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  1. frnkshow.JPG (340728 bytes)Here is an overview of the "BIG" Middle Tennessee  Civil War Show at Franklin, TN. this past weekend - {Dec. 6 and 7}.  Notice the "upper level" that is approximately 1/4th mile of Civil War tables going all the way around the arena and amounting totally to over 900 tables of artifacts.  It is always a great pleasure to get to see so many friends and fellow collectors and relic hunters - all under one roof.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!!!!!
  2. hickorynutshrt.JPG (498525 bytes)hickorynutsempty.JPG (276675 bytes)hickorynutsmess.JPG (460934 bytes)We had the great idea to spend "several - {a lot}" of hours picking up multi-thousand hickory nuts to eventually be cracked and used making "Hickory Nut Sandie" cookies and Hickory Nut Pies.  Being in the Christmas decorating mood -- We FILLED a 5-gallon washtub with our freshly picked up Hickory Nuts and set them on the cabin porch for decor.  I expected that the squirrels would grab a few because they were SO easy pickings.  I DIDN'T expect that in one week the little varmints would steal EVERY LAST ONE OF 5,000 !!!!  OH WELL -- MERRY CHRISTMAS SQUIRRELS !!!!
  3. hckrynuts.JPG (61191 bytes)hckrynuts2.JPG (69555 bytes)hckrynuts3.JPG (75490 bytes)Let's talk "Hickory Nuts" {#treats50yearsago}  Here in the South there are several different kind of Hickory Nuts.  There are regular Hickory Nuts - then there are "Scaley Barks" - and then there are "Swamp Hickorys" {with nuts 3 to 4 times as big {see picture} as regular Hickory or Scaley Barks".   The regular Hickory Nuts and the Scaley Barks are small, but have a wonderful taste - the best in my opinion.  The HUGE Swamp Hickory Nuts are much bigger, but have a bit of a "strong" flavor I'd say.  My favorite things to make from the nuts are small cookies "called Sandies" and pies made just like a Pecan Pie, except with Hickory Nuts.  There is a trick to cracking these little jewels so that you do not get the tiny little pieces of "very hard" shell in your "goodie bowl".  You turn the nut up endways {grasping it with pliers} and with a hammer strike the pointed end squarely {with the flatter end firmly resting on a very hard surface}.  Striking the nut in this manner results in the nut usually breaking into 1/4s or 1/2s long ways {see picture} and a good big piece of the meat of the nut easy to retrieve.  Be sure to wear safety glasses when cracking these, because sometimes little pieces of broken shell go flying like bullets!!  ALSO --  Eat the pies and cookies GENTLY as you can never completely avoid a tiny piece of hard shell or two !!!!!  It's worth it though -- They are SOOOOO GOOD !!!
  4. Very attractive "1848 - Ames" NCO sword in original leather scabbard {missing only the brass tip} with the white over-the-shoulder sling - frog - and eagle breastplate.  The blade on this sword is "sparkling" bright with deep, sharp marks.  This rig will display with museum quality beauty.--$975.
  5. usoval.JPG (73169 bytes)usovalrev.JPG (77569 bytes)Excavated large size "Arrow Hook" pattern U.S. oval waist belt plate.  This plate was recovered from private property at Shiloh about 45 - 50 years ago.   The face has a beautiful slick - chocolate brown - patina that is not recovered now - due to {40 to 50 more years decay - acid rain - chemicals used today - etc.}  The reverse has the lead and all 3 hooks intact.--$250.
  6. blockibtn.JPG (72004 bytes)blockibtnrev.JPG (73786 bytes)Absolutely "Drop Dead Beautiful" excavated coat size Confederate "Lined "I" button.  It has a reflective slick olive green patina on the face with the shank intact and backmarked "Superior Quality".  There is one tiny - tiny little old service mark right beside the "I", but doesn't at all affect the beauty of this button.  It was recovered many years ago from a Confederate camp on private property near Savannah, GA.--$225.
  7. spoon.JPG (66300 bytes)spoon2.JPG (69514 bytes)Excellent condition folding Officer's Camp Spoon with silver "Shield" inlay.  This will display "museum like" in a camp scene.--$175.
  8. moldbullet.JPG (65804 bytes)moldbulletrev.JPG (64278 bytes)Single cavity cast brass "scissor type" bullet mold for the "Country Rifle or Picket Bullet".  This is a mold to make bullets for the rifles from home that many Confederates left home for the Civil War in 1861 carrying.  This one looks to be about .36 to .40 cal.  We primarily recover bullets of this type in 1861 and 1862 Confederate camps {but recently we recovered several from a mid-1863 Confederate camp.  Excellent condition.--$150.
  9. cheatham.JPG (57272 bytes)cheathamrev.JPG (50092 bytes)cheathambckmrk.JPG (47434 bytes)Quite Rare "Memphis, TN." C.D.V. of Confederate General B. F. Cheatham.  It is in excellent condition and is backmarked "H. A. Balch - Star - Photograph Gallery - 249 Main St. - Memphis, TN.".--$250.
  10. 1863chicopee.JPG (13966 bytes)1863chicopeeopn.JPG (17764 bytes)1863chicopeecls.JPG (55258 bytes)1863chicopeemkr.JPG (59423 bytes)1863chicopeedte.JPG (66175 bytes)Nice condition Model 1840 Ames Artillery saber and scabbard.  The blade is clean and is crisply marked "1863 - U.S. - Ames Mfg. Co.".  It has original wrap and wire on the grip, and the scabbard is very nice as well without even one single dent.--$895.
  11. manhattan.JPG (47130 bytes)manhattanrev.JPG (54030 bytes)manhattanmkr.JPG (44953 bytes)manhattaneng.JPG (61005 bytes)manhattansrl2.JPG (50539 bytes)manhattansrl.JPG (70191 bytes)Nice condition .36 cal. Manhattan Navy Model Revolver.  The metal is clean with no pitting really at all, and just beginning to darken with age.  It is crisply marked "Manhattan Firearms Co. - Newark, N.J. - 1864" and has an all matching serial number of "60123" which appears to be late 1864 - early 1865 production.  The cylinder still has lots of scene and the action is about as crisp as new.  This is a good, crisp, Manhattan Navy Model Revolver.--$1,150.
  12. eagbltrig.JPG (53544 bytes)eagbltrigrev.JPG (48364 bytes)eagbltrigplt.JPG (81621 bytes)Model 1851 Federal Cavalryman's saber belt rig with the excellent condition cast brass eagle saber belt plate with applied silver wreath remaining perfectly intact, and the original leather waist belt is complete and remains reasonably pliable.  This would be a great addition to your collection.--$650.
  13. mnscrpti.JPG (87278 bytes)mnscrptirev.JPG (89404 bytes)Very nice condition excavated big 23 mm CS175A - by P. Tait with their distinctive floating shank.  It's a pretty button with a smooth brown woods patina and no dents or cracks.  This is a RARE Confederate button, and is certainly one you don't dig every day.--$375. {see all around priced at $450.}
  14. powderhorn.JPG (57499 bytes)powderhornrev.JPG (56657 bytes)Beautiful condition 1840 - 1860 era powder horn complete with strap and stopper - and is the exact type horn that many young Confederates left home for the Civil War carrying.  This came out of a local - Middle Tennessee - estate sale just a few days ago.--$95.SOLD
  15. wreathdug.JPG (78488 bytes)wreathdugrev.JPG (85570 bytes)wreathdugwpctr.JPG (74899 bytes)Excavated wreath half of a state seal 2-piece - tongue and wreath State Seal Sword Belt Plate.  The wreath was recovered from one of General Manigault's South Carolina 1863 winter camps here - so it likely took a tongue like the one pictured above - HOWEVER - This same wreath would correctly fit a Louisiana tongue - a Virginia - a Georgia - or even the right Alabama.  If you have a nice State Tongue - Here is your chance to complete a VERY RARE and expensive Confederate 2-piece State Sword Belt Plate.--$850. {The tongue is worth $1,250. or so --- Yet the complete 2-piece buckle sells for $3,000. to $3,500. !!!!!}
  16. sglebltmld.JPG (57236 bytes)sglebltmldrev.JPG (62330 bytes)Excellent condition original single cavity bullet mold for a BIG .69 cal. musket ball.  Many young Confederates left home for the War carrying the family fowling rifle - a powder horn a and a musket ball bullet mold just like this one.  This mold is just in out of a local Rutherford County, TN. estate.--$85.
  17. 1863tauntonbutt.JPG (14801 bytes)1863tauntonbrl.JPG (9902 bytes)1863taunton.JPG (55479 bytes)1863tauntoncrst.JPG (90172 bytes)1863tauntonmrk.JPG (77052 bytes)1863tauntondte.JPG (75638 bytes)1863tauntonus.JPG (56127 bytes)Nice condition .58 cal. "William Mason" Model 1861 contract rifled musket.  The metal is clean just beginning to grey with age.  The lockplate is marked "1863 - Wm. Mason - Taunton" and the barrel has a matching "1863" date.  The wood is really pretty with two visible inspector cartouches and has an original "Jeff Davis" stamped brass hat pin inlaid into the right side of the stock.  The original ramrod - both sling swivels - and long range site all remain intact.  The musket has been fired enough that not much bore remains, but other than that - the musket has everything that you like to see.--$1,650.
  18. 1813flint.JPG (14570 bytes)1813flintbrl.JPG (10933 bytes)1813flintlckplt.JPG (56255 bytes)1813flintdte.JPG (75690 bytes)1813flintmrk.JPG (75768 bytes)Beautiful rich - untouched {never cleaned} .69 cal. Model 1808 {contract of 1808} IN ORIGINAL FLINT by Asa Waters  -- Sutton, Mass.  This is out of a North Carolina estate, and is something that you just never see - AN UNTOUCHED MODEL "1808".  The lockplate is marked "1813 - Sutton - and with the American eagle".  Fine details of this weapon can be found in "American Shoulder Arms - Vol. 2 by George D. Moller".  The action still works nicely.  The wood is pretty with the normal small dings and marks of 201 years of being around and seeing half a dozen conflicts.  It has literally been over 20 years since I've had one of these to offer !!!!--$2,250.SOLD
  19.  ropebdrplte.JPG (56353 bytes)ropebdrrev.JPG (65383 bytes)ropebdrcable.JPG (50896 bytes)Dug about 30 years ago on private property near Jackson, MISS.  This is an exceedingly Rare "Rope Border" style "C.S." oval die struck sheet brass Confederate waist belt plate.  These plates are very thin and when found are almost always broken or significantly damaged.  This is a far better example than most that are found.  It is very solid and complete with just a couple tiny {near microscopic} stress cracks around the outside edge.  All three hooks are intact and the "Rope" can be seen from 10 feet away !!!!  Some believe that these were likely struck at Nashville, TN.--$2,850. {I saw one no nicer sell at a recent Civil War Show for $3,450.}SOLD
  20. cwsblsmth.JPG (13693 bytes)cwsblsmthcls.JPG (55060 bytes)cwsblsmthpml.JPG (54579 bytes)Absolutely beautiful blacksmith crafted Confederate Short Sword.  I originally purchased this sword about 40 years ago out of a South Central Georgia estate,  and sold the sword to a long time collector friend.  A couple years back my friend passed away, and once again this fine Confederate sword has come my way.  The blade is hand blacksmith forged out of what appears to have originally been a "Buggy Spring".  The original walnut grip remains intact and has a VERY COOL pommel cap fashioned from a Large Cent.  This fine Confederate sword would be a wonderful addition to any Confederate display or collection.--$2,250.SOLD
  21. 1837sfld.JPG (15184 bytes)1837sfldbrl.JPG (9354 bytes)1837sfldlckplt.JPG (59610 bytes)1837sflddte.JPG (81023 bytes)1837sfldusegl.JPG (76317 bytes)1837sfldus.JPG (69856 bytes)1837sfldcrvg.JPG (70959 bytes)Very nice looking "1837" date Springfield 3-band .69 cal. smoothbore rifled musket.  This musket was originally produced in flintlock and  during the Civil War era was converted to the percussion ignition system.  About 40 to 50 years ago using original parts the musket was re-converted back to it's original  flintlock system.  Everything functions properly, and has a beautiful "attic brown patina, and would look fantastic on any wall.  We have this musket Bargain Priced due to being re-converted.--Only $1,150.
  22. wreath.JPG (77238 bytes)wreathrev.JPG (76549 bytes)Beautiful excavated wreath portion of a "VERY RARE" early war style Western Theater "coin type" C.S. 2-piece tongue and wreath sword belt plate.  This is the early pattern with the smaller - lighter weight belt loops.  It has a nice uncleaned green patina and was recovered along Duck River near Shelbyville TN.--$895.SOLD
  23. ibuttonthurs.JPG (73351 bytes)ibuttonthursrev.JPG (77229 bytes)Mint beautiful condition excavated Confederate coat size block "I" Infantry button.  This excellent Confederate button was recovered about 40 years ago from a Confederate camp on private property near Chickamauga, GA.--$135.SOLD
  24. jaburris.JPG (74304 bytes)jaburrisrev.JPG (69766 bytes)jaburrisside1.JPG (46669 bytes)Excavated pewter canteen spout recovered about 40 years ago by Dr. Rees Buttram from private property at Chickamauga, GA.  Nicely inscribed with a pinknife into the spout is "J. A. Burris".  I feel sure that with a bit of research -- The owner can be unraveled.--$35.
  25. colt229728.JPG (56847 bytes)colt229728rev.JPG (57878 bytes)colt229728ptnt.JPG (68259 bytes)colt229728mrk.JPG (41040 bytes)colt229728eng.JPG (52928 bytes)colt229728ser3.JPG (38918 bytes)colt229728ser4.JPG (59231 bytes)Very nice condition .31 cal. Model 1849 Colt Pocket Revolver.  It has an all matching serial number of {228728} except for the cylinder which is a different number.  What caused this to happen is the fact that many soldiers carried several cylinders already loaded and ready to insert by simply dropping out the wedge.  Many times the revolver would get handed down with one of the cylinders other than the one with the matching serial number.  228728 is most desirable 1862 production, and it has perfect bore - good action - and lots of cylinder scene.--$795.
  26. dblbrlshotgun.JPG (13348 bytes)dblbrlshotgunbrl.JPG (5425 bytes)dblbrlshotgunlckplt.JPG (53630 bytes)dblbrlshotguntop.JPG (52684 bytes)2barrelpic.JPG (41642 bytes)Very attractive percussion double barrel shotgun of the exact type that many Confederates left home for the Civil War carrying.  I excavated an almost identical shotgun from the camp of the 51st Alabama Cavalry.  Double barrel shotguns loaded with buck were a very effective cavalry weapon in the South.--$495.
  27. dugbrknsaber.JPG (46946 bytes)Excavated broken Model 1860 Cavalry saber blade and saber scabbard.  This was recovered many years ago from private property near Shiloh, and will display VERY impressively.--$95.SOLD
  28. sfsideknife.JPG (54519 bytes)sfsideknifemrk.JPG (57268 bytes)Wicked side knife made from a standard Civil War "Alfred Field and Co. - Sheffield" Side Knife.  I purchased this from my good buddy - Jim Fraska -  and I tell you - Jim should be a "Romance Novel Writer" !!! - I give you Jim's description !!  The Belly Slasher !!!!  Craftily fashioned from an Alfred Field & Co. - Sheffield Side Knife - The original grip replaced with a long wooden handle that nestles lovingly and comfortably in the hand and allows for sleek and flexible movement.  An instrument so transformed that, even before the recipient knows he has been "kissed" by it's blade, he feels the flow of hot frothy blood spill from his gut" -- DANG JIM really "HOT FROTHY" !!!!!!!!!!  I WILL say that this guy would BAD "mess you up".--$295.SOLD
  29. bgsaberbnt.JPG (46920 bytes)bgsaberbntgrp.JPG (60294 bytes)Original Confederate manufacture "Boyle and Gamble - Richmond, VA." saber bayonet.  Rich aged attic "bronze - brown" patina throughout.  Just a really pretty Confederate manufacture edged weapon.--$1,450.
