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  1. casedcolt.JPG (60883 bytes)casedcoltclsd.JPG (57266 bytes)casedcoltbrl.JPG (41980 bytes)casedcoltmkg.JPG (70071 bytes)casedcoltptnt.JPG (59809 bytes)casedcoltsrl.JPG (38377 bytes)casedcoltsrl2.JPG (53056 bytes)casedcoltsrl3.JPG (56872 bytes)casedcoltsrl4.JPG (53604 bytes)Quite attractive .36 cal. CASED LONDON COLT NAVY MODEL REVOLVER.  The revolver is serial number "38480" and is all matching except for the wedge which is an old replacement.  This is very sought after " early 1850s" production and was very likely "C.S." carried considering that it is extremely early production and surfaced in the deep South.  The revolver is clean with crisp action and some cylinder scene remaining.  The case is in nice condition and is an original Civil War era case.  In the case is an original .36 cal. double cavity Colt bullet mold - an original tin for caps, - and an original brass powder flask.  Any "London" Colt Navy is rare to find, but a CASED London Navy is nothing less than SUPER-RARE to find.--$3,950.
  2. 1862sprngfld.JPG (39262 bytes)1862sprngfldbrl.JPG (27365 bytes)1862sprngfldclose.JPG (61096 bytes)1862sprngflddte.JPG (75426 bytes)1862sprngfldmrk.JPG (76494 bytes)1862sprngfldusmrk.JPG (50255 bytes)Considered by many to be the most representative weapon of the American Civil War.  This is the .58 cal. Model "1861" Springfield 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The lockplate is marked "U.S. - Springfield - 1862" and the musket has a thick "never cleaned" attic brown patina from tip to tip.  This musket is out of a Pennsylvania estate sale, and remains just as found.  If you'd like a musket on your wall with LOT'S of stories to tell - This will suit perfectly {and has an excellent chance to have been right there at Gettysburg, PA.--$1,295. 
  3. 1829mskt.JPG (31433 bytes)1829msktbrl.JPG (30059 bytes)1829msktlckplt.JPG (53267 bytes)1829msktus.JPG (88101 bytes)1829msktdte.JPG (67723 bytes)1829mskteng.JPG (79896 bytes).69 cal. Smoothbore Springfield 3-band rifled musket originally produced as a flintlock and converted to percussion for Civil War use.  This musket has a thick brown patina from tip to tip and came out of a West Tennessee estate.  The musket is believed to have been carried by Lever H. Smith of Brown's 55th TN. VOL. INF. - C.S.A.  Private Smith was captured at Island No. 10 and was eventually exchanged at Vicksburg, MS.  The musket is marked "U.S. - 1829 - Springfield" on the lockplate and has "L.H.S." very artistically cut into the walnut stock.  The original ramrod, and both sling swivels remain intact, and the action is about as crisp as when it was issued.  A nice honest weapon and quite likely C.S. carried.--$1,150.SOLD
  4. 1863robnson.JPG (30529 bytes)1863robnsonbrl.JPG (35890 bytes)1863robnsonclose.JPG (63731 bytes)1863robnsoncrtche.JPG (111410 bytes)1863robnsoncrtche2.JPG (58526 bytes)1863robnsondte.JPG (67266 bytes)1863robnsondte2.JPG (73021 bytes)1863robnsonmrk.JPG (66885 bytes)1863robnsonmrk1.JPG (62972 bytes)Fresh out of a Pennsylvania estate sale - Smooth "attic brown" untouched patina tip to tip.  This is a rare .58 cal. "E. Robinson" contract Model 1861 3-band rifled musket.  The lockplate is crisply marked "E. Robinson - New York - 1863" and the barrel has a matching "1863" date.  The action remains nearly as crisp as new and there is lots of rifling remaining in the bore.  The wood is really pretty too, with two inspector cartouches that you don't have to have "good light" to see.  You just don't see very many nice untampered with quality family estate muskets being offered for sale anymore.--$1,650.SOLD
  5. 1836prusnbut.JPG (34728 bytes)1836prusn.JPG (29010 bytes)1836prusnclose.JPG (55948 bytes)1836prusncrtche.JPG (88562 bytes)1836prusndte.JPG (45970 bytes)1836prusnmrk.JPG (99018 bytes)1836prusnmrk2.JPG (85098 bytes)1836prusnmrk3.JPG (70109 bytes)1836prusnmrk4.JPG (73494 bytes)Fresh out of a Central Ohio estate sale.  Nice condition .69 cal. 3-band "Prussian Rifled Musket".  It has a very smooth, chocolate brown attic patina with markings of "1826" {on the barrel before conversion to percussion} and date of "1856" {on the lockplate after conversion to percussion}.  The State of Ohio purchased these muskets for their troops as they first left the State of Ohio for the Civil War in "1861".  We always know that we are digging in an early War Ohio infantry camp site when we start digging "Prussian" bullets.  By late 1862 most Ohio Troops had exchanged these old weapons for "up-to-date" .58 cal. rifled Springfield muskets.--$1,150.
