infantry".  It is likely that they are either brothers or cousins.  This is a "jamming nice" Confederate carried Hartford Colt - and with room for tons of fun research.--$2,450.SOLD
  33. sharpemskt.JPG (12991 bytes)sharpemsktbrl.JPG (7506 bytes)sharpemsktlockplt.JPG (56673 bytes)sharpemsktmkr.JPG (72975 bytes)sharpemskteng.JPG (64672 bytes)sharpemskteng2.JPG (77943 bytes)sharpemskteng3.JPG (73096 bytes)sharpemskteng4.JPG (64656 bytes)sharpemsktcrvg.JPG (66906 bytes)Nice condition 1840s era .72 cal. English Sporting Rifle out of a local estate and believed to have been carried by a Confederate ancestor during the American Civil War.  This is an English "Sharpe" and very typical of the foreign weapons carried by Southern troops throughout the Civil War.  The metal has a smooth dark brown "attic" patina, and the action remains as crisp as the day it was made.  The wood is really pretty with a nice grade checkered wrist.  Loaded with a double load of "buck" -- This thing would be serious bad news close-up.--$695.SOLD
  34. 1863stark.JPG (15273 bytes)1863starkbrl.JPG (9173 bytes)1863starklckplt.JPG (54433 bytes)1863starkdte.JPG (95257 bytes)1863starkus.JPG (85866 bytes)"1863" date .58 cal. contract three band percussion Rifled Musket.  This musket is fresh out of an OHIO estate sale, and has a thick "attic brown" patina.  It is 100 % complete and just as issued.  The metal has a smooth chocolate brown patina with lockplate markings of "U.S. - 1863 - Norfolk".  The wood is very nice with just the normal small dings and marks of service, and has tiny specks of paint from being in a room that got painted many years ago.  The action still works as well as when it was new.  The original ramrod - long range site - and both sling swivels all remain intact.  This is a deal like the soldier got home - stood his musket in the closet - and it appears there it has stood for the last 150 years - a time capsule.--$1,150.
  35. 1831sprngfld.JPG (11071 bytes)1831sprngfldbrl.JPG (12300 bytes)1831sprngfldlcplt.JPG (55435 bytes)1831sprngfldmkr.JPG (69203 bytes)1831sprngfldcart.JPG (62444 bytes)1831sprngfldcart2.JPG (75959 bytes)1831sprngfldus.JPG (76383 bytes)1831sprngflds.JPG (60632 bytes)1831sprngfldp.JPG (58847 bytes).69 cal. 1831 date Springfield 3-band musket originally produced in flint, and during the Civil War era was converted to the percussion system.  In addition to being converted, this musket was also rifled and fitted with a long range site.  During the early years of the Civil War both Union and Confederate forces used these out-dated old firearms until more current .58 cal. weapons could be obtained.  This musket has a nice aged patina just beginning to darken with age, and the lockplate markings all remain deep and sharp.  The action remains about as strong as when it was issued, and lots of good bore remains.  Both military inspector marks in the stock can be seen from 10 feet away.  This is a very nice weapon that shows all the normal dings and marks of lots of time in the field, and would be a quality addition to any collection - Union or Confederate.--$1,295.
  36. starkpstl.JPG (56536 bytes)starkpstlrev.JPG (54122 bytes)starkpstlmkr.JPG (68167 bytes)starkpstlptnt.JPG (69994 bytes)starkpstlsrl1.JPG (61530 bytes)Just came in - .44 cal. Model 1858 Starr double action Army Revolver.  It has a smooth - gently aging grey-brown patina and is serial number "22588".  This is likely about 1862 - 1863 issue.  It has original grips - good bore - and the action still works perfectly.--$1,150.SOLD
  37. colt15334.JPG (54540 bytes)colt15334rev.JPG (53645 bytes)colt15334holster.JPG (65355 bytes)colt15334srl.JPG (45330 bytes)colt15334srl2.JPG (49463 bytes)colt15334srl3.JPG (39512 bytes)colt15334ptnt2.JPG (56986 bytes)colt15334ptnt3.JPG (54207 bytes)Very, Very Rare California Gold Rush "49er" .31 cal. Pocket Model Colt revolver.  This revolver has an all matching serial number of "15334" which is none other than actual "1849" production.  It very likely saw the "Gold Rush" and then later was likely C.S. carried.  It is in an original dark brown - hand stitched Confederate holster.  A few years ago the revolver was sent to a gunsmith to have a broken handspring replaced, and when it came back - it had not only a new hand spring, but also a replaced hammer.  Fortunately the original hammer was returned, and is currently with the revolver.  Tons of 1840s - 1850s - and 1860s history represented with this revolver.--$1,450. complete with nice C.S. holster.SOLD
  38. sharpspstl.JPG (61252 bytes)sharpspstlopn.JPG (65211 bytes)sharpspstlopn2.JPG (66629 bytes)sharpspstlmkr.JPG (61692 bytes)sharpspstlmkr1.JPG (59363 bytes)Very nice condition little Sharps "4-Barrel" Pepperbox style pistol.  These are .22 cal. rimfire and were made from 1859 forward through the Civil War.  This example has beautiful gutta- Percha grips, and perfect action.  {Classic Pepperbox revolvers have a rotating cylinder - Sharps Pepperbox pistols have a "Rotating Firing Pin".}  Museum quality condition.--$695.SOLD
  39. dblmold.JPG (61008 bytes)dblmold1.JPG (63279 bytes)dblmoldcls.JPG (72479 bytes)Very nice condition double cavity folding .36 cal. bullet mold for a Manhattan Navy Model revolver.  I am including two original bullets recovered here at Stones River to display with the mold.--$125.