  30. lchrgdnft.JPG (12964 bytes)lchrgdnftgrd.JPG (61926 bytes)lchrgdnftgrdart.JPG (69972 bytes)lchrgdnftgrdeng.JPG (52127 bytes)lchrgdnftbk.JPG (52928 bytes)lchrgdnftbk2.JPG (57458 bytes)Very, very RARE "attic beautiful" Confederate manufacture Leech and Rigdon C.S. Foot Officer's Sword.  The blade has a thick - rich - chocolate brown patina {with faint hints of Confederate engraving visible through the blade's never cleaned - aged - brown patina}.  The high copper content cast brass Confederate guard also has a rich aged patina.  The brass guard has the tell tale Leech and Rigdon motif on both top and bottom sides.  In 37 years I can count the number of these that I have had on my fingers.  This Super Rare Confederate Officer's sword would have sold for $4,250. to $4,500. back in better economy days.  Priced to sell - even in today's economy.--$3,450.SOLD
  31. 58calmbcart.JPG (39374 bytes)Very nice condition original .58 cal. minie cartridge with complete paper wrap.  A fantastic compliment to display with your .58 cal. rifled musket.--$95.
  32. sideknifeclsd.JPG (43290 bytes)sideknife.JPG (50951 bytes)sideknifepic.JPG (48779 bytes)Confederate blacksmith made bowie in leather scabbard measuring 17 inches overall in scabbard with a 11 inch blade.  It is in beautiful condition with a rich aged patina through-out. The blade appears to be hand forged and is 1 3/8 inches in width.  It has a brass cross-guard with pewter collar and pewter cap on the grip.  The pewter cap has "MB - CSA" carved into it - Unfortunately, I don't know who "M.B." is.  The blade remains almost sharp enough to shave with.  It is well balanced and would be DEADLY !!--$1,850.SOLD
  33. shell.JPG (52340 bytes)Nice condition excavated 3-inch Read Confederate Rifled projectile.  This is the sought after "taller copper sabot" Western variety and some feel was made at Selma Arsenal.  It has already been cleaned - coated - and was disarmed through the fuze hole.  Both the copper fuze adapter and the copper sabot remain 100 % intact.  This was recovered many years ago from private property near Chickamauga, GA.--$475.
  34. usonbelt.JPG (48606 bytes)Absolutely beautiful condition UNISSUED large size arrow hook style "U.S." oval waist belt plate on it's original brown buff leather waist belt with the original brass keeper intact.  This rig looks exactly as it did when they were issued 150 years ago.--$595.
  35. bultmold.JPG (62688 bytes)bultmoldrev.JPG (69323 bytes)Excellent condition single cavity .44 cal. bullet mold for a single shot boot pistol.  I am including an original ball from here at Stones River to display with the mold.  Many soldiers - both North and South - carried a pistol of this type in their vest or boot as a last resort.--$65.
  36. usplatemon.JPG (70986 bytes)usplatemonrev.JPG (70608 bytes)Beautiful condition non-excavated rare GILTED large oval U.S. cartridge boxplate.  It has full lead in the reverse and the wire loops are 2 9/16 inches apart.  This will make someone's cartridge box look "Museum Fine".--$250.
  37. motherbaby.JPG (31419 bytes)motherbabyrev.JPG (36800 bytes)motherbabybkmrk.JPG (37685 bytes)Beautiful 1850 - 1860 era civilian CDV of a young lady {Mollie Masson of Baltimore, MD.} and her baby daughter.  The cool thing about this CDV is that the artist HAND PAINTED the baby girl's lacy white dress {with even the fancy little designs in the lace}.  The image is backmarked "Israel and Co. - 125 Baltimore St. - Baltimore".  I was really taken with how beautiful the artist's work was on this photograph.--$45.
  38. dugus.JPG (72660 bytes)dugusrev.JPG (91479 bytes)Excavated large oval "U.S." waist belt plate.  This buckle was recovered about 40 years ago from private property near Shiloh.  It has a big hunk of the leather belt still intact under the brass arrow hooks.--$250.
  39. dugusplatefrnt.JPG (70970 bytes)dugusplate.JPG (57074 bytes)Beautiful condition excavated early issue large oval U.S. "Puppy Paw" hook style Federal waist belt plate.  It has a very nice face - full lead - and all three hooks intact.  This plate was recovered about 40 years ago from private property near Shiloh.--$295.
  40. dugbayonet.JPG (38492 bytes)dugbayonetcls.JPG (66933 bytes)Excavated complete .577 cal. Enfield triangular socket bayonet.  This was recovered many years ago from private property near Rocky Face Ridge in North GA.  We used to find bayonets fairly often, but they are big signals and becoming very rare to recover.--$125.SOLD
  41. kenanswd.JPG (42989 bytes)kenanswdclsd.JPG (44338 bytes)kenanswdgrp.JPG (60080 bytes)kenanswdmrk.JPG (47888 bytes)kenanswdmrkscab.JPG (66227 bytes)This is one of the nicest excavated 2nd Model Kenansville Confederate Manufactured Cavalry sabers that I have ever had.  It was recovered many, many years ago on private property near Farmville, VA.  Both the scabbard and the saber have a matching Roman numeral of "XLIIII".  It will likely be a very long time before you see another excavated Kenansville Confederate Cavalry Saber {especially this nice} offered for sale.--$3650.
  42. csarectnglefce.JPG (61005 bytes)csarectngle.JPG (59535 bytes)BEAUTIFUL thinner Tennessee style excavated cast brass rectangular "C.S.A." waist belt plate.  This buckle was dug by one of my hunting partners about 2 hours ago and the dirt on it isn't even DRY yet.  The plate was recovered from an Army of Tennessee 1863 C.S.A. winter camp here, and literally has not even had the dirt washed off of it.  We used to find these ever so often in this area, but not any more.  Here is your chance to own a pretty - freshly dug - Confederate buckle that hasn't seen the light of day in 150 years.--$2,650.SOLD
  43. forkedplte.JPG (60634 bytes)Rare excavated "Medium Size" Confederate cast brass "Forked Tongue" frame waist belt plate.  This plate was recovered from a Confederate camp on private property near Winchester, VA.  It has a really pretty "pea green" patina.--$795.
  44. Quite scarce to recover - Small cast brass "Indiana" state pin.  These were worn by Federal soldiers when they re-enlisted for a second tour.  This is a nice one and was recovered on private property near Chickamauga, GA.--$595.
  45. relee.JPG (44007 bytes)releerev.JPG (38391 bytes)releebckmrk.JPG (45627 bytes)Crisp, clear C.D.V. of Gen. Robert E. Lee with a seldom seen TENNESSEE backmark.  It is marked "H. A. Balch - STAR - Photograph Gallery  - 249 Main St. - Memphis, Tenn."--$395.SOLD
  46. ewhitney.JPG (51873 bytes)ewhitneyrev.JPG (59461 bytes)ewhitneymrk.JPG (49637 bytes)ewhitneysrl.JPG (43514 bytes)Very nice condition .31 cal. Whitney "Old Model" Pocket Revolver.  This example is serial number 14597 which is most desirable 1860 - 1861 production.  It is crisply marked "E. Whitney - New Haven" and it's action is about as crisp as the day it was made.  The revolver has a nice smooth gently aging grey-brown patina, and the original walnut grips are excellent with about 90 % original lacquer.  A Rare little revolver than any collector would be proud to own.--$1,150.
  47. ibuttontues.JPG (66269 bytes)ibuttontuesrev.JPG (72263 bytes)Absolutely "Drop Dead Beautiful" excavated coat size "E. M. Lewis - Richmond" Southern manufactured Confederate Block "I" {Infantry} button.  It's pointless to look for a nicer example !!--$165.SOLD
  48. lgpdrhrn.JPG (45367 bytes)lgpdrhrnrlr.JPG (44472 bytes)lgpdrhrnwid.JPG (56863 bytes)MASSIVE "15 inch" Civil War era {and earlier} powder horn.  Many young Confederates left home in 1861 for the Civil War carrying the family hunting rifle and a powder horn much like this one.  Most Civil War era powder horns, however,  are little more than half the size of this guy.--$150.SOLD
  49. cs5note.JPG (57372 bytes)cs5noterev.JPG (57608 bytes)Nice condition circulated Confederate April 6th, 1863 $5. Confederate note.  This is a nice very early "T-60" picturing the State Capitol at Richmond, VA.--$79.
  50. coltpckt.JPG (59614 bytes)coltpcktrev.JPG (55688 bytes)coltpcktmkr.JPG (69187 bytes)coltpcktmrk.JPG (43457 bytes)coltpckteng.JPG (69190 bytes)coltpckteng2.JPG (55714 bytes)coltpcktsrl.JPG (54431 bytes)coltpcktsrl2.JPG (52742 bytes)Nice condition .31 cal. Model 1849 Colt Pocket Revolver.  It has all matching serial number {107276} including the wedge which is very sought after EARLY 1850s production and considering that this revolver is out of the "Sunny South" and early 1850s production almost certainly saw C.S. service.  The revolver has about 70 % cylinder scene remaining and about 90 % silvering left on the trigger guard and backstrap.  There is even a tad of original bluing left in some recessed areas.  The original walnut grips are in nice condition and have about 90 % original lacquer.  ANY Civil War enthusiast would be thrilled to find this under the Christmas tree !!--$1,250.
  51. cspistlbox.JPG (49976 bytes)cspistlboxopn.JPG (60194 bytes)cspistlboxrev.JPG (50802 bytes)Very nice condition dark brown - hand sewn - Confederate .44 cal. pistol cartridge box.  The box has a single VERY wide belt loop on the reverse and has a crude brass closure finial.  Most of the time on Confederate boxes - the small leather closure tab is missing, but it remains nicely intact on this box.  It displays beautifully with hardly any surface flaking at all.  Talk about a fine compliment to display with your Confederate manufactured or Rebel carried revolver.--$1,450.
  52. 12cswoodplug.JPG (52424 bytes)Excellent condition excavated 12 lb. Confederate wood drive-in fuze type cannon ball.  This ball was recovered on private property near Pulaski, TN. along the Confederate retreat route from Franklin, TN. as the Army of Tennessee fell back toward the Tennessee River.  This is an unusually nice example.--$295. 
  53. cssaber.JPG (47812 bytes)cssabergrd.JPG (62490 bytes)Extremely Rare excavated broken Confederate manufactured "Dog River" Style C.S. Cavalry Saber.  This was recovered many, many years ago on private property along the retreat route from Shiloh towards Corinth, MS.  It has the classic "unstopped fuller" C.S. blade.  GREAT RELIC--$650.
  54. Stunning - mint condition - with 100 % bright gold gilt non-excavated coat size Confederate "H. T. & B. - Manchester" stippled block "R" {Rifleman}.  This button literally couldn't be nicer and in years gone by would have sold for a solid $850.  This beautiful Confederate button is friendly priced to move in THIS economy.--$650.
  55. greencavfrme.JPG (76667 bytes)Beautiful excavated pea green small cavalry size Confederate Georgia Frame waist belt plate.  This plate was recovered from the camp of the 51st Alabama Cavalry located along Lee's Knob - South of Murfreesboro, TN.  I dug an almost identical one in the same camp and have it in my own collection.--$595.
  56. 51swdplte.JPG (64328 bytes)51swdplterev.JPG (54742 bytes)Really pretty excavated Model 1851 eagle saber belt plate recently recovered from a Confederate Cavalry camp on private property located near Shelbyville, TN.  It's very rare to recover a Model 1851 saber plate this nice.--SOLD
  57. stwalljcksn.JPG (45639 bytes)stwalljcksnrev.JPG (138443 bytes)stwalljcksnrevcls.JPG (51340 bytes)One of the most famous and sought after CDVs of the American Civil War.  This is the "Stonewall Jackson" by "E. & H. T. Anthony - New York".  The image is clear - bright - and not faded as they often are.  This is an ex-museum item.--$395.
  58. cnteenwslng.JPG (55539 bytes)cnteenwslngrev.JPG (56591 bytes)cnteenwslngltrs.JPG (98143 bytes)cnteenwslnglotz.JPG (56173 bytes)Very nice condition circular, smooth type Federal Model 1858 canteen complete with original butternut cover - stopper with chain - and linen sling - and has the soldier's initials "A.B.T." stenciled on the side.  This canteen was on display for a number of years in the old Lotz House Museum at The Battle of Franklin, TN.--$425.
  59. bulletmold.JPG (59372 bytes)bulletmoldcls.JPG (67077 bytes)Nice condition cast brass "Colt Patent" marked .31 cal. double cavity bullet mold correct for the Model 1849 Colt .31 cal. Pocket Revolver.  If you have a nice Colt revolver - here is the perfect compliment for it.--$150.
  60. lapelican.JPG (81393 bytes)lapelicanrev.JPG (81721 bytes)Quite pretty excavated coat size Louisiana State Seal Confederate uniform button.  The face on this button is just "loaded" with bright gold gilt.  The button's only negative is that it has a bit flatter profile than it had when originally issued - likely stepped on somewhere along the way.  The reverse has the shank intact and is backmarked "Extra Rich".  The button was recovered on private property from Gen. Hardee's 1863 winter camps located near Tullahoma, TN.  For the price - this button has a SWEET look.--only $275.
  61. bltmold.JPG (62088 bytes)bltmoldclsd.JPG (67190 bytes)Nice condition cast brass double cavity bullet mold for a "Country Rifle".  Many young Confederates left their Southern homes in 1861 carrying the family "Country Rifle", and was armed with this until a "more Military" type weapon came along.  This mold is out of a local estate and has a nice rich aged patina.--$125.
  62. msket.JPG (14292 bytes)msketbrl2.JPG (8349 bytes)msketlckplt.JPG (57410 bytes)msketlckpltrev.JPG (67800 bytes)msketmrk.JPG (65988 bytes)msketmrk2.JPG (66555 bytes)msketbook.JPG (48069 bytes)Just in out of the local Southern bushes -- .69 cal. Austrian Model 1842 Engineer's Rifled musket.  The musket has a smooth - never cleaned - deep chocolate brown patina, and is the type weapon many Confederates carried the first two years of the Civil War.  I have never recovered a .69 cal. Austrian projectile anywhere but early Confederate Infantry camps.  Here is a nice, untouched, Confederate carried musket at a VERY reasonable price.--$850.
  63. dugibtn.JPG (78678 bytes)dugibtnrev.JPG (86907 bytes)Beautiful condition excavated cast pewter coat size Confederate "I" {Infantry} button.  This was recovered from a Confederate Infantry camp located on private property near Richmond, VA.  You couldn't hope to see a more perfect example.--$150.
  64. 1862tower.JPG (16779 bytes)1862towerbrl.JPG (11849 bytes)1862towerlckplt.JPG (56121 bytes)1862towerdte.JPG (71646 bytes)1862towereng.JPG (59054 bytes)"1862" date .577 cal. Enfield 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The stock shows all the little dings and marks of lots of actual field service.  The lockplate is marked "1862 - Tower - and the crown" and the barrel has the sought after "upside down 25 - 25" marks.  The metal overall has a really nice aged - dark brown - patina.  A light halo of the circle on the stock that reads "Birmingham Small Arms" can be faintly seen.  One sling swivel remains and one is on a battlefield somewhere, and the long range site hasn't been present for many years.  This Enfield is out of "Ole Dixie" and you can't hold it up to your ear without hearing Dixie Playing !!  Every Civil War collection should have a nice Enfield 3-band musket.--$1,450.