  6. 1859twrlckplte.JPG (70206 bytes)1859twrlckpltecrn.JPG (59821 bytes)1859twrlckplterev.JPG (71324 bytes)1859twrlckpltedate.JPG (67535 bytes)Very - very hard to find when you need one.  Perfect condition early date "1859" Enfield-Tower lockplate and hammer assembly with all the parts intact in the reverse and works perfectly with nice crisp half cock and full cock.  If you have a nice Enfield musket, but with a worn or pitted lockplate - this will make all the difference in the world in the quality of your musket.--$195.
  7. 1862csrchmnd.JPG (32165 bytes)1862csrchmdbrl.JPG (33874 bytes)1862csrchmndclose.JPG (56869 bytes)1862csrchmnddte.JPG (69846 bytes)1862csrchmndmrk.JPG (76389 bytes)1862csrchmndmrk2.JPG (78584 bytes)1862csrchmndmrk3.JPG (99077 bytes)Very nice Civil War Confederate Infantry Rifled Musket manufactured by the Confederate Government Richmond Armory in "1862".  It has a very pretty, rich overall patina enhanced by the soldier's  NAME vividly cut into the stock.  The musket was carried by Private Charles H. Smith of Co. "H" - 61st North Carolina Infantry Regiment.  Private Smith was in many Battles and Skirmishes, however, was eventually wounded in the face in 1864 at Fort Harrison, VA. - BUT still managed to recover and be back in the ranks before the end of the War.  This beautiful weapon was at one time in the private collection of Civil War author and Expert - Mr. William Edwards.  If you've been wanting a really nice "IDed" Confederate manufactured weapon for your collection -- Here is your chance.--$7,500.SOLD
  8. 1834sprngfld.JPG (27921 bytes)1834sprngfldbrl.JPG (31907 bytes)1834sprngflddte.JPG (48605 bytes)1834sprngfldflnt.JPG (65198 bytes)1834sprngfldflnt1.JPG (62517 bytes)1834sprngfldflnt2.JPG (62749 bytes)1834sprngfldmrk.JPG (47329 bytes)1834sprngfldmrk3.JPG (54966 bytes)1834sprngfldusmrk.JPG (65158 bytes)Very, very RARE and in uncommonly nice condition .69 cal. Model 1816 Springfield smoothbore musket REMAINING IN ORIGINAL FLINT.  The musket is clean with virtually no pitting what-so-ever.  The lockplate is marked "1834 - U.S. - Springfield" and the barrel has a crisp matching "1834" date.  There is hardly any burnout at all and the flint mechanism works as perfectly as the day it was made.  I don't even see a replaced screw - What a fine museum grade weapon this is.--$2,650.   {I have in recent times seen original flints no nicer than this one priced at $3,500.} {HOLD}
  9. 1862enfield.JPG (30009 bytes)1862enfieldbrl.JPG (34075 bytes)1862enfieldclose.JPG (44832 bytes)1862enfielddte.JPG (66849 bytes)1862enfieldmrk.JPG (70367 bytes)1862enfieldmrk2.JPG (46111 bytes)Just in "1862" date .577 cal. Enfield 3-band rifled musket complete with bayonet - original long range site - and both sling swivels intact.  The ramrod is also intact, but looks to be an old correct type replacement.  The musket has a pretty attic chocolate brown patina, and the barrel has the desirable "upside down 25 - 25" marks.  The action - both full cock and half cock - work as well as the day it was made.  The .577 cal. 3-band Enfield musket was a favorite among Confederate infantry, and this one is going to look sweet on someone's wall.--{$1,450 for the musket} or {$1,650. complete with bayonet}
  10. carbnslngswvl.JPG (58384 bytes)Original long pattern Civil War "Carbine Snap Swivel" - A very nice example and a great compliment to display with your Civil War Carbine.--$89.