  40. 1864sprngfld.JPG (11883 bytes)1864sprngfldbrl.JPG (11204 bytes)1864sprngfldlockplt.JPG (54353 bytes)1864sprngfldmkr.JPG (62549 bytes)1864sprngflddte.JPG (73303 bytes)Good honest "been there and done it" .58 cal. Model 1863 Type II Springfield 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The metal has been tastefully cleaned, and the lockplate has nice strong "Springfield - 1864 - U.S." marks.  The stock has a nice look with the normal small dings and marks of being carried.  An interesting tidbit - The .58 cal. 3-band Model 1863 Type II Springfield is the last "percussion long-arm" of the American Military.  This musket has great display eye appeal on the wall, but does have a little pitting out towards the front end of the barrel.  Priced VERY fairly.--$975.SOLD
  41. smallpinfire.JPG (57798 bytes)smallpinfirerev.JPG (63829 bytes)smallpinfiremkr.JPG (57974 bytes)Really pretty "Folding Trigger" 7mm Pinfire Revolver.  This is a very similar revolver to the example carried by Confederate General "Stonewall Jackson".  On this type revolver usually the ejector rod - or the cartridge loading door - or the folding trigger are missing.  This little revolver has all three pieces perfectly intact.  We recover Pinfire cartridges or casings in almost every 1863 Confederate winter camp in this area.  I am including 2 original Pinfire cartridges to display with the revolver.--$695.SOLD
  42. bultmold.JPG (62688 bytes)bultmoldrev.JPG (69323 bytes)Excellent condition single cavity .44 cal. bullet mold for a single shot boot pistol.  I am including an original ball from here at Stones River to display with the mold.  Many soldiers - both North and South - carried a pistol of this type in their vest or boot as a last resort.--$65.
  43. ewhitney.JPG (51873 bytes)ewhitneyrev.JPG (59461 bytes)ewhitneymrk.JPG (49637 bytes)ewhitneysrl.JPG (43514 bytes)Very nice condition .31 cal. Whitney "Old Model" Pocket Revolver.  This example is serial number 14597 which is most desirable 1860 - 1861 production.  It is crisply marked "E. Whitney - New Haven" and it's action is about as crisp as the day it was made.  The revolver has a nice smooth gently aging grey-brown patina, and the original walnut grips are excellent with about 90 % original lacquer.  A Rare little revolver than any collector would be proud to own.--$1,150.SOLD
  44. bulletmold.JPG (59372 bytes)bulletmoldcls.JPG (67077 bytes)Nice condition cast brass "Colt Patent" marked .31 cal. double cavity bullet mold correct for the Model 1849 Colt .31 cal. Pocket Revolver.  If you have a nice Colt revolver - here is the perfect compliment for it.--$150.
  45. bltmold.JPG (62088 bytes)bltmoldclsd.JPG (67190 bytes)Nice condition cast brass double cavity bullet mold for a "Country Rifle".  Many young Confederates left their Southern homes in 1861 carrying the family "Country Rifle", and was armed with this until a "more Military" type weapon came along.  This mold is out of a local estate and has a nice rich aged patina.--$125.
  46. msket.JPG (14292 bytes)msketbrl2.JPG (8349 bytes)msketlckplt.JPG (57410 bytes)msketlckpltrev.JPG (67800 bytes)msketmrk.JPG (65988 bytes)msketmrk2.JPG (66555 bytes)msketbook.JPG (48069 bytes)Just in out of the local Southern bushes -- .69 cal. Austrian Model 1842 Engineer's Rifled musket.  The musket has a smooth - never cleaned - deep chocolate brown patina, and is the type weapon many Confederates carried the first two years of the Civil War.  I have never recovered a .69 cal. Austrian projectile anywhere but early Confederate Infantry camps.  Here is a nice, untouched, Confederate carried musket at a VERY reasonable price.--$850.