  65. confeddrum.JPG (70525 bytes)confeddrumrev.JPG (59313 bytes)Very, very nice Confederate tin drum canteen that about 40 years ago was purchased out of a North Carolina estate and is a SUPER RARITY being complete with cover and sling.  Any Confederate artifact collector would enjoy having this piece.--$2,450.
  66. 1863adk.JPG (12957 bytes)1863adkopn.JPG (17943 bytes)1863adkcls.JPG (57772 bytes)1863adkmrk.JPG (53985 bytes)1863adkmkr.JPG (53955 bytes)Just In -- Exceptionally nice condition Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.  The blade is clean as can be and is marked "1863 - Ames Mfg. Co. - Chicopee, Mass."  The grip is in nice condition and has original wrap and wire.  The brass guard is in nice condition as well and has 13 notches and the initials "P.M.T."  It appears that "P.M.T." was not to be messed with !!  If you have always wanted a NICE Civil War Cavalry saber to go on your wall - Here It Is !! {Warning -- Could Possibly Be Haunted !!!}--$950.
  67. abtn.JPG (60102 bytes)abtnrev.JPG (76914 bytes)Excavated coat size scarce Confederate "Script "A".  This rare button was recovered from a Confederate Artillery camp a few miles outside Shelbyville where Polk's Corp Artillery was parked for the winter of 1863.  The button has a smooth chocolate brown patina and very nice detail, but does unfortunately have a little push in the center.  It has the shank intact and has the very sought after "Halfmann, Taylor - Montgomery" backmark.  A VERY tough button at a great price because of the little push.--$225.
  68. flag.JPG (43993 bytes)Beautiful condition hand sewn ORIGINAL Civil War Confederate "Stars And Bars" Bible Flag.  These were hand sewn and used as Bible markers at home by wives - mothers - and sisters of Confederate soldiers meaning to show their support for their relatives and the War effort as a whole.  This one measures 4 inches by 7 1/2 inches and is already preservation framed and in beautiful condition.--$2,250.SOLD
  69. 1850ftoff.JPG (14815 bytes)1850ftoffcls.JPG (63606 bytes)1850ftoffeng.JPG (74479 bytes)1850ftoffgrd.JPG (66578 bytes)1850ftoffgrdeng.JPG (51526 bytes)Nice condition Model 1850 Federal Foot Officer's Sword.  The blade has a gently ageing grey/brown patina with visible, clear engraving from top to bottom.  The ornate cast brass guard has a nice aged patina as well, and the grip has original shark skin wrap completely intact.--$450.SOLD
  70. .69 cal. Prussian Musket which was purchased and imported early in the war by the Governor of Ohio for the issue to Ohio troops as they marched off to war in 1861.  These muskets fired an absolutely massive projectile, and they were very quickly found to not be as accurate and serviceable as the smaller cal. Springfield muskets.  Over the years as relic hunters we have learned that when you recover the huge Prussian projectiles that you are certainly in an Ohio camp and could very well be about to recover an "OVM" beltplate.  This particular musket is marked "Potsdam" and dated "1837."  Although the musket was brought in to the shop by a local family, it was learned that the family's ancestry was not unexpectedly out of Ohio.  It has a smooth, dark, uncleaned patina and will display very nicely.--$975.
  71. cutlsgrp.JPG (46314 bytes)Complete and very nice condition original Model 1860 Federal Navy Cutlass brass guard - grip - and pommel cap.  If you have a Model 1860 Navy Cutlass blade only - or a complete one with a missing or badly dented up or damaged brass guard - here is all you need to make it a beautiful sword again.--$250.
  72. Nice condition Civil War Federal Cavalry carbine cartridge box.  The box remains nice and pliable with both belt loops, brass finial, closure strap, original wooden block inside, soldier initials {H.E.F.}, and complete inner leather compartment.  The leather closure tab is complete, but has been reinforced with leather from the back to give it more strength.  This would be a wonderful compliment to display with your Civil War carbine.--$350.SOLD
  73. brlcut.JPG (48470 bytes)brlcutbult.JPG (24303 bytes)An interesting excavated relic -- About a one foot section of a .69 cal. musket barrel that has been cut off - possibly because there is a bullet lodged down in it.  OR -- This was recovered from Wharton's Confederate Texas Ranger camp near Unionville, TN. where we dug several cut off musket barrels [no doubt making shorter carbines for horse back use out of Infantry long rifles].  After cutting the barrels off - the Confederates would then load them up with .36 cal. buck loads.--$45.
  74. csgensrvcebkl.JPG (43064 bytes)Excavated "Arsenal  Produced" Confederate General Service buckle of the exact same style as the plate on page 335 - figure 559 in Lon Keim's book - "Confederate General Service Accoutrement Plates".  This buckle was recovered from private property at the "Second Day's Fighting" at the Battle of Nashville, TN.  It was recovered just off Overton-Lea Rd. at the base of the Brentwood Hills.  Like the one pictured in the book - this example has the small notch for the tongue.--$48.SOLD
  75. 1849cltpckt.JPG (55029 bytes)1849cltpcktrev.JPG (55892 bytes)1849cltpcktmkr.JPG (41139 bytes)1849cltpcktptnt.JPG (66480 bytes)1849cltpcktserl.JPG (45536 bytes)1849cltpcktserl2.JPG (46685 bytes)Nice condition .31 cal. Model 1849 Colt Pocket Revolver.  It has nice clean metal with an all matching serial number {328193} except for the wedge which is an old replacement.  This serial number falls right at the end of the Civil War or possibly just after.  It has nice clear markings - good rifling - and crisp action.  Every collection needs a pretty little Colt Revolver.--$950.
  76. casedcolt.JPG (60883 bytes)casedcoltclsd.JPG (57266 bytes)casedcoltbrl.JPG (41980 bytes)casedcoltmkg.JPG (70071 bytes)casedcoltptnt.JPG (59809 bytes)casedcoltsrl.JPG (38377 bytes)casedcoltsrl2.JPG (53056 bytes)casedcoltsrl3.JPG (56872 bytes)casedcoltsrl4.JPG (53604 bytes)Quite attractive .36 cal. CASED LONDON COLT NAVY MODEL REVOLVER.  The revolver is serial number "38480" and is all matching except for the wedge which is an old replacement.  This is very sought after "early 1850s" production and was very likely "C.S." carried considering that it is extremely early production and surfaced in the deep South.  The revolver is clean with crisp action and some cylinder scene remaining.  The case is in nice condition and is an original Civil War era case.  In the case is an original .36 cal. double cavity Colt bullet mold - an original tin for caps, - and an original brass powder flask.  Any "London" Colt Navy is rare to find, but a CASED London Navy is nothing less than SUPER-RARE to find.--$3,495.
  77. carbine.JPG (13118 bytes)carbinerev.JPG (47497 bytes)carbinelckplt.JPG (49005 bytes)carbinedte.JPG (82294 bytes)Confederate Cavalry used .71 cal. Model 1842 Austrian Cavalry Carbine.  This example is just in out of the local area and has a beautiful NEVER CLEANED attic brown patina.  The lockplate is clearly marked "1852" and it still has "knee deep" 12 groove rifling.  The action still works properly - but the mainspring is very weak.  In over 40 years of relic digging - I have never recovered ammunition for this weapon anywhere except Confederate Cavalry sites.--$1,150.
  78. sewingkit.JPG (75251 bytes)sewingkitrev.JPG (79469 bytes)sewingkitopn.JPG (69533 bytes)Civil War soldier's hand sewn "house-wife".  It is in excellent condition and still has needles - thread - and buttons inside.  This is out of Middle Tennessee - so was very likely Confederate carried.--$150.
  79. 63musician2.JPG (12218 bytes)63musicianopn.JPG (17084 bytes)63musiciancls.JPG (58479 bytes)63musiciandte.JPG (60780 bytes)63musicianmrk.JPG (57181 bytes)Excellent condition Model 1840 Federal Musician's sword and leather scabbard.  The blade remains sparkling bright and is marked "U.S. - 1863 - C. Roby".  The cast brass guard remains in perfect condition with a rich, aged patina, and the leather scabbard is in much nicer condition than is usually the case  and is without one break, repair, or weak spot.  This is a sword that you will never need to "upgrade".--$595.
  80. bayonet1opn.JPG (33085 bytes)bayonet1cls.JPG (34438 bytes)bayonet1tip.JPG (29015 bytes)bayonet1dte.JPG (28058 bytes)bayonet1a.JPG (33802 bytes)Very scarce triangular socket bayonet for the .57 cal. Model 1841 U.S. Percussion Cadet Musket.  Less than 500 of these muskets were produced and intended specifically for use by the West Point Corps Of Cadets.  The bayonet itself is in very nice condition, but the leather scabbard is fragile and is broken right above the brass scabbard tip.  There were only a hand-full of these to begin with - so hardly any at all have survived.  RARE--$425.
  81. ibtnwed.JPG (74112 bytes)ibtnwedrev.JPG (77320 bytes)This could be the absolute nicest excavated coat size "Tennessee Puff Rim" that I have run into.  It was recovered on private property many years ago from Army Of Tennessee 1863 - 1864 winter Infantry camps near Dalton, Ga. by Benny Anderson.  Nothing less than excellent.--$150.
  82. oldengibtn.JPG (75679 bytes)oldengibtnrev.JPG (87634 bytes)Beautiful non-excavated 23 mm {CS175A2} coat size lined manuscript Old English "I".  This is an exceptional example with nice straight shank and "Halfmann & Taylor - Montgomery" backmark.  WOW - This button is pretty!!--$325.
  83. ncstateseal.JPG (30773 bytes)ncstatesealdoc.JPG (45556 bytes)Very nice condition excavated coat size Confederate local North Carolina State Seal button.  This button was recovered by Dwight Nitz and Mike Mancuso in 1979 on private property near Gettysburg, PA.  The reverse is intact and solid with the shank intact.--$195.
  84. missbtn.JPG (54773 bytes)missbtnrev.JPG (66845 bytes)Excavated coat size "Mississippi "I" Confederate uniform button.  This button was recovered on private property near Shelbyville, TN. from the 1863 camp occupied by Walthall's Mississippi Brigade of the Army of Tennessee.  It is very solid with a smooth brown patina and nice detail - But, it does, unfortunately, have a little dent on one point of the star.  The back looks great with shank intact and a "Hyde and Goodrich, N.O." backmark.--$225.
  85. drpwngegl1.JPG (52586 bytes)drpwngegl1rev.JPG (67318 bytes)Excavated coat size Confederate local Staff Officer's button -{CS26B} recovered on private property years ago here at the Battle of Stones River.  It had a couple freeze cracks when recovered that have been professionally stabilized, and the button is solid as can be now.--$195.
  86. guntools.JPG (54115 bytes)Group of 7 assorted musket parts that are either non-excavated or are early pick-ups or recoveries, and still remain in nice enough condition to use on a musket today.  There are {2} .58 cal. Springfield or contract musket breechplugs - one brass Mississippi trigger guard - {1} .58 cal. Springfield trigger guard - one cast brass Enfield nose cap {1} one .69 cal. Model 1816 musket buttplate and {1} cast brass trigger guard to an unknown musket.  A real bargain !!--$195. for all
  87. spencer.JPG (74266 bytes)Beautiful condition excavated complete .52 cal. Spencer Repeating Rifle or Carbine cartridge.  This was recovered on private property at The Battle of Hoover's Gap, TN. where the Spencer Repeating Rifles were used in Battle by Wilder's Lightening Brigade.--$38.
  88. usplatefri.JPG (74727 bytes)usplatefrirev.JPG (71010 bytes)Excellent condition excavated large size U.S. oval cartridge boxplate - recovered 40 to 50 years ago and out of pioneer relic hunter - Bill Gavin's Personal Collection.  Bill is an icon in the relic collecting community, and author of the first definitive book on Civil War Belt Plates.  How cool would it be to have a plate from Bill Gavin's Collection in YOUR collection.--$250.
  89. imgthurs.JPG (75313 bytes)imgthurscls.JPG (77961 bytes)imgthursrev.JPG (80274 bytes)Fully cased 1/9th plate ambrotype of a seated young Confederate soldier in full uniform, and with his Confederate kepi sitting in his lap.  It's rare to find a Confederate image this crystal clear.  We, unfortunately, do not know the identity of this young "Reb." soldier.--$450.
  90. dkrivdrpwng.JPG (68239 bytes)dkrivdrpwngrev.JPG (78584 bytes)Excavated coat size Confederate 
    "Droop Wing Eagle" C. S. Officer's button with sharp detail and a near reflective, slick  chocolate brown patina.  This was recovered about 40 years ago by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property near Chickamauga, GA.  Missing the shank, but about as prettier face as you are going to dig.  Soooo Pretty--$250.
  91. canteen.JPG (56799 bytes)canteenrev.JPG (58352 bytes)canteencrk.JPG (63716 bytes)Very nice condition Model 1858 smooth type Federal canteen complete with butternut cover - stopper - and sling.  This canteen is a rare style that was manufactured at ST. Louis  Arsenal and has the distinctive soldered tin seam spout distinctive to canteens made at ST. Louis Arsenal.  The cover on this canteen doesn't even have one single hole and that is rare to see.--$425.SOLD
  92. flask.JPG (50871 bytes)flaskrev.JPG (53727 bytes)flaskeagle.JPG (68838 bytes)Just in - Rare - Rare - Rare "1832" date flask known to most collectors as the "Rifleman's Flask".  The flask clearly shows use and has a beautiful - never cleaned - rich, aged patina and is marked "1832 - Dingee - New York".  It is out of a Georgia estate and would be a fine addition to any early military collection.--$450.SOLD
  93. saber.JPG (38747 bytes)sabergrp.JPG (63824 bytes)saberopnd.JPG (52597 bytes)Really pretty Model "1840" {Old Wristbreaker} unmarked import Heavy Cavalry saber and scabbard.  Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry sabers were extensively used by both "U.S." and "C.S." Cavalry forces during the American Civil War.  The famous Southern Cavalry Raider - "Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest" carried one as did many in his command.  This example has a nice clean blade - and original wrap and wire on the grip.  It is out of a central Georgia estate - so it is quite probable that it was Confederate carried.  It is about as pretty an example as you are going to see.--$795.
  94. woman2.JPG (76701 bytes)womanwbkle.JPG (21249 bytes)woman2rev.JPG (79686 bytes)VERY cool image - 1/6th plate RUBY AMBROTYPE of a young patriotic Southern Belle.  She is wearing a pretty "off-shoulder" evening gown while at the same time wearing a Model 1840 - 1850 era 2-Piece Eagle Militia Military Buckle.  This is the style Militia Buckle with the Eagle device in the center and the wreath surrounding with 13 stars.  Many years ago I was actually relic hunting with a young man that recovered a buckle of this exact style in an 1863 Louisiana Infantry camp here.  In over 37 years I have only had about half a dozen images of young Southern ladies wearing military buckles to show their patriotism.  The image is clear as can be.--$295.SOLD
  95. nvycapbox.JPG (80191 bytes)nvycapboxrev.JPG (67090 bytes)nvycapboxopn.JPG (54065 bytes)nvycapboxmrk.JPG (88317 bytes)Beautiful condition "1861" date New York Navy Yard Federal Navy Artillery Fuze pouch.  I don't know if this box could be any nicer with VERY crisp marks and remains as pliable as the day it was made.  Nothing less than museum grade.--$425.