  11. ustrentonbutt.JPG (31098 bytes)ustrentonbrl.JPG (31668 bytes)ustrentonclose.JPG (57840 bytes)ustrentonname.JPG (88014 bytes)ustrentoncrtche.JPG (90904 bytes)ustrentondate.JPG (74607 bytes)Quite rare and nice condition .58 cal. "New Jersey" marked Trenton 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The metal is nice and smooth - just beginning to darken with age.  The lockplate is marked "U.S.-Trenton-1863" and the barrel is marked "N.J.-1864" which is the standard marking found on New Jersey issued Trenton muskets.  The musket retains lots of rifling, and the action is about as crisp as when issued.  It's wood is very nice with just the normal small dings from actual field service.  This is a nicer musket than most you see now days.--$1,650.
  12. coltpistol.JPG (55976 bytes)coltpistolmnted.JPG (54355 bytes)coltpistolrev.JPG (55249 bytes)coltpistolmrk.JPG (43973 bytes)coldpistolmrk2.JPG (39473 bytes)coltpistolsrl.JPG (51681 bytes)coltpistolptnt.JPG (64150 bytes)Quite attractive .44 cal. Model 1860 Colt Army Revolver.  This is serial number "101859" which is very desirable mid-war "1863 - 1864" production.  It has an all matching serial number except for the wedge which is an old replacement.  The revolver has an uncleaned - attic brown patina overall and it comes with a really nice walnut mount for displaying it on the wall.  The original walnut grips are in good condition and a faint cartouche {in good light} can still be seen, and the bore remains deep and sharp.  This is an honest - attractive .44 cal. Colt Army revolver that saw real service in the War.--$1,295.SOLD
  13. 1858starr.JPG (55677 bytes)1858starrrev.JPG (60128 bytes)1858starrmrk.JPG (64742 bytes)1858starrmrk2.JPG (62995 bytes)1858starrcrtche.JPG (44214 bytes).44 cal.  Model 1858 Starr Double Action Army Revolver.  It has a pretty chocolate brown attic patina overall and a visible inspector cartouche on the walnut grips.  This is a nice untouched example.--$1,295.SOLD
  14. bltmld.JPG (60485 bytes)bltmldmrk.JPG (38378 bytes)Beautiful condition and quite rare style on this .577 cal. Enfield bullet mold.  The mold opens from the bottom rather than the typical sideways opening pattern.  In addition, this Enfield mold came out of the deep South and has the "25" mark that we all like to see on our imported Enfield muskets.  This will be a fantastic compliment to your Enfield musket.--$895.
  15. 1863lg&ybutt.JPG (36079 bytes)1863lg&gbrl.JPG (30236 bytes)1863lg&yclose.JPG (51639 bytes)1863lg&ydte.JPG (80932 bytes)1863lg&yname.JPG (47127 bytes)Fresh out of the attic "1863" date .58 cal. "L.G.&Y. - U.S. - Windsor, VT."  1861 "Special Model" Percussion Rifled Musket  The musket has a very nice "never cleaned" smooth chocolate patina on the metal from tip to tip.  The wood is nice as well with just the normal small dings and marks of actual field service.  The action is as crisp as the day it was made, and it retains lots of original rifling.  Anyone would be proud to have this rare musket in their collection.--$1,650.
  16. blltmldgrp.JPG (62425 bytes)blltmldgrpopen.JPG (59311 bytes)blltmldgrpptnt.JPG (56876 bytes)Beautiful grouping including an "Eagle Flask" - a .36 cal. double cavity Colt mold - a percussion cap tin - and four Battlefield recovered .36 cal. Colt bullets.  This grouping will make your .36 cal. Colt Navy Model Revolver into a museum worthy display.--$450. for all.
  17. 36cltgrp.JPG (66659 bytes)Here is something that you rarely see offered for sale.  It is a complete original set of walnut grips for a Model 1851 Colt .36 cal. Navy Revolver.  The grips show wear, but are not cracked or broken.  If you have a Colt .36 Navy with broken or missing grips - here is your chance to complete your weapon.  The grips show lots of wear and rounded corners, but are complete, and are out of the "Deep South" - and could have quite likely been C.S. carried.--$175.