  47. 1863tauntonbutt.JPG (14801 bytes)1863tauntonbrl.JPG (9902 bytes)1863taunton.JPG (55479 bytes)1863tauntoncrst.JPG (90172 bytes)1863tauntonmrk.JPG (77052 bytes)1863tauntondte.JPG (75638 bytes)1863tauntonus.JPG (56127 bytes)Nice condition .58 cal. "William Mason" Model 1861 contract rifled musket.  The metal is clean just beginning to grey with age.  The lockplate is marked "1863 - Wm. Mason - Taunton" and the barrel has a matching "1863" date.  The wood is really pretty with two visible inspector cartouches and has an original "Jeff Davis" stamped brass hat pin inlaid into the right side of the stock.  The original ramrod - both sling swivels - and long range site all remain intact.  The musket has been fired enough that not much bore remains, but other than that - the musket has everything that you like to see.--$1,650.SOLD
  48. guntools.JPG (54115 bytes)Group of 7 assorted musket parts that are either non-excavated or are early pick-ups or recoveries, and still remain in nice enough condition to use on a musket today.  There are {2} .58 cal. Springfield or contract musket breechplugs - one brass Mississippi trigger guard - {1} .58 cal. Springfield trigger guard - one cast brass Enfield nose cap {1} one .69 cal. Model 1816 musket buttplate and {1} cast brass trigger guard to an unknown musket.  A real bargain !!--$195. for all
  49. allenrev.JPG (56827 bytes)allenrevrev.JPG (54421 bytes)allenrevmkr.JPG (59167 bytes)Very RARE and sought after .36 cal. Allen and Wheelock 6-shot Navy Model Revolver.  The metal has a smooth grey-brown patina with markings of "Allen and Wheelock - Worcester - Allen's Pts. Jan. 13 - Dec. 15, 1857".  This revolver was ONLY produced in 1861 and 1862 and with a TOTAL production of only 500 weapons.  One of the few weapons of the Civil War era in which the trigger guard pivots down and becomes the weapon's ramrod.  Very nice condition with a little case color still visible on the hammer and trigger guard.--$1,295.SOLD
  50. 1849cltpckt.JPG (55029 bytes)1849cltpcktrev.JPG (55892 bytes)1849cltpcktmkr.JPG (41139 bytes)1849cltpcktptnt.JPG (66480 bytes)1849cltpcktserl.JPG (45536 bytes)1849cltpcktserl2.JPG (46685 bytes)Nice condition .31 cal. Model 1849 Colt Pocket Revolver.  It has nice clean metal with an all matching serial number {328193} except for the wedge which is an old replacement.  This serial number falls right at the end of the Civil War or possibly just after.  It has nice clear markings - good rifling - and crisp action.  Every collection needs a pretty little Colt Revolver.--$950.
  51. pdrhrn.JPG (45203 bytes)pdrhrncrvg.JPG (50472 bytes)Massive HUGE 1840 era 14 inch long and 3 inches across Powder Horn.  The horn remains in very nice condition and has ornate designs carved into both top and bottom.  Many young Confederates left home in 1861 carrying a Fowling Rifle and a Powder Horn just like this.--$175.
  52. tool.JPG (75085 bytes)Original folding musket tool correct to display with any of the Models of Springfield or contract percussion muskets.  An excellent compliment to display with your musket.--$65.
  53. 1836prusnbut.JPG (34728 bytes)1836prusn.JPG (29010 bytes)1836prusnclose.JPG (55948 bytes)1836prusncrtche.JPG (88562 bytes)1836prusndte.JPG (45970 bytes)1836prusnmrk.JPG (99018 bytes)1836prusnmrk2.JPG (85098 bytes)1836prusnmrk3.JPG (70109 bytes)1836prusnmrk4.JPG (73494 bytes)Fresh out of a Central Ohio estate sale.  Nice condition .69 cal. 3-band "Prussian Rifled Musket".  It has a very smooth, chocolate brown attic patina with markings of "1826" {on the barrel before conversion to percussion} and date of "1856" {on the lockplate after conversion to percussion}.  The State of Ohio purchased these muskets for their troops as they first left the State of Ohio for the Civil War in "1861".  We always know that we are digging in an early War Ohio infantry camp site when we start digging "Prussian" bullets.  By late 1862 most Ohio Troops had exchanged these old weapons for "up-to-date" .58 cal. rifled Springfield muskets.--$1,150.