  96. usncapbox.JPG (62753 bytes)usncapboxrev.JPG (60622 bytes)usncapboxmrk.JPG (82511 bytes)usncapboxopn.JPG (19811 bytes)Beautiful condition "U. S. N." marked Federal percussion cap box.  The box is "U.S.N." marked on the outside flap and is "R. NECE" maker marked on the inside flap.  This is a rare little box that you seldom see offered for sale - especially not in this exceptionally nice condition.--$250.
  97. Very nice condition 9-inch overall Confederate blacksmith made sideknife in it's original leather scabbard.  Many of the teeth are still visible from the file that the knife blade was made from.  It was on display many years ago in a G.A.R. Hall and actually has a "G.A.R." button inset in the tang of the grip.  We are also including a perfect G.A.R. button of the same type to display with the knife.  A very cool little Confederate relic.--$595. {A Cool Confederate Weapon Priced AT MUCH LESS Than EVEN A Pocket Model Colt !!}
  98. politpnsldr.JPG (77708 bytes)politpnclose.JPG (63058 bytes)Fully cased and clear as a bell 1/6th plate tintype of a Federal soldier wearing a Political Ferrotype around his neck.  Unbelievably - This image is SO CLEAR that you can see that it is a "Douglas - Hershel" Political Pin with Hershel's image facing the camera.  In 40 years, I can't remember ever having an image before that you could make out who was on the political pin.  This is astounding.--$395.
  99. allenrev.JPG (56827 bytes)allenrevrev.JPG (54421 bytes)allenrevmkr.JPG (59167 bytes)allenrevsrl.JPG (43696 bytes)Very RARE and sought after .36 cal. Allen and Wheelock 6-shot Navy Model Revolver.  The metal has a smooth grey-brown patina with markings of "Allen and Wheelock - Worcester - Allen's Pts. Jan. 13 - Dec. 15, 1857".  This revolver was ONLY produced in 1861 and 1862 and with a TOTAL production of only 500 weapons.  One of the few weapons of the Civil War era in which the trigger guard pivots down and becomes the weapon's ramrod.  Very nice condition with a little case color still visible on the hammer and trigger guard.--$1,295.
  100. csacoat.JPG (68439 bytes)csacoatrev.JPG (69776 bytes)Excavated coat size Confederate Officer's "C.S.A." uniform button with the very rare and sought after "S. Buckley - Birmingham" backmark.  This pretty and scarce Confederate officer's button was recovered several years ago on private property near Winchester, VA.--$595.
  101. lbsenfld.JPG (63348 bytes)lbsenfldl.JPG (11694 bytes)Excavated drop .577 cal. Enfield projectile with the raised "L" {London} basemark.  This was recovered here at Stones River and even still has the boxwood base plug with it.--$35.
  102. jbltr.JPG (35896 bytes)jbltropn.JPG (36555 bytes)Nice condition original civilian Civil War letter with cover written from New York on Sept. 16, 1864 by John Bray to his Father - Mr. Joseph M. Bray.  There are several Civil War references and the letter remains in very nice condition in original envelope with cancelled Civil War stamp.  For the price - this is going to display very, very nicely.--$45.
  103. musket2.JPG (16289 bytes)musketbrl.JPG (8910 bytes)musketlckplt.JPG (177345 bytes)musketmrk.JPG (78874 bytes)musketbk.JPG (48683 bytes)Vmusketbkcls.JPG (56003 bytes)musketstar.JPG (61235 bytes) Very, very RARE "Tanner and Co." .69 cal. Leige musket imported by the State of Texas - said to have come up through Mexico and TOTALLY amount to only 264 weapons purchased.  This type weapon is pictured and described on page 196 in  "Confederate Long Arms" by Hill and Anthony.  Some feel that the parts for this musket were imported and that the weapon was assembled in Bastrop, TX.  Others feel that Texas imported the weapon already manufactured, and I tend to personally feel this to likely be the case.  This is a musketoon type weapon with the lug for a saber bayonet.  Less than five examples TOTAL of this weapon are known, and the other known examples are all full length three band muskets that took a standard triangular socket bayonet.  To my knowledge - This is the ONLY existing "musketoon" - "saber bayonet" accepting type weapon known.  I'm betting some "TEXAS" artifact collector is going to want this little jewel.--SOLD
  104. soldrwmskt.JPG (69851 bytes)soldrwmsktrev.JPG (73327 bytes)Crisp - clear CDV size tintype of a standing Federal Infantryman wearing his complete Federal "U.S." belt rig with his U.S. buckle - leather capbox - and leather bayonet scabbard, and has his 3-band rifled musket {with fixed bayonet} standing at his side.  He is wearing a 9 - button Federal enlistedman's frock coat - his kepi - and regulation Federal trousers.  This well equipted young Federal soldier has everything needed to head out to the front.--$395.
  105. labttn.JPG (70115 bytes)labtnrev.JPG (73797 bytes)Absolutely beautiful excavated coat size Confederate Louisiana State Seal uniform button.  This button has 90% bright gold gilt just dripping off of it.  It was recovered from an 1863 Louisiana Infantry camp located on private property near Tullahoma, TN.  On the reverse the shank remains intact, and it has an "Extra Rich" backmark.--$295.
  106. gastatebttn.JPG (62637 bytes)gastatebtnrev.JPG (70609 bytes)"Drop Dead Fine" excavated coat size GA. State Seal Confederate uniform button with 80% bright gold gilt beautifully outlining this button's crisp detail.  It was recovered on private property near Dalton, GA.  the shank is intact on the reverse with a "Horstmann - Allien" backmark.  You will NEVER need to upgrade this one.--$275.
  107. boydbkl.JPG (75540 bytes)boydbklrev.JPG (60510 bytes)boydbklenv.JPG (46847 bytes)boydbklmrk.JPG (78654 bytes)Very sought after beautiful condition excavated large oval "U.S." cartridge boxplate recovered by none other than Sid Kirksis {author of the first major comprehensive book on Civil War Belt Plates} in August of 1956 on private property at the Battle of  Cedar Mountain.  The plate has never even been washed off with green woods mulch still adhering to the front of the plate.  On the reverse it has full lead - both attachment loops are intact - AND is backmarked "Boyd and Sons - Boston".  This beautiful plate still remains in Mr. Kirksis's personal distinctive little brown envelope with all the information written on it.  This plate is nothing short of superb.--$350.
  108. dugcsa.JPG (72954 bytes)dugcsarev.JPG (72510 bytes)Very pretty excavated Tennessee pattern cast brass C.S.A. rectangular waist belt plate.  Beautiful green patina with no cleaning at all.  This plate was recovered in 1984 by Wade Buchanan from private property Polk's Corp winter of 1862 - 1863 camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.  Nice body curve with all three attachment hooks intact.--$2,850.SOLD
  109. lrgegafrme.JPG (61009 bytes)Beautiful condition excavated large size Confederate GA. Frame waist belt plate recovered from "1862 - 1863" Confederate Army Of Tennessee Infantry camps located on private property along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.--$595.
  110. cbutton.JPG (72788 bytes)cbuttonrev.JPG (89279 bytes)Really pretty excavated coat size Manuscript "C" Confederate Cavalry button recovered with a big hunk of butternut uniform still attached to the back.  This button was recovered on private property near Winchester, VA.  It has shank intact and backmark of "Superior Quality".--$450.SOLD
  111. sc50cents.JPG (61961 bytes)sc50centsrev.JPG (60423 bytes)Feb. 1863 "50 cent" note issued by the State Of South Carolina.  These don't come along as often as they once did.--$45.
  112. messplt.JPG (50926 bytes)Regulation issue non-excavated "tinned" Federal soldier's mess plate.  Super nice in a camp scene display.--$75.
  113. csdogrivsbr.JPG (44004 bytes)csdogrivsbropn.JPG (47999 bytes)csdogrivsbrclose.JPG (61583 bytes)csdogrivsbrgrd.JPG (61587 bytes)csdogrivsbrgrp.JPG (57267 bytes)REAL NICE so-called "DOG RIVER" CONFEDERATE MANUFACTURED cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade is clean with absolutely no pitting at all and has the classic hand forged unstopped fuller.  The grip is nicer than usual with complete leather and single strand copper wire.  The scabbard is brass mounted and has a nice crude "lap seam".  Both the scabbard and high copper content brass guard have a rich - never cleaned - 150 year old bronze-brown patina.  A museum grade addition to your Confederate collection.--$3,850.
  114. chicopee.JPG (12469 bytes)chicopeeopn.JPG (18844 bytes)chicopeegrp.JPG (61432 bytes)chicopeedte.JPG (59475 bytes)chicopeemkr.JPG (58884 bytes)Extremely Rare to Find - 1859 date Ames Light Cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade has a pretty aged grey/brown patina and is crisply marked "1859 - Ames Mfg. Co. - Chicopee, Mass.".  The grip has original wrap and wire with just the right amount of wear to know for sure that this saber was actually carried.  The scabbard a dark - chocolate brown - attic patina with several small dings and marks from actual service in the field.  It is well documented that a good number of "1859" date Ames Sabers went South and were Southern carried.  This one came out of a Williamson Co., TN. estate and was very likely "C.S." carried.--$950.
  115. iowaid.JPG (80570 bytes)iowaidrev.JPG (70585 bytes)iowaidbk.JPG (61018 bytes)iowaidbkcls.JPG (78812 bytes)Recently recovered partial very rare lead "IOWA" state pin.  This pin was recovered by Brant Arnold and - as you can see - is actually pictured in the current issue of North - South Trader.  The pin is perfectly fine just as it is "IOW" and {matching it's picture in the North South Trader} OR could be easily restored by the master {Robert McDaniel} to display as nicely as any complete example.  And priced at a fraction of the $850. that complete ones sell for.--only $175.
  116. snydug.JPG (75394 bytes)snydugrev.JPG (67855 bytes)Quite attractive excavated large oval lead filled "S.N.Y." waist belt plate.  This plate was recovered quite a number of years ago and was recovered on private property at Cold Harbor.  When recovered the plate had chipping around a portion of the rim due to ground action deterioration and has been professionally stabilized and restored.  It is now a very good looking plate.--$550.
  117. ppawhks.JPG (69015 bytes)ppawhksrev.JPG (68629 bytes)Excavated set of "Puppy Paw" belt hooks that were recovered from a Confederate camp site here.  We have found that Confederates would quite often melt the belt hooks out of the back of Federal belt plates and wear the "hook device" only as a waist belt buckle {not wanting to wear the "U.S." part}.  This set of hooks was recovered from an Alabama Infantry camp site here.--$48.
  118. amesholt.JPG (12928 bytes)amesholtopn.JPG (19408 bytes)amesholtgrp.JPG (69883 bytes)amesholtgrp2.JPG (61185 bytes)amesholteng.JPG (77225 bytes)amesholteng2.JPG (61997 bytes)amesholtmrk.JPG (60100 bytes)Very Rare PRESENTATION Model 1872 Cavalry Officer's saber and scabbard made by Ames Mfg. Co. - Chicopee, Mass.  The blade is "frosty" bright with the Presentation "Capt. George S. Holt" and the ornate officer's brass mounted scabbard has the full Presentation "Presented To Capt. George S. Holt By Members Of The National Lancers - June 14, 1877".  The grip has full original sharkskin and the very ornate Officer's brass guard retains nearly 100% bright gold gilt.  We haven't had the time to properly research Capt. Holt - so I would be very grateful to hear anything interesting that you guys might learn about him.  It is entirely possible that he could have even seen Civil War service.  What a Beautiful Saber this is.--$1,850.
  119. 1856rem.JPG (11972 bytes)1856rembrl.JPG (29978 bytes)1856remlckplt.JPG (56585 bytes)1856remmrk.JPG (64654 bytes)1856remsght.JPG (48449 bytes)1856remopn.JPG (58384 bytes).69 cal. Model 1816 musket originally produced in flint and in the late 1850s Remington Firearms Co. was given a contract to convert these old out-dated flint muskets to the "then current" Maynard Tape Primer System.  This example has nice metal just starting to gently grey with age and has lockplate markings of "Remington Arms Co. - 1857 - U.S.".  The Maynard Tape Primer System still works perfectly and the musket still has nice deep rifling.  The musket has nice wood and the action still works as well as when it was new.  The musket was rifled and fitted with a long range site by Remington, but the musket was fired in competition in the late 1960s and at that time was equipted with a "more precision" long range site.  This is a nice Civil War Firearm that would - no doubt - still be deadly today.--$1,295.
  120. Private purchase heavy cast brass spur with a crude "Eagle Head" rowel holder.  Most of these that I have seen recovered have been from Confederate sites.  The spur is perfect with it's original rowel intact.--$275.
  121. usswrdeng.JPG (62900 bytes)usswrdeng2.JPG (58944 bytes)Model 1850 Federal "Field and Staff" Officer's sword and scabbard that I do believe has the most "service wear" in the brass ring mount that I have EVER SEEN on a Civil War sword.  It has literally been carried to the point that only a "sliver" remains of what started as nearly a quarter inch ring mount.  If there were a movie about this "Old Warrior's" career - I'd be in line to see it.  This one came out of an Ohio estate sale many years ago.  I 100% guarantee that this sword will stimulate lots of conversation EVERY time folks look at your collection.--$1,150.SOLD
  122. amesnvl.JPG (16498 bytes)amesnvlopn.JPG (21111 bytes)amesnvldte.JPG (68745 bytes)amesnvlmrk.JPG (61891 bytes)Model 1860 Federal Naval Cutlass made by Ames Mfg. Co. and dated "1862".  The blade has a nice aged grey-brown patina and is marked "Ames Mfg. Co. - Chicopee, Mass. - 1862".  The scabbard is very stable and solid, but is missing the last 3 inches or so.  The grip is worn to polished wood in most areas and some leather in other areas.  The massive brass guard is in exceptionally nice condition, and isn't all dented up like they usually are.  Model 1860 Cutlasses have become scarce to find.--$595.
  123. ibtnfri.JPG (77612 bytes)ibtnfrirev.JPG (77879 bytes)Beautiful condition excavated CS173 Confederate 19 mm Lined "I" with "P. Tait and Co. - Limerick" backmark.  This button was recovered many years ago from a Confederate camp on private property near Richmond, VA.  It has crisp detail and the prettiest chocolate brown patina that you are going to see.--$225.
  124. 1863muir.JPG (21855 bytes)1863muirbrl.JPG (28510 bytes)1863usmuirlckplt.JPG (58493 bytes)1863usmuirmkr.JPG (84126 bytes)1863usmuirdte.JPG (72839 bytes)1863usmuirdte2.JPG (72877 bytes)Very sought after .58 cal. William Muir and Co. contract .58 cal. 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The metal is overall clean just beginning to darken with age with lockplate markings of "Wm. Muir - Windsor Locks - 1863 - U.S." and the barrel has a similar patina and has a matching "1863" date.  William Muir had a contract for 30,000 muskets during the years of 1863 and 1864.  The metal has sharp - clear marks and the action is about as crisp as the day it was made.  The original ramrod - long range site - and both sling swivels all remain intact, and it retains lots of original rifling.  The wood is quite nice as well with a visible inspector cartouche still remaining.  Most any Civil War collector would like having this musket on his wall.--$1,650.SOLD
  125. pstlstarrarms.JPG (52924 bytes)pstlstarrarmsrev.JPG (52925 bytes)pstlstarrarmscls.JPG (76101 bytes)pstlstarrarmsmkr.JPG (68446 bytes)pstlstarrarmsptnt.JPG (50442 bytes)pstlstarrarmsser.JPG (69431 bytes)pstlstarrarmscart.JPG (65280 bytes)Nice condition Starr Arms Co. single action Model 1863 Army Revolver.  These revolvers were produced between 1863 and 1865 and only about 32,000 were ever produced.  The revolver has a smooth ageing grey patina with some traces of original finish in the recessed areas.  The serial number is "29102" and has a nice clear inspector cartouche on the grip.  The action works nicely most of the time, but "once in a while" the cylinder doesn't advance.  This is a nicer Single Action Starr than most that come through the shop.--$1,450.