  18. Very ornate and absolutely beautiful condition .44 cal. single shot 1840 - 1860 era percussion pistol.  The pistol has intricate inlay and beautiful silver accents.  It is maker marked "Mewis & Co."  These fine quality pistols were generally European made and private purchased by both Union and Confederate soldiers.--$950.
  19. "1837" date 6-shot "Pepperbox" revolver.  These are clearly pre-Civil War, but I have seen numerous photographs of Confederates carrying these. It has a smooth, slick, uncleaned attic brown patina and is marked "1837 - Allen and Thurber - Worcester".  No Civil War era collection is complete without a little "Pepperbox Revolver".--$650.
  20. Just in fresh out of a North Alabama estate - nice condition C.S. carried Pre-War single shot percussion pistol in it's brown leather hand stitched Confederate holster.  A beautiful Confederate rig at the price of a "middle-grade" Colt Pocket Model revolver.--$1,250.
  21. Exceptionally nice .58 cal. "Norris and Clements" 1863 date 3-band percussion Federal rifled musket.  The metal is very nice with a gently greying aged patina with lockplate markings of "S.N. and W.T.C. For Massachusetts - 1863 - U.S." and a deep, clear matching "1863" date on the barrel.  The eagle on the bolster is as crisp as new and the rifling will about cut your finger.  The original walnut stock is really pretty with 2 cartouches.  This is unquestionably a museum grade weapon.--$1,950.
  22. Excellent condition non-excavated Springfield combination musket tool - perfect to display with your original Civil War musket.  Also, an original non-excavated .577 cal. Enfield trigger block with trigger.  Both items only.--$65.
  23. Attractive attic brown-grey patina on this .28 cal. 6-shot Manhattan produced Pepperbox revolver.  These were produced between 1856 and 1860 and a number of these were actually carried in the American Civil War.  This revolver is "Manhattan" marked and retains good action and is nicely engraved.--$550.
  24. Very nice condition original .577 cal. Enfield musket tompion.  A fantastic final touch for your nice Enfield musket.--$65.
  25. Nice smooth chocolate brown attic patina on the metal of this .69 cal. Model 1842 smoothbore 3-band Springfield musket.  The lockplate is marked "U.S. - 1848 - Springfield" and the action still works well with a good strong spring.  The stock is quite attractive with a visible inspector cartouche and just the normal small dings and marks of service.  I just purchased this musket out of a North Carolina estate dating all the way back to the 1940 - 1950s era.  This is a weapon with that slick brown patina that some tasteful, gentle cleaning would make look significantly nicer.--$1,450.
  26. Attractive .69 cal. Potsdam musket dated "1826".  This one is out of an Ohio estate sale and has a smooth uncleaned attic patina.  A good number of these were purchased by the Governor of Ohio to arm troops from the state in early 1861 - some are even "OHIO" marked, but this one is unmarked.  The Ohio guys quickly realized that the rifled .58 cal. Springfield muskets were much better and more accurate and these ancient old muskets were soon replaced.  Confederates were also able to get some of these, and they used them until they were able to get the much superior and preferred .577 cal. Enfields.  This is a nice looking "early Civil War" weapon.--$895.
  27. .69 cal. Prussian Musket which was purchased and imported early in the war by the Governor of Ohio for the issue to Ohio troops as they marched off to war in 1861.  These muskets fired an absolutely massive projectile, and they were very quickly found to not be as accurate and serviceable as the smaller cal. Springfield muskets.  Over the years as relic hunters we have learned that when you recover the huge Prussian projectiles that you are certainly in an Ohio camp and could very well be about to recover an "OVM" beltplate.  This particular musket is marked "Potsdam" and dated "1837."  Although the musket was brought in to the shop by a local family, it was learned that the family's ancestry was not unexpectedly out of Ohio.  It has a smooth, dark, uncleaned patina and will display very nicely.--$975.
  28. Quite scarce .58 cal. "Providence Tool Co." - 1863 date Model 1861 3-band contract rifled musket.  This musket shows clear signs of having really been carried A LOT.  The metal has a smooth dark, attic brown patina with lockplate markings of "Providence Tool Co. - Providence, R.I. - 1863".  The markings are all visible, but worn down quite a bit from use.  The wood shows lots of use as well with corners rounded and all the normal bumps and bruises of a carried weapon.  The inspector's cartouche is worn, but you can still faintly make it out.  It is missing the rear sling swivel and has a "home grown" rear site.  This is a good, honest rare contract Civil War musket that without question "Saw The Elephant".--$1,150.

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