  54. ustrentonbutt.JPG (31098 bytes)ustrentonbrl.JPG (31668 bytes)ustrentonclose.JPG (57840 bytes)ustrentonname.JPG (88014 bytes)ustrentoncrtche.JPG (90904 bytes)ustrentondate.JPG (74607 bytes)Quite rare and nice condition .58 cal. "New Jersey" marked Trenton 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The metal is nice and smooth - just beginning to darken with age.  The lockplate is marked "U.S.-Trenton-1863" and the barrel is marked "N.J.-1864" which is the standard marking found on New Jersey issued Trenton muskets.  The musket retains lots of rifling, and the action is about as crisp as when issued.  It's wood is very nice with just the normal small dings from actual field service.  This is a nicer musket than most you see now days.--$1,650.SOLD
  55. 1863lg&ybutt.JPG (36079 bytes)1863lg&gbrl.JPG (30236 bytes)1863lg&yclose.JPG (51639 bytes)1863lg&ydte.JPG (80932 bytes)1863lg&yname.JPG (47127 bytes)Fresh out of the attic "1863" date .58 cal. "L.G.&Y. - U.S. - Windsor, VT."  1861 "Special Model" Percussion Rifled Musket  The musket has a very nice "never cleaned" smooth chocolate patina on the metal from tip to tip.  The wood is nice as well with just the normal small dings and marks of actual field service.  The action is as crisp as the day it was made, and it retains lots of original rifling.  Anyone would be proud to have this rare musket in their collection.--$1,650.SOLD
  56. Just in fresh out of a North Alabama estate - nice condition C.S. carried Pre-War single shot percussion pistol in it's brown leather hand stitched Confederate holster.  A beautiful Confederate rig at the price of a "middle-grade" Colt Pocket Model revolver.--$1,250.SOLD
  57. Excellent condition non-excavated Springfield combination musket tool - perfect to display with your original Civil War musket.  Also, an original non-excavated .577 cal. Enfield trigger block with trigger.  Both items only.--$65.
  58. Very nice condition original .577 cal. Enfield musket tompion.  A fantastic final touch for your nice Enfield musket.--$65.
  59. Nice smooth chocolate brown attic patina on the metal of this .69 cal. Model 1842 smoothbore 3-band Springfield musket.  The lockplate is marked "U.S. - 1848 - Springfield" and the action still works well with a good strong spring.  The stock is quite attractive with a visible inspector cartouche and just the normal small dings and marks of service.  I just purchased this musket out of a North Carolina estate dating all the way back to the 1940 - 1950s era.  This is a weapon with that slick brown patina that some tasteful, gentle cleaning would make look significantly nicer.--$1,450.
  60. Attractive .69 cal. Potsdam musket dated "1826".  This one is out of an Ohio estate sale and has a smooth uncleaned attic patina.  A good number of these were purchased by the Governor of Ohio to arm troops from the state in early 1861 - some are even "OHIO" marked, but this one is unmarked.  The Ohio guys quickly realized that the rifled .58 cal. Springfield muskets were much better and more accurate and these ancient old muskets were soon replaced.  Confederates were also able to get some of these, and they used them until they were able to get the much superior and preferred .577 cal. Enfields.  This is a nice looking "early Civil War" weapon.--$895.
  61. .69 cal. Prussian Musket which was purchased and imported early in the war by the Governor of Ohio for the issue to Ohio troops as they marched off to war in 1861.  These muskets fired an absolutely massive projectile, and they were very quickly found to not be as accurate and serviceable as the smaller cal. Springfield muskets.  Over the years as relic hunters we have learned that when you recover the huge Prussian projectiles that you are certainly in an Ohio camp and could very well be about to recover an "OVM" beltplate.  This particular musket is marked "Potsdam" and dated "1837."  Although the musket was brought in to the shop by a local family, it was learned that the family's ancestry was not unexpectedly out of Ohio.  It has a smooth, dark, uncleaned patina and will display very nicely.--$975.
  62. Quite scarce .58 cal. "Providence Tool Co." - 1863 date Model 1861 3-band contract rifled musket.  This musket shows clear signs of having really been carried A LOT.  The metal has a smooth dark, attic brown patina with lockplate markings of "Providence Tool Co. - Providence, R.I. - 1863".  The markings are all visible, but worn down quite a bit from use.  The wood shows lots of use as well with corners rounded and all the normal bumps and bruises of a carried weapon.  The inspector's cartouche is worn, but you can still faintly make it out.  It is missing the rear sling swivel and has a "home grown" rear site.  This is a good, honest rare contract Civil War musket that without question "Saw The Elephant".--$1,150.

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