  126. pdrhrn.JPG (45203 bytes)pdrhrncrvg.JPG (50472 bytes)Massive HUGE 1840 era 14 inch long and 3 inches across Powder Horn.  The horn remains in very nice condition and has ornate designs carved into both top and bottom.  Many young Confederates left home in 1861 carrying a Fowling Rifle and a Powder Horn just like this.--$175.
  127. uscrtbxonblt.JPG (51522 bytes)uscrtbxonbltcls.JPG (64203 bytes)uscrtbxonbltopn.JPG (50584 bytes)Complete Civil War issue Federal U.S. belt rig with large size "U.S. Oval" belt plate - original Civil War leather waist belt - and an original Civil War leather percussion cap box.  Every Civil War collection should have an example of a nice complete "U.S." belt rig.--$495.
  128. sprgfldsw.JPG (47612 bytes)sprgfldswrev.JPG (49937 bytes)sprgfldser.JPG (42454 bytes)sprgfldmrk.JPG (42749 bytes)Nice condition 6-shot  Smith and Wesson "No. 2 - Old Model Army" Revolver.  This one is serial number 23542 - which is most desirable 1862 - 1663 production.  The revolver has original Civil War era "cream colored bone like material" grips and is crisply marked "Smith and Wesson - Springfield, Mass."  This revolver is museum quality and would be a fine addition to any Civil War Display.--$1,450.SOLD
  129. offgrdspur.JPG (58152 bytes)offgrdspurcls.JPG (62506 bytes)Beautiful condition high quality private purchase prewar cast brass cavalry spur of a type that were often brought from home and worn by Southern Cavalry officers during the American Civil War.  Just perfect condition.--$275.
  130. uscartbx.JPG (61704 bytes)uscartbxrev.JPG (63099 bytes)uscartbxopn.JPG (59553 bytes)uscartbxmrk.JPG (102982 bytes)Nice looking Model 1864 Federal .58 cal. leather cartridge box.  The box remains strong and pliable with embossed "U.S." and is maker marked "S. H. Young and Co. - Newark".  Both leather belt loops - both iron roller buckles - leather closure tab - and brass finial all remain completely intact.  Every Civil War collection needs a nice original Civil War cartridge box.--$295.
  131. uspltmon.JPG (72055 bytes)uspltmonrev.JPG (69133 bytes)Very sought after EARLY large size lead filled "Puppy Paw Hook" style U.S. oval waist belt plate.  It has a really pretty face - full - lead - and all three hooks intact on the reverse.  We mostly recover these in Federal 1861 and 1862 camp sites.--$275.
  132. bfbrgs.JPG (52047 bytes)bfbrgsrev.JPG (44662 bytes)Nice condition framed LARGE 4 inch by 6 inch original Civil War era albumin photograph of Benjamin Franklin Burgess of Company "D" 107 New York Volunteer Infantry.  B. F. Burgess participated in Shermann's "March to the Sea", but was captured 11-18-1864 at Social Circle, GA.  He was eventually released and was promoted to Corporal.   Burgess remained in the Union Army until the very end and was eventually mustered out on 6 - 5 - 1865.--$295.
  133. sprwed.JPG (46015 bytes)sprwedcls.JPG (68908 bytes)Beautiful condition non-excavated cast brass Cavalry spur of a style generally recovered from Confederate Cavalry camps and does have similarities to the "Mississippi" pattern spurs.  This style spur is thought to be a privately purchased item.--$275.
  134. eagibtns.JPG (75483 bytes)eagibtsrev.JPG (76844 bytes)Very nice condition PAIR of excavated Federal Officer buttons.  One is a nicely gilted Federal "I" Infantry officer's button and the other is a gilted coat size Federal Staff officer's button.--$65. for the pair
  135. eaglebtn.JPG (63201 bytes)eaglebtnrev.JPG (57496 bytes)Really pretty excavated CS-26A Confederate "Drooped Wing Eagle" Staff Officer's button.  This rare button was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property on Missionary Ridge at Chattanooga, TN.  It has a smooth chocolate brown - completely uncleaned patina.--$250.
  136. tool.JPG (75085 bytes)Original folding musket tool correct to display with any of the Models of Springfield or contract percussion muskets.  An excellent compliment to display with your musket.--$65.
  137. 1864hamnd.jpg (46022 bytes)1864hamndscab.jpg (56973 bytes)1864hamndclose.JPG (60214 bytes)1864hamndgrp.JPG (69235 bytes)1864hamndmrk.JPG (61968 bytes)1864hamndmrk2.JPG (55419 bytes)Quite attractive Model 1840 Federal light Artillery Saber and Original scabbard.  The blade has a gently ageing grey-brown patina and is marked "U.S. - 1864 - Ames Mfg. Co. - Chicopee, Mass."  The grip is in good shape with original leather and the wire looks to have been replaced many years ago.  The scabbard is really pretty without even a single dent.  This saber is going to look great on someone's wall.--$895.SOLD
  138. 1861art.JPG (43972 bytes)1861artopn.JPG (47099 bytes)1861artgrd.JPG (60811 bytes)1861artdte.JPG (55126 bytes)1861artmrk.JPG (64586 bytes)Nice looking Federal Model 1840 Light Artillery Saber and Scabbard.  The blade is clean with good clear markings of "U.S. - Ames Mfg. Co. - 1861".  The leather grip was restored many years ago and looks very nice now.  The scabbard is pretty with a smooth aged chocolate brown patina, and just a couple small war-date service dings.--$850.
  139. 20dlrnote.JPG (58127 bytes)20dlrnoterev.JPG (52423 bytes)Nice condition circulated "1863" date Confederate $20. note picturing our current standing State Capitol at Nashville, TN.  This note was found in a family bible during the settling of an estate here in Rutherford Co., TN.--$85.SOLD
  140. uswed.JPG (73118 bytes)uswedrev.JPG (71111 bytes)Drop dead beautiful non-excavated large size U.S. oval cartridge boxplate.  Beautiful "never cleaned" dark bronze/brown attic patina on the face and full lead and both wire loops intact on the reverse and the loops are  2 1/2 inches apart.   If you have a nice cartridge box needing a BEAUTIFUL plate - Here it is.--$250.
  141. drpwng.JPG (69802 bytes)drpwngrev.JPG (68545 bytes)Exceptionally nice condition excavated coat size Confederate local "Droop Wing Eagle" C.S. Staff Officer's button.  Recovered from the 1863 spring camp of the 1st Alabama Cavalry located near "Middleton, TN. {now Midland, TN.}  Crisp detail and smooth brown patina and not a hint of a dent or crack on this excellent button.--$250.
  142. 7canstr.JPG (46447 bytes)7canstrrev.JPG (49186 bytes)This is believed to be the finest excavated BIG 7" canister in private hands.  It was recovered on private property about 30 years ago and is just a SUPER NICE artifact.  We CAN'T ship this one for fear of damaging it.   You will need to pick it up here or we can bring it to the upcoming Franklin Civil War Show.  This jewel is HEAVY !!--$3,500.
  143. 1862sprngfld.JPG (39262 bytes)1862sprngfldbrl.JPG (27365 bytes)1862sprngfldclose.JPG (61096 bytes)1862sprngflddte.JPG (75426 bytes)1862sprngfldmrk.JPG (76494 bytes)1862sprngfldusmrk.JPG (50255 bytes)Considered by many to be the most representative weapon of the American Civil War.  This is the .58 cal. Model "1861" Springfield 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The lockplate is marked "U.S. - Springfield - 1862" and the musket has a thick "never cleaned" attic brown patina from tip to tip.  This musket is out of a Pennsylvania estate sale, and remains just as found.  If you'd like a musket on your wall with LOT'S of stories to tell - This will suit perfectly {and has an excellent chance to have been right there at Gettysburg, PA.--$1,295. 
  144. 1863croby.JPG (40324 bytes)1863crobyscab.JPG (45275 bytes)1863crobyclose.JPG (63134 bytes)1863crobygrp.JPG (48964 bytes)1863crobymrk.JPG (51404 bytes)1863crobymrk1.JPG (54820 bytes)1863crobymrk2.JPG (38068 bytes)Model 1840 Federal N.C.O. {Non-Commissioned Officer} sword in original leather scabbard.  The sword has a beautiful sparkling bright blade and is marked "C. Roby - 1863 - U.S."  The original leather scabbard is in very nice condition - except the brass drag on the end has at some point been lost off.  It isn't uncommon to see loose brass drags offered for sale quite reasonably around the shows.--Only $450.
  145. porthudslngbkl.JPG (71638 bytes)Excavated Federal carbine sling buckle and tip recovered from a Federal Cavalry camp on private property near Port Hudson, LA. about 30 years ago.--$115.
  146. cndlshell.JPG (43691 bytes)Very Cool candle holder made from the top of an exploded  Confederate "wood drive-in fuze" type cannon ball.  This was recovered many years ago on private property near Chickamauga.--$45.
  147. sprswthstrps.JPG (50717 bytes)Beautiful condition non-excavated PAIR of private purchase cast brass spurs of a style that we often recover in Confederate Cavalry camp sites.  This set of spurs are as nice as any that you will see in any museum.--$395. for the pair.
  148. nashhotksnose.JPG (59651 bytes)Excavated 3 inch nose section of a Federal Hotchkiss projectile.  It was recovered many years ago along Leland Lane at the Battle of Nashville, TN.--$125.
  149. csacast.JPG (82411 bytes)csacastrev.JPG (82182 bytes)Excavated coat size Confederate solid cast brass "C.S.A." uniform button.  This was recovered from a Confederate winter camp on private property in central VA.  It remains just as it was dug.--$395.
  150. uspltesat.JPG (78328 bytes)uspltesatrev.JPG (85466 bytes)Beautiful condition excavated large size lead filled "Puppy Paw" hook style U.S. oval waist belt plate.  One of my early Relic Hunting buddies dug this and actually wore it for quite a number of years.  It was recovered near Franklin, TN. and is nice enough to put on and wear today.--$275.
  151. uspltesat1.JPG (67649 bytes)uspltesat1rev.JPG (67856 bytes)Excavated complete lead filled large oval "arrow hook style" U.S. waist belt plate.  This was recovered a number of years ago on private property just off Battery Lane at The Dec. 1864 Battle of Nashville Tennessee.  This one is just as dug and hasn't even really been washed off.--$250.
  152. unioncase.JPG (66572 bytes)unioncasecls.JPG (76244 bytes)unioncasebk.JPG (55756 bytes)Quite rare hanging style ornate gutta-percha case for a 1/6th plate tintype or ambrotype.  It is an "Improved UNION CASE" with an "1859" patent date.  When this case came out of the estate sale some of the corners were chipped, and I have had them professionally restored.  Perfect for your "extra nice image.--$150.
  153. ncmsstrk.JPG (75315 bytes)ncmsstrkrev.JPG (75886 bytes)Beautiful condition excavated SILVERED North Carolina Sunburst button.  This button was recovered by Benny Anderson from 1863 Army of Tennessee camps on private property near Dalton, GA.  It is a real "oddity" in that something was apparently stuck under the die and about 1/3rd of the button is a "mis-strike".  Really unusual in that the button still retains about 80 to 90 % original silver wash.--$175.
  154. 60lghtunmrkd.JPG (44497 bytes)60lghtunmrkdopn.JPG (43952 bytes)60lghtunmrkdgrd.JPG (64952 bytes)Very attractive Model 1860 import light cavalry saber and scabbard.  It has a nice clean unmarked blade, and the scabbard has a rich aged patina with the normal small dings and marks from actual use.  The grip was worn down to wood and has been professionally restored.  The South traded cotton to European countries for these, and considering that this one is out of a Southern estate - it is quite likely that it may have been "C.S." carried.--$595.SOLD
  155. frktnge.JPG (87054 bytes)If you have an excavated large size Confederate "Fork Tongue Frame" waist belt plate missing the tongue -- Here is your chance to complete your Confederate buckle.  This tongue was recovered about 20 years ago by Wayne Tucker from the 1863 camp of Ector's Texas Cavalry located near Shelbyville, TN.  It has a very nice brown-green woods patina.  You won't see one of these per year come up for sale.--$125.
  156. stonrivrbp.JPG (70634 bytes)stonrivrbprev.JPG (71480 bytes)Very attractive excavated circular lead filled Federal eagle breastplate.  It has a nice face with chocolate brown patina - full lead in the reverse and both iron loops intact on the reverse.  This was recovered on private property about 30 years ago at the Battle of Franklin, TN.--$195.
  157. 1859twrlckplte.JPG (70206 bytes)1859twrlckpltecrn.JPG (59821 bytes)1859twrlckplterev.JPG (71324 bytes)1859twrlckpltedate.JPG (67535 bytes)Very - very hard to find when you need one.  Perfect condition early date "1859" Enfield-Tower lockplate and hammer assembly with all the parts intact in the reverse and works perfectly with nice crisp half cock and full cock.  If you have a nice Enfield musket, but with a worn or pitted lockplate - this will make all the difference in the world in the quality of your musket.--$195.
  158. gabttn.JPG (70485 bytes)gabttnrev.JPG (89347 bytes)Pretty chocolate brown excavated coat size Confederate worn Georgia State Seal uniform button.  This button was recovered near New Hope Church, GA.  It has a rmdc "Steele and Johnson" backmark with shank intact.  There is just a little ground action around the edge, but the button remains very attractive, solid, and stable.--$150.
  159. capbx.JPG (75813 bytes)capbxopn.JPG (66562 bytes)capbxrev.JPG (71183 bytes)capbxinsde.JPG (61539 bytes)Regulation issue small leather Federal "Percussion Capbox".  The box is in good condition, but definitely has been carried, and shows expected wear.  The leather closure tab - brass finial - and both belt loops all remain intact.--ONLY $125.
  160. pwderhrn.JPG (54417 bytes)1840 era small 5 inch pistol or rifle powder horn.  Many young Confederates left home for the Civil War carrying a "hunting rifle" and a powder horn exactly like this one.--$65.
  161. Very nice condition original .577 cal. Enfield musket tompion.  A fantastic final touch for your nice Enfield musket.--$65.
  162. 1836prusnbut.JPG (34728 bytes)1836prusn.JPG (29010 bytes)1836prusnclose.JPG (55948 bytes)1836prusncrtche.JPG (88562 bytes)1836prusndte.JPG (45970 bytes)1836prusnmrk.JPG (99018 bytes)1836prusnmrk2.JPG (85098 bytes)1836prusnmrk3.JPG (70109 bytes)1836prusnmrk4.JPG (73494 bytes)Fresh out of a Central Ohio estate sale.  Nice condition .69 cal. 3-band "Prussian Rifled Musket".  It has a very smooth, chocolate brown attic patina with markings of "1826" {on the barrel before conversion to percussion} and date of "1856" {on the lockplate after conversion to percussion}.  The State of Ohio purchased these muskets for their troops as they first left the State of Ohio for the Civil War in "1861".  We always know that we are digging in an early War Ohio infantry camp site when we start digging "Prussian" bullets.  By late 1862 most Ohio Troops had exchanged these old weapons for "up-to-date" .58 cal. rifled Springfield muskets.--$1,150.
  163. spencercart.JPG (81422 bytes)Nice condition excavated .52 cal. Spencer Carbine/Rifle cartridge recovered on private property near Hoover's Gap, TN. and would without question have come from "Wilder's Lightening Brigade".--$38.
  164. 2sabots.JPG (54164 bytes)Two quite large and heavy excavated artillery projectile sabots recovered on private property near Vicksburg, MS.  One is a pretty white lead Hotchkiss sabot, and the other is a massive cast brass Parrott sabot.--$45. for both
  165. carbnslngswvl.JPG (58384 bytes)Original long pattern Civil War "Carbine Snap Swivel" - A very nice example and a great compliment to display with your Civil War Carbine.--$89.
  166. nonrgcav.JPG (41033 bytes)nonrgcav1850.JPG (57522 bytes)nonrgcavclos.JPG (56928 bytes)nonrgcavsk.JPG (73707 bytes)Just brought in out of the local area "1850" date Non-Regulation import Cavalry saber {saber only without scabbard}.  The saber is marked "S & K" - "1850" which is a German import and quite typical of what Confederates in this area were carrying early in the War.  A very affordable piece of history that is going to look great on someone's wall.--$450.
  167. shiloeag.JPG (72336 bytes)shiloeagrev.JPG (67657 bytes)Drop dead beautiful excavated circular Federal eagle breastplate recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram over 40 years ago on private property near Shiloh.  You will not see a more beautiful perfect example.  Flawless face - full lead - and both loops intact and about as strong as when issued.--$225.
  168. shldrstte.JPG (74197 bytes)My congratulations go out to Steve Maloney - a local "Water Hunter" here who a couple days ago made a wonderful find.  This is a cast brass "U. S. Topographical Engineer" bit boss with the "raised shield".   In thirty years I've only had 3 or 4 of these - A VERY rare boss to recover.
  169. priprchasespr.JPG (58500 bytes)Non-Excavated "private purchase" cast brass Civil War Cavalry Spur.  This spur is in beautiful condition with original rowel perfectly intact.  I have recovered several examples of this exact style spur over the years, and each one was in a C.S. Cavalry site.--$195.
  170. Very attractive non-excavated large size "S.N.Y." cartridge boxplate.  The plate has a really nice aged patina and appears to be off an old relic board in that there are two old tack holes that have been solder filled where it was at one time tacked to the relic board.  It has full lead and one of the two iron loops remains intact on the reverse and it has excellent eye appeal in display.--$550.
  171. ustrentonbutt.JPG (31098 bytes)ustrentonbrl.JPG (31668 bytes)ustrentonclose.JPG (57840 bytes)ustrentonname.JPG (88014 bytes)ustrentoncrtche.JPG (90904 bytes)ustrentondate.JPG (74607 bytes)Quite rare and nice condition .58 cal. "New Jersey" marked Trenton 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The metal is nice and smooth - just beginning to darken with age.  The lockplate is marked "U.S.-Trenton-1863" and the barrel is marked "N.J.-1864" which is the standard marking found on New Jersey issued Trenton muskets.  The musket retains lots of rifling, and the action is about as crisp as when issued.  It's wood is very nice with just the normal small dings from actual field service.  This is a nicer musket than most you see now days.--$1,650.
  172. ibut.JPG (64948 bytes)ibut2.JPG (70902 bytes)Really, Really pretty excavated coat size Confederate "Lined I" uniform button.  Solid as a rock smooth woods chocolate brown patina - no dents - no cracks - and shank intact.  This is the way you like to dig them !!--$225.
  173. us.JPG (75825 bytes)usrev.JPG (76338 bytes)Drop dead beautiful excavated large size lead filled "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate.  The plate has an excellent face - full lead - and both wire loops perfectly intact.  This plate was recovered about 40 years ago on private property near Chickamauga by Dr. Rees Buttram.  Plates are not being recovered any more with this level of beauty and perfection.--$225.
  174. rifmnbkl.JPG (77921 bytes)Excavated 4-Piece Rifleman's cast brass buckle missing only one part out of the middle area.  This distinctive buckle was issued with Mississippi Rifles.  The buckle was recovered from the 1862 camp of the 16th Alabama Volunteer Infantry - C.S.A. - located on private property near Shelbyville, TN.--$295.
  175. rfbkle.JPG (67234 bytes)Excavated center portion of a 4-piece Mississippi Rifleman's buckle.  This was recently recovered from the 1862 camp of the 16th Alabama Infantry located along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.--$48.
  176. Model 1860 light cavalry saber and scabbard brought in just a few minutes ago out of this local area.  The blade has a grey-brown aged patina and is marked "Ames Manufacturing Co. - 1862 - U.S."  The grip has original wrap and wire, but clearly shows a lot of field service and is worn through to wood in some areas.  The scabbard has a thick brown aged patina as well.  If you've been looking for a nice early date cav. saber and scabbard that you can clearly see saw lots of actual service in the saddle - Here it is.  It is entirely possible that this saber may have been C.S. carried.--$850.
  177. Fresh out of the bushes rare "Ames" Model 1840 "Old Wristbreaker" Heavy Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.  The blade has a gently aging grey-brown patina with knee deep markings of "Ames Mfg. Co. - Cabotville - 1849 - U.S."  The wrap has original leather and wire and remains in quite nice condition.  The brass guard is perfect with a thick - never cleaned bronze/brown patina.  The scabbard is very nice, as well,  with a couple small service dings and a thick brown patina.  A pretty 1840 Ames "Heavy Cav." is tough to come by and very possibly C.S. carried.--$950.
  178. saddlebag.JPG (59013 bytes)saddlebagmrk.JPG (86349 bytes)1800s era "U.S." marked set of brown leather saddlebags.  The leather remains reasonably pliable, but the saddlebags are separated in the narrow area in the center.  The center could quite easily be stitched back together, and they will display really - really well.--$195.
  179. ucvreunion.JPG (101847 bytes)Rare little pin and ribbon from the 1934 joint Re-Union of the U.C.V. and U.S. sponsored by the American Legion and held at Chattanooga, TN.  The pin pictures LookOut Mountain.--$65.
  180. 2imagegutta.JPG (57990 bytes)2imageguttacase.JPG (76654 bytes)2imageguttamkr.JPG (47132 bytes)2imageguttasldr.JPG (85446 bytes)2imageguttafthr.JPG (78850 bytes)2imageguttapin.JPG (49338 bytes)Excellent condition double cased images of a father and son in a fine "Holmes, Booth, & Hayden" Guttapercha case.  The image of the son is a nice, clear military with a Colt revolver across his chest.  The image of the father is clear as well with a gilted masonic pin clearly visible.  Just a fine condition case and set of images.--$425.
  181. Just in fresh out of a North Alabama estate - nice condition C.S. carried Pre-War single shot percussion pistol in it's brown leather hand stitched Confederate holster.  A beautiful Confederate rig at the price of a "middle-grade" Colt Pocket Model revolver.--$1,250.
  182. sny.JPG (72353 bytes)snyrev.JPG (71311 bytes)Really pretty large size lead filled "SNY" oval waist belt plate.  This plate was recovered from the James River about 30 years ago and has as nicer face as you are going to see.  The reverse has full lead and rusty remnants of the three iron hooks.  The "SNY" letters are very crisp and bold.--$695.
  183. lilapic1.JPG (83855 bytes)lila2poppy.JPG (18033 bytes)lila3asleep.JPG (20264 bytes)lila5profpic.png (771077 bytes)lila5wrapped.jpeg (262144 bytes)lila4andmomhosp.JPG (141046 bytes)lila6reaction.JPG (23590 bytes)lila7goodmorning.jpg (65573 bytes)lila8happytues.jpg (59827 bytes)lili10pinksocks.JPG (26317 bytes)lila11withana.JPG (27622 bytes)lili12cheerldr.JPG (93658 bytes)savannahcheer.JPG (36520 bytes)lila13easterbunny.JPG (118941 bytes)lilasheep.JPG (27660 bytes)lilasthrnbell.JPG (28647 bytes)Meet "Lila Magnolia Blackwelder" !!!  She is my daughter - Savannah Cynthia and her husband - Luke Blackwelder's first child.  She was born December 4, 2013 at 3:25 pm weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long.  She was born with a head full of dark brown hair and a fine set of lungs.  She has a wonderful disposition, and loves to smile and giggle.  I plan to do my best to spoil her beyond belief !!!!
  184. annasoccer.JPG (39064 bytes)poppyana&rachJPG.JPG (253237 bytes)anastasiaschool.JPG (25834 bytes)NEW PICTURE !!!  Guess who is celebrating 1 year old today ??  Yep -- "Lady A - Anastasia" .  I  just got back from Houston, TX. visiting my first "Grandchild - Lady-A" {Anastasia}.  She is an absolute little doll and has everyone wrapped around her tiny, little finger.  She has arrived at the conclusion - "If I'm awake, somebody best be holding me if you know what's good for you" -- {otherwise I'll give you the business} !!!  She and I have a lot in common -- Two of our favorite things on earth to do is "Eat and Sleep" !!!!  Jonathan {the pup} is a wonderful "Big Brother" -- As a matter of fact - He has a little sweater that has "Only Child" crossed out and "Big Brother" written beneath it.  She is something like 11 months old and already weighs 23 lbs. -- Texas thing I'm told !!!   {Make that "2 YEARS" old now !!!!}  WOW --- Time sure gets away !!!!
  185. Drop dead beautiful excavated coat size excavated Confederate "Lined A" Artillery button.  This button was recovered many years ago from the Confederate "Artillery Park Camp" located 4 miles outside Shelbyville, TN. on the Lewisburg Pike.  This camp was occupied by the Artillery of Polk's Corp - Army of Tennessee in March - April, 1863.  It has a smooth slick brown patina - no dents, and shank intact.--$395.
  186. Scarce excavated large size lead filled regulation Federal Cavalry "Martingale Heart".  This was recovered here at Stones River and had a little rim damage when found.  The fragile area has been stabilized and the heart now displays very nicely.--$395.SOLD
  187. 1992 Printing of "Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment" by Dr. Gordon Dammann.  This is a very useful reference book.--$25.
  188. Beautiful condition and one of less than 20 known - excavated smooth "Artillery Style" Confederate wreath for the Leech and Rigdon "Artillery Type" 2-Piece "C.S." saber belt plate.  This was recovered by Nationally known Relic Hunter - Mr. John Marks - out of Eastport, MS.  When the right Leech and Rigdon "C.S." tongue comes along --- Talk about having a SUPER RARE AND BIG DOLLAR "C.S." 2-piece saber belt plate.  {Rarity 9}--$895.
  189. Civil War outdoor albumin photograph showing a camp scene with a number of visible soldiers, tents, weapons, and even uncleaned fish no-doubt for supper that night.  It remains in a very old frame.  The image has faded and is somewhat light, but everything is still visible - even the fish !!!--$350.
  190. "1862" date Federal Model 1860 Navy Cutlass in original black leather scabbard.  The blade is clean with really no pitting at all, but the markings are worn a bit dim.  The brass guard is in nice shape -- {not all bent up like they so often are} and the leather is 100 % intact on the grip.  There is no wire on the grip as is generally the case.  The leather scabbard is in good condition, but is missing the last 3 inches or so.  All in all -- a very attractive example of the Model 1860 Navy Cutlass at a great price.--$795.SOLD
  191. niagraindenture.JPG (51191 bytes)niagraindenture1.JPG (45786 bytes)niagraindenturecnty.JPG (54797 bytes)niagraindentureday.JPG (64940 bytes)niagrandenturesignatures.JPG (53132 bytes)niagraindentureyear.JPG (64940 bytes)This is an item that I've never had before and dates well before the Civil War.  It is a double side glass framed Indenture dated 1814 and bargaining to sell 85 acres of land in Niagara, New York to Elisha Clark for the sum of $224.25.  Each signature on the document has applied seals.  This is a cool early Niagara, NY item and in very nice condition.--$195.
  192. Beautiful condition non-excavated gilted coat size Confederate "Droop Wing" officer's button.  This is a "CS-5" with a "Treble Gilt" backmark.  You couldn't ask for a nicer example.--$250.
  193. baynet.JPG (46677 bytes)baynetclose.JPG (45781 bytes)Nice condition .69 cal. Model 1816 friction fit triangular socket bayonet.  The "U.S." markings on this bayonet are deep and sharp, and the bayonet has literally no pitting at all.  Now -- the bad news -- At some point long, long ago the bayonet was shortened about an inch or so and perfectly re-tipped.  My guess is that somehow the tip got broken, and re-tipping was needed.  It's a very nice looking bayonet and will really set off someone's Model 1816 musket, and a BARGAIN because of being shortened just a bit.--$125.
  194. ibutton.JPG (60337 bytes)ibuttonrev.JPG (81252 bytes)Excellent condition non-excavated coat size Confederate Lined "I" uniform button.  This is a "CS172A1" with Superior Quality backmark.  It has near 100% bright gold gilt and shank intact.--$275.
  195. ibttnwed.JPG (89820 bytes)ibttnwedrev.JPG (93063 bytes)Excavated coat size rare "Tennessee Puff Rim" Confederate Infantry button.  This button was recovered about 40 years ago on private property near Chickamauga, GA. by Dr. Rees Buttram.  The button is just as dug - hasn't even been washed off.--$115.
  196. mandmbook.JPG (35833 bytes)mandmmason.JPG (32411 bytes)mandm69.JPG (26789 bytes)mandmcpyrght.JPG (27192 bytes)RARE - RARE - RARE "FIRST ISSUE"  MCKEE AND MASON CIVIL WAR BULLET REFERENCE BOOK.  This is book number "69" of the first 500 Registered issue in "1971" and is signed by Mac Mason.  A TRUE CIVIL WAR COLLECTOR RARITY.--$150.
  197. 1863lg&ybutt.JPG (36079 bytes)1863lg&gbrl.JPG (30236 bytes)1863lg&yclose.JPG (51639 bytes)1863lg&ydte.JPG (80932 bytes)1863lg&yname.JPG (47127 bytes)Fresh out of the attic "1863" date .58 cal. "L.G.&Y. - U.S. - Windsor, VT."  1861 "Special Model" Percussion Rifled Musket  The musket has a very nice "never cleaned" smooth chocolate patina on the metal from tip to tip.  The wood is nice as well with just the normal small dings and marks of actual field service.  The action is as crisp as the day it was made, and it retains lots of original rifling.  Anyone would be proud to have this rare musket in their collection.--$1,650.SOLD
  198. Nicely sectioned 12 lb. Bormann "case-shot" ball.  The ball is perfectly cut to beautifully show the Bormann underplug - the powder channel - the lead case-shot balls - and the matrix for holding the case-shot balls in place.  Excellent educational tool for showing how explosive Civil War ordnance worked.--$250.SOLD
  199. Fresh dug 3 inch Percussion fuzed Hotchkiss projectile recovered by my buddy - Kent Wall - along Tyne Blvd. which is 2nd Days Fighting at the 1864 Battle of Nashville, TN.  The cup wasn't with the shell when found - just an extra one I had and am including for better display of the projectile.  I have drilled it, but you get the "fun" to clean it to your own taste.--$250.
  200. Excavated large oval S.N.Y. ( State of New York) waist beltplate.  This buckle was recovered about 20 years ago near Cold Harbor, VA.  The face does have a little ground action, but has a nice appearance with brown green patina.--$595.
  201. buttonthurs.JPG (80752 bytes)buttonthursrev.JPG (68158 bytes)Recently excavated GILTED Federal Infantry Officer's Eagle "I" button.  This was recovered on private property along the Battle Line at the Nov. 30, 1864 Battle of Franklin, TN.--only $35.
  202. uspltewed.JPG (72918 bytes)uspltewedrev.JPG (66844 bytes)Beautiful condition non-excavated lead filled U.S. oval cartridge boxplate.  The cartridge box itself was found in the attic of an old PA. home, and it had just about completely fallen apart, and the plate has a beautiful - never cleaned - chocolate brown patina.  It has full lead and both iron loops remain perfectly intact and are located 2-5/8s inches apart.--$295.
  203. shoespkes.JPG (59049 bytes)1800s era blacksmith forged antique "ice creepers" that are of the exact type often worn on boots by Civil War soldiers serving in colder climates.  You could still use these today.--$95.
  204. woundedcnfedsldr.JPG (100452 bytes)woundedcnfedsldrcase.JPG (75046 bytes)SUPER RARE 1/9th plate "Ruby Ambro." of a WOUNDED Civil War soldier on crutches.  In almost 40 years I've only had 3 of these.  The image is clear as a bell.--$395.
  205. gltus.JPG (47005 bytes)gltusrev.JPG (40839 bytes)Excellent condition non-excavated rare GILTED large size lead filled U.S. oval waist belt plate.  Beautiful face with full lead in the reverse and all three hooks intact.--$275.
  206. Civil War era brass cased 2-blade bleeder recently found in the attic of an old Civil War era home here in Middle Tennessee.  A very nice addition to your Civil War "Medical Display".--$95.
  207. Very Cool little Confederate infantry grouping out of North Alabama.  The group consists of a quite rare .69 cal. prewar leather cartridge box - complete with excellent condition "upside down" large size "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate {upside down "U.S." becomes "S.N." which {in the South} means "Southern Nation"} complete with the tins still inside, BUT the tins are for .58 cal. and one of the original .58 cal. cartridges was still inside.  The rare Confederate manufacture dark brown leather belt is still with the box as well.  Also, the original butternut wool covered Model 1858 "Bullseye" canteen is with the group and still has the old brown leather  Confederate sling with it.  And possibly the coolest piece of all is an absolutely beautifully written {in old brown ink} 29 page manuscript document honoring  "The Mothers of The Confederacy" and pleading to have a monument built to them.  I really don't know if this monument was actually ever constructed or not.  I do know some family history, but am not certain which soldier these items actually belonged too.  With some digging that could likely be unraveled.  Very nice relics clearly demonstrating how many a Confederate soldier's Civil War equipment was actually "pre-Civil War" outdated Federal equipment.--$1,650. for all--SOLD
  208. bullseyecntn.JPG (55291 bytes)bullseyecntnmrk.JPG (42056 bytes)Just brought in out of the local area and likely a left-over from the Battle of Stones River.  This is a 9-ring Model 1858 Federal "Bullseye" canteen and has a Philadelphia maker's mark.  A nice solid artifact.--$195.
  209. usplate.JPG (71516 bytes)usplaterev.JPG (59091 bytes)Excavated large oval lead filled "U.S." cartridge boxplate.  This plate was recently recovered here at the Battle of Stones River.--$125.
  210. dgrivrcs.JPG (47599 bytes)dgrivrcsopn.JPG (51370 bytes)dgrivrcsclose.JPG (51936 bytes)dgrivrcsgrd.JPG (59850 bytes)dgrivrcsgrp.JPG (54151 bytes)"Dog River" Confederate Manufactured Cavalry saber and original brass mounted C.S. scabbard.  The blade has the classic C.S. "unstopped fuller" and has a pretty gently greying aged patina and practically no pitting at all.  The grip is original and is 100% still intact, and the high copper content "red brass" guard has a super nice rich aged bronze patina just like we all love to see.  The scabbard is purely C.S. manufacture with lap seam and is brass mounted.  The scabbard has a never cleaned thick "attic brown" patina from top to bottom, and there is nice service wear inside the ring-mounts.--$3,650.
  211. eglewthbag.JPG (57025 bytes)eglewthbagrev.JPG (48109 bytes)SUPER - SUPER RARE to find for sale now.  This is an actual beautiful condition Federal eagle breastplate recovered in Aug. 1965 by Sid Kirksis at Eastport, TN. AND STILL IN SID'S DISTINCTIVE little storage packet.  As most of you know - Sid Kirksis was the author of the first major book on belt plates of the American Civil War.  This plate is an absolute beauty to boot.--$350.
  212. Large 1/4th plate fully cased image of a "State Of New York" Infantry soldier.  This is a full standing pose tintype with his Springfield musket at his side and wearing a large size "SNY" {State Of New York} waist belt plate with his cap box visible as well.  The image is cased in a rare large size Gutta Percha case that is in good condition but does have a chip off one corner.  It's been ages since I've had a tintype of a soldier wearing an S.N.Y. waist belt plate.--$475.SOLD
  213. kepi.JPG (55517 bytes)kepibklsde.JPG (74627 bytes)kepibttnsde.JPG (66955 bytes)kepibttnclse.JPG (70821 bytes)1870s to 1880s era Artillery State Militia kepi.  The kepi is in very nice condition with bright, vivid colors, and actually has Civil War era kepi eagle buttons.  Both the original liner and the original sweat band still remain intact.  It is going to display with museum like beauty.--$450.SOLD
  214. Quite rare State Of Alabama Civil War Date $100. note printed at Montgomery, AL. in Jan. 1864.  This is one that you don't see everyday.  The note is circulated, but remains complete and sound.--$135.
  215. pliers.JPG (53121 bytes)Excavated pair of blacksmith forged pliers.  It was recovered over 40 years ago and has been cleaned up to operate and look exactly like it did during the Civil War.  The pliers were recovered from a Confederate 1862 camp here at Stones River.--$48.
  216. Really cool tiny little reunion canteen bearing the slogan "We Drank From The Same Canteen".  It's been years and years since I've seen one of these but if memory serves me right - This little canteen is from a famous {joint} "UCV - GAR" Reunion.  I can't remember when - where - or any of the details but I'm sure one of my good reunion buddies will send me the "scoop".  Anyway -- It's--$195.
  217. Very pretty excavated stamped brass "Hardee Eagle Hat Pin" recovered on private property here at Stones River several years ago by Danny Hammonds.  Danny recovered this hat plate about 600 yards from our shop here and where I am sitting right now !!!--$150.
  218. Nice condition and well marked .69 cal. Model 1816 friction fit triangular socket bayonet.  This would be just the item to compliment your .69 cal. Model 1816 musket display.--$195.
  219. Untouched attic chocolate brown .58 cal. Springfield triangular socket bayonet.  This would be the perfect compliment to complete your "attic untouched" .58 cal. Springfield or contract 3-band rifled musket.--$195.SOLD
  220. Really pretty excavated "P" base .577 cal. Enfield projectile recovered on private property here at Stones River many years ago.--$28.
  221. Excavated scarce "Pointed Nose" Maynard cartridge recovered years ago from Wilson's Federal Cavalry position at the Dec.- 1864 Battle of Nashville, TN. - Second Day Fighting.--$48.
  222. Quite scarce .58 cal. "Providence Tool Co." - 1863 date Model 1861 3-band contract rifled musket.  This musket shows clear signs of having really been carried A LOT.  The metal has a smooth dark, attic brown patina with lockplate markings of "Providence Tool Co. - Providence, R.I. - 1863".  The markings are all visible, but worn down quite a bit from use.  The wood shows lots of use as well with corners rounded and all the normal bumps and bruises of a carried weapon.  The inspector's cartouche is worn, but you can still faintly make it out.  It is missing the rear sling swivel and has a "home grown" rear site.  This is a good, honest rare contract Civil War musket that without question "Saw The Elephant".--$1,150.
  223. This is one of the best and most sought after of all excavated relics reference books and has been out of print forever.  This is "Excavated Artifacts From Battlefields and Campsites of the Civil War" by Stanley Phillips.  It remains in very nice condition.--$115.SOLD
  224. Excavated nice condition Leech and Rigdon style Confederate Manufactured Cavalry Spur recovered from Spring Hill, TN. on private property in areas that Forrest's and Van Dorn's Confederate Cavalry were camped in 1863.--$275.
  225. Absolutely beautiful condition non-excavated .69 cal. Model 1816 triangular socket bayonet.  It has a deep, sharp "U.S." mark and will be a perfect compliment to your .69 cal. Model 1816 musket.--$195.
  226. Nice looking Model 1840 Federal Artillery saber and scabbard.  The blade is clean just beginning to darken in areas with age.  It is marked "Ames Mfg. Co. - 1864 - U.S. - Chicopee, Mass." and does have several blade to blade nicks up and down it's length.  The scabbard is in good condition as well, also beginning to darken in areas with age.  This is a good solid, attractive, middle grade example.--$850.
  227. Very pretty condition original Confederate Feb. 17th, 1864 Jeff Davis $50. note.  Note is circulated, but bright colors and strong edges.--$95.SOLD
  228. Pretty excavated circular lead filled Federal eagle breastplate.  This was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram many, many years ago on private property near Chickamauga, GA.  It has a crisp face - full lead - and one of the two iron attachment loops remaining intact.  This is a nicer eagle breastplate than is typically being recovered now.--$175.
  229. Non-Excavated cast brass keeper for a Model 1851 Eagle Sword Belt Plate.  This keeper fits a buckle that is 2 1/8th inch in overall width and took a belt 1 7/8ths in width and had a tongue from 1/2 inch to 9/16ths in width.  It's really hard to find a keeper "that fits" to finish an eagle sword plate out.--$45.
  230. Excavated complete .50 cal. Gallagher carbine cartridge.  This one was recovered about 30 years ago from the Federal Cavalry Head Quarters camp located near Pump Springs, AL. and is a cartridge that is rarely recovered anymore.--$65.SOLD
  231. Nice quality excavated large size "U.S." oval arrow hook Federal waist belt plate.  This was recovered here at Stones River about 30 years ago by Gordon Summar.  The buckle is solid and strong enough that I feel sure that you could still wear it.--$250.
  232. Quite rare 2nd grip pattern "Bleckmann" Model 1860 Federal light cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade is in nice condition just beginning to darken with age. The grip is very nice with complete original wrap and wire, and the scabbard is equally nice also just starting to darken with age.  You really don't see this pattern "Bleckmann" for sale very often and their distinctive mark is clear as can be.--$850.
  233. Scarce "Western Theater" produced "Lee and His Generals" C.D.V.  It has the rare "A. S. Morse - Photographer - Dept. of the Cumberland - Nashville, Tenn." backmark.--$275.
  234. Rarest of the rare excavated silvered oak leaf "Lt. Col." shoulder strap insignia.  It is in beautiful condition and was recovered in the early 1970s near Brandy Station, VA. by Chuck Sykes.  In 35 years I have only had 3 of these - so how scarce is that ??--$395.
  235. canteenwostpr.JPG (52072 bytes)Model 1858 Federal "Bullseye" canteen with original cover.  It was recently purchased out of a North Georgia estate sale and has a "Philadelphia" maker's mark on the pewter spout.  You can clearly tell from the wear pattern on the wool cover that this canteen was actually carried.--$295.
  236. Excellent condition non-excavated coat size Confederate "Script I" {Infantry} Uniform Button.  It is just loaded with gold gilt and has shank straight and intact.  The reverse is plain.--$225.
  237. Fresh out of an Ill. estate sale - Really pretty attic untouched Model 1860 Federal Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.  The blade is clean just starting to turn grey-brown with age and is marked "U.S. - 1864 - Mansfield and Lamb".  The brass guard is perfect with a patina nearly as brown as an excavated example.  It has complete original wrap and wire on the grip and the twisted brass wire is almost brown in color now.  The scabbard is nice without a single dent and it also has a rich, thick, brown patina covering it.  If you enjoy an artifact with a pretty - never cleaned - aged patina, you'll really like this one.--$895.
  238. Very nice condition excavated coat size Confederate "Droop Wing Eagle" C.S. Staff Officer's button.  This is a scarce "CS26A" and was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram about 40 years ago on private property near Chickamauga.--$195.
  239. Really pretty "1840 - 1850" era percussion long rifle of the type commonly used in the South for hunting or competition shooting prior to the Civil War and were often carried off to War by many young Confederates when they first left home for the  War in early 1861.  This one has an ornate brass patchbox and quite a bit of brass and silver inlay - is about .45 cal. and has a very thick, heavy barrel.  Talk about looking sweet over the fireplace in a nice den or study.  It is nearly identical to the one picture on page 137 -Gettysburg Relics and Souvenirs - by Mike O'Donnell.--$895.SOLD
  240. Just dug out of a lawn here at Stones River.  Coat size Confederate "Droop Wing Eagle" Staff Officer's button.  Solid as a rock with a pretty chocolate brown patina recovered from private property along the first day fighting Confederate line position along Old Wilkinson Pike.  This would be Dec. 31, 1862 fighting.--$175.
  241. Last Thursday was absolutely beautiful and 67 degrees.  My daughter - Savannah - and I decided that it was a perfect day to play "Hooky" and go relic digging instead of opening the shop.  I had found a small Union camp a few weeks earlier and we decided to see what was there.  We got several bullets - a coat size eagle "I" button - and then I got this nice clear "80" reading on the scale.  At 14 inches deep and under several big roots was a beautiful early style - lead filled - "U.S." oval.  Notice the oval "ghost" where it has been laying for the last 150 years.  Savannah now has it in her display case to remember the experience !!!!!  {If a guy could bottle the rush that you get from digging a Civil War belt plate - It would put Cocaine right out of business !!!}
  242. I tried to get Rocky to smile, but all he wanted to do was eat and drink !!!!!!!
  243. Isn't this guy beautiful - almost neon green.  He came up while bullet digging today as if to say - " Hey Man - Digging Anything ??"
  244. Check out my new "Best Friend" !!!!  When I feed him - It's like he says "I Love You Man !!!!"
  245. My "Free Kitten" with every purchase promotion is winding up BUT My Free "Baby Raccoon" with every purchase is just getting started !!!  {I have 2 Moms and a total of 7 baby Raccoons !!!!}
  246. Very nice 1/6th plate fully cased full standing view of a Union Cavalryman.  He is well equipted with his Colt revolver on one side and his cavalry saber presented on the other.  The image has good clarity, but does have a few small scratches here and there, but they don't affect the image subject.  The case itself is a beautiful brown patriotic gutta percha with a large shield filled with stars on both front and back.  This is a really nice image.--$450.SOLD
  247. Quite rare CDV picturing 14 individuals that were the leadership of the Confederacy and are labeled the, "Confederate Head."  Some of the individuals pictured are Jeb Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, Earl Van Dorn, NB Forrest, Leonidus Polk, and others.--$195.
  248. Perfect condition excavated .52 cal. dropped "Whitworth like" projectile.  This was recovered from one of Gen. Hood's Sharpshooter positions at the "Battle of Nashville".  It is a long bullet that looks just like a cylindrical Whitworth, but just a slightly bigger caliber.  I have been told that this was used in a "Greene Rifle" - but I'm not sure.  It is unquestionably of Sharpshooter nature.  We find these projectiles and actual .45 cal. cylindrical Whitworths in the same areas.--$25.
  249. Quite ornate non-regulation Model 1850 Federal Field and Staff Officer's sword and scabbard.  The blade is darkening with age, but easily visible engraving remains. The guard is iron and quite ornate with the "cut-out eagle and U.S. and E. Pluribus Unum".  The original leather grip remains intact in some areas and is worn through to polished wood in other areas.  The scabbard has a thick brown aged patina and several small dents from use.  A nice honest example that has clearly "seen the elephant".--$850.
  250. Very attractive and quite rare "1849" date "Sprague and Marston" .31 cal. 6-shot Pepper Box revolver.  The revolver has a smooth dark attic patina with lots of remaining engraving.  The action works sometimes and doesn't sometimes.  You see Pepper Box revolvers of this type being carried in many Civil War images.--$695.SOLD
  251. Excavated 3-inch Federal Hotchkiss projectile recovered by Guinn Coble from Columbia/Spring Hill, TN. area {prelude to The Battle Of Franklin, TN.}  The projectile was missing the lead sabot when it was recovered and Guinn molded one back in place for display {and it looks excellent}--only $195.SOLD
  252. Very nice condition excavated TINY silvered South Carolina State Seal kepi button.  There is pretty silver remaining outlining the motif and the shank is intact.  You have to be really paying attention and listening or you'll miss this little gem.  This button was recovered about 30 years ago from private property near Chickamauga, GA.--$175.
  253. Circulated, but very attractive and sound as can be - Lucy Pickens - Feb. 17th, 1864 - $100. Confederate note.--$125.
  254. Coat size non-excavated Federal Navy button.  "Waterbury" backmark and shank intact.--$45.
  255. Beautiful condition excavated coat size Federal eagle "I" Infantry officer with lots of original gold gilt.  This was recovered on private property at Shiloh many, many years ago.--$38.
  256. Attractive and solid condition Model 1855 .58 cal. Federal leather cartridge box.  The box has leather closure tab - both iron roller buckles - brass finial - both leather belt loops - and inner compartment - all still intact.  It is maker marked "Dingee - New York".--$275.
  257. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$45.
  258. Beautiful condition excavated coat size New York state seal button.  The button was recovered in the late 1960s by Dr. Rees Buttrum from the camp of Gen. Joseph Hooker's troops located near Tiftonia, TN.  The button is perfect with shank intact and lots of gold gilt remaining.--$35.
  259. Excellent condition excavated coat size Federal eagle Staff Officer's button.  It has crisp detail and the eagle is surrounded by gold gilt.  This was recovered about 40 years ago on private property near Chickamauga.--$38.
  260. Group of flattened bullets and a button used by soldiers for poker chips or game pieces.  These were recovered many years ago from private property near Shiloh.--$30. for all
  261. Beautiful condition excavated gilted coat size Federal Infantry Officer's button.  This button has a "Goddard" backmark and was recovered about 40 years ago on private property near Shiloh.--$38.
  262. Nice condition  Sept. 2, 1861 rare "Floating Sail Ship" Confederate $20. note.--$65.
  263. Now here is an item that you don't see offered for sale every day.  It is an "1842" printing of "The History Of America" in GERMAN and was presented to a soldier in "1864".  The book remains in very nice condition.--$95.
  264. Excavated drop .69 cal. triangle base French Minie.  This was recovered near Readyville, TN. from Gen. Breckenridge's Nov. 1862 Army of Tennessee Confederate camp there occupied just before the Battle of Stones River.  This is one of my favorite bullets to dig.--$35.
  265. Very attractive Model 1858 "smooth type" Federal canteen.  The canteen shows actual wear from use and the pewter spout is marked "M.V.M." -- likely Massachusetts Volunteer Militia.  Every collection needs a nice original Civil War canteen.--$195.
  266. Excavated coat size rare pattern {C.S.-26B} Confederate "Drooped Wing Eagle" Staff Officer's Button.  This is a local with chocolate brown patina and a little gold gilt.  It was recovered from Gen. Lucius Polk's 1863 Brigade winter camp located near Tullahoma, TN.--$195.
  267. Excellent condition non-excavated soldered seam Civil War tinware camp bucket.  This item would display wonderfully in a camp scene exhibit.--$85.
  268. Very nice condition original "1864 dated" unopened packet of Frankfort Arsenal 5 Second Artillery Fuzes--$95.SOLD
  269. Excavated coat size Confederate local Louisiana State Seal uniform button.  This button was recovered about 40 years ago by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property near Chickamauga, GA.  It has good detail with a dark brown patina and a little gold gilt left in the recessed areas.  The iron shank is rusted away, and only rusty remnants remain.  Confederate local manufactured State Seal buttons are scarce to recover.--$195.
  270. Really cool original Civil War candle holder display.  I have mounted an original Civil War iron candle holder onto a piece of exploded Civil War cannon shell and put a candle in place for display.  Talk about a nice Civil War desk display item !!  The candle holder was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram from private property near Shiloh in the early 1960s--$48.
  271. Rather scarce original Confederate June 2, 1862 "Sailing ships" One Dollar note.  The note is attractive, will display well, and reasonably sound, but quite circulated with a couple little holes.  Bargain priced for this hard to get note.--$48.50
  272. Fresh out of the ground !!  Coat size Virginia State Seal button just recovered from a Confederate camp site located near Richmond, VA.  It hasn't been cleaned up at all, but you can already see pretty gold gilt showing through the dirt and patina here and there.  "Horstmann & Sons" backmark.--$150.
  273. Beautiful condition non-excavated coat size Civil War era Wisconsin State Seal Button.  This is a three piece staff with nice gold gilt, shank intact, and "Scovill" backmark.--$225.
  274. Just brought in out of our local area Model 1840 import "Old Wrist Breaker" Heavy Cavalry Saber in original metal scabbard.  Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Sabers were extensively used by both US and CS Cavalry forces during the American Civil War.  The famous Southern Cavalry leader Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest carried one as did many in his command. The blade has a smooth aging grey brown patina with the "Knight's Head" proof mark. The grip has some leather remaining, but it is mostly worn down to wood.  The brass guard has a rich aged never cleaned bronze patina and is in very nice condition.  The metal scabbard is in good condition as well, but does have some dings and marks from actual field service.--$695.
  275. Very rare extra "Hi-Base" 69 cal. French Dragoon triangle base projectile.  This is a nice drop , but does have a worm hole in the very top.  It's been ages since I've had one of these - This one was recovered near Corinth, Miss.--$85.
  276. Attractive excavated large size "U.S." oval lead filled cartridge boxplate.  This was recovered on private property at Chickamauga several years back.--$150.
  277. Excavated 3-inch Federal Hotchkiss projectile.  This projectile was recovered at Port Hudson, LA. and is complete with nose - brass fuze - cup - and lead sabot.  The shell has been cleaned, coated, disarmed, and is ready for display.--$250.
  278. Excellent Condition Non-Excavated large coat size Gilted Eagle "I" - Federal Infantry Officer's Button.  It has 100% bright gold gilt with a " Waterbury" backmark.-- $38.
  279. Excellent condition non-excavated coat size "V.M.I." {Virginia Military Institute}.  It has virtually 100% bright gold gilt on the face - shank intact - and Civil War era "Evans in the ribbon" backmark.--$195.
  280. Attractive .69 cal. Potsdam musket dated "1826".  This one is out of an Ohio estate sale and has a smooth uncleaned attic patina.  A good number of these were purchased by the Governor of Ohio to arm troops from the state in early 1861 - some are even "OHIO" marked, but this one is unmarked.  The Ohio guys quickly realized that the rifled .58 cal. Springfield muskets were much better and more accurate and these ancient old muskets were soon replaced.  Confederates were also able to get some of these, and they used them until they were able to get the much superior and preferred .577 cal. Enfields.  This is a nice looking "early Civil War" weapon.--$895.
  281. Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.  The blade has an aging grey brown patina with markings of ?Mansfield and Lamb-1864- US? The grip has original wrap and wire with just a couple old age cracks.  The iron scabbard is in nice condition with a smooth chocolate brown aged patina and has a just a couple small dings from actual service.--$895.

  282. Excellent condition excavated coat size Confederate "Block A" {Artillery} button.  This was recovered from a Confederate winter camp near Richmond, VA. about 30 years ago.  The face has a nice uncleaned brown-green patina, and the iron reverse is solid as can be with shank intact.  It's really hard to find an iron back Confederate button this strong and solid.--$125.
  283. Beautiful condition Model 1840 "Ames" Federal Musician's Sword and Scabbard.  The blade remains sparkling bright and is marked "Ames Manufacturing Co. - U.S. - 1864" and is in it's original - near mint leather scabbard.  You don't run across Civil War swords this nice much anymore.--$650.
  284. Here is a "Motley Crew" of Relic Hunters on a pretty day in the late 1990s.  Our group on that day was Dr. Rees Buttram {on the extreme right} - Dennis Headley {the very large ugly one next} - and next is me {in front} with my trusty old 6000 Pro {the studly one !!!!} - and next in front is a young man with a shovel and a large smile.  He asked to be taken Civil War relic hunting for his 10th birthday.  After about 6 hours we had recovered 152 artifacts and made this young man a "Happy Birthday Display" that I will wager that he still has in his possession today - -  At age 25 or 26 or so by now !!!  Now that is a bunch of guys having SERIOUS fun !!!!!!!!!
  285. Drop dead beautiful condition excavated coat size Virginia State Seal Button.  This is a VA 13 with "Canfield Bro. and Co.- Baltimore" backmark.  The button has a slick chocolate brown patina with the figures completely outlined in bright gold gilt.--$295.
  286. Excavated coat size block "A" (Confederate Artillery) button.  This button was recovered from the Army of Tennessee's Artillery Park for the winter of 1863 located on Lewisburg Pike just outside Shelbyville, TN.--$95.
  287. This 8 - page "Eye Witness" "Battle of Nashville, TN." letter isn't currently for sale, but is just to "historically cool" not to share.  One such bit of "NEW" information is this -- I have many times read where the citizens came out to watch the Battle almost like going to a Sporting Event -- BUT, This is the first time that I have read that it angered the Federal Generals WHO THEN PRESSED THEM INTO SERVICE DIGGING GRAVES !!!!  Just a great eye witness view into the history of this Battle -- Enjoy !!
  288. Quite scarce July 1st, 1852 - $3. Note from the Merchant's Bank of Washington D. C. - This note has the Tennessee Hero "Old Hickory" {Andrew Jackson} pictured on it.  The note is circulated, but is sound and has a very nice display look.  I have seen this note for as much as $195.  Here is a good buy on a very rare note.--$85.
  289. Very nice condition cast brass double cavity bullet mold for a Civil War era "Country Rifle".  This is what many young Confederates left home carrying in 1861.  Looks to be about 44 cal.--$150.
  290. Really pretty crisp, pliable small leather Federal percussion cap box.  You couldn't ask for a prettier example.  The pick is still inside, but no wool.--$165.
  291. Beautiful excavated drop .58 cal. 2-ring German Suhl projectile.  This extra nice and quite rare Confederate bullet was recovered by Mark Heath from an 1862 Wheeler Confederate Cavalry Camp located near Knob Gap, TN.--$65.
  292. Nose section of a 3-inch Percussion fuzed Hotchkiss projectile recovered at the second Day's Fighting at The Battle of Nashville, TN.  The plunger can still be seen intact on the interior of the brass percussion fuze.  This is a great little "Battle of Nashville, TN." conversation piece.--$48.
  293. Very nice condition non-excavated .50 cal. Flat Top Maynard Carbine Cartridge.  An excellent compliment to display with your Civil War Maynard Carbine.--$48.
  294. Solid, attractive "Middle-Grade" nice early Model 1855 .58 cal. Federal cartridge box.  The leather remains pliable with about an average amount of flaking.  The box has both belt loops and both iron roller buckles intact, but the tip of the closure tab is broken off.  The tip is present though - tucked inside the inner compartment of the box and could easily be repaired.  The box is slotted for a "U.S." cartridge boxplate, but there is not one currently on the box.  It is "New York" maker marked on the inside flap.--$250.
  295. Excellent condition non-excavated coat size Federal Navy button.  It has 100 % bright gold gilt - Waterbury backmark - and shank intact.--$48.
  296. Two unique Enfield musket artifacts  presented in a glass display case.  One of the artifacts is a brass Enfield Tompion and the other artifact is a very unusual Enfield Bullet.  The soldier loaded this bullet into his musket upside down and had to use his bullet extractor screwed onto the back end of his ramrod to remove it.  The interesting thing is that normally when a bullet has been extracted the extractor hole is in the nose, but on this bullet, because it was loaded upside down, the extractor hole is in the rear.--$45.
  297. Beautiful condition excavated coat size gilted Federal Infantry Officer's Button.  This button was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property in Chickamauga, GA.  Both the Eagle and the letter "I" are outlined with with bright gold gilt.--$38.
  298. Absolutely drop dead beautiful excavated "drop" .69 cal. Confederate used triangle base French minie.  It has a creamy, marble like white patina and was recovered here at Stones River in the late 1960s.  I don't know how it could possibly be any nicer.--$45.
  299. Very nice content cabinet card of a fully equipted Ill. Infantry soldier.  The image has a "Woldridge and King - Petersburg, ILL." Photographer's mark.--$75.SOLD
  300. Coat size, excavated, western theater, low convex Confederate Block "I" Infantry Button.  It is in good condition with a nice chocolate brown patina.--$95
  301. Group of PUBLISHED really pretty "North Carolina Sunburst" excavated buttons.  These buttons were recovered in the late 1960s from  Gen. Manigault's 1863 Army of Tennessee Confederate winter camp at Dalton, Ga.  Some of these very buttons are in the pile pictured on page 209 in Charlie Harris's book - "Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns".   Just point out the one you want.--$110. each
  302. Excavated coat size North Carolina State Seal button.  This is the style with the star in the depressed channel on the reverse.  The button is very solid with a smooth chocolate brown patina.  There is a light dip in the face but nothing serious.  The reverse has shank intact and gold gilt in the channel.--$135.
  303. Very attractive Model 1840 Federal light artillery saber and scabbard.  The blade is clean just beginning to gently mellow with age and does have a couple little blade to blade nicks.  It is marked "U.S. - 1864 - Ames Mfg. Co. - Chicopee".  The mark is visible, but deeper on one side than the other, which isn't uncommon to be the case.  The grip is nice with original wrap and wire and the cast brass guard has a beautiful - never cleaned - bronze age patina.  The scabbard is in good condition with a dark  - never cleaned - chocolate brown patina, but does have a little pitting here and there in some areas.--$850.SOLD
  304. 2ibuttons2.JPG (105432 bytes)Offered here is a "set" of excellent examples of the two different styles of coat size "brass face-iron reverse" - Confederate Infantry buttons recovered from Army of Tennessee 1863 winter camps here in the West.  These were recovered by Benny Anderson from Army of Tennessee 1863 winter camps at Dalton, GA.  Note the distinctively different rim and form "I" between the two.--$195. for the pair
  305. 2ibut.JPG (75340 bytes)2ibutrev.JPG (73425 bytes)Pair {coat and cuff} of beautiful condition excavated "Gilted" Federal Infantry Officer's buttons.  These were recovered in the late 1960s from private property at Shiloh by Dr. Rees Buttram.  Just really, really pretty.--$48. for the pair
  306. Very nice excavated coat size gilted New York State Seal button.  This was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram in the mid - 1970s from Gen. Joe Hookers camps located near Tiftonia, TN.--$35.SOLD.
  307. .Beautiful non-excavated coat size gilted "1861" date Mintzer manufactured Georgia State Seal.  This is an excellent example with 100% gilt on the face, and 100% silver on the reverse, and is backmarked "1861 - W. G. Mintzer - Phil.", and the shank is intact and straight.  Top Shelf In Every Way.--$250.
  308. mixedbullets.JPG (33975 bytes)bulkbullets.JPG (82496 bytes)I've just purchased 5000 mixed excavated Civil War bullets.  Bag of 50 mixed dropped and fired U.S. and C.S. bullets-each bag includes a variety of different type bullets at a low cost of $1.70 per bullet--$85. a bag.

  309. Beautiful excavated gilted coat size New York State seal Button.  This button was recovered from private property near Tiftonia, TN. and has no dents - loads of gold gilt - and shank intact and straight.--$45.
  310. Very nice condition Confederate "Sep. 2, 1861" $20. note.  This one is known as the "Industry, Cupid, and Beehive" T20 note and is somewhat hard to find in nice condition.--$85.                                         
  311. Excavated coat size rare "low convex" Virginia State Seal button.  This button was dug by Chuck Sykes from a Virginia troops camp near Brandy Station, VA.  It is quite solid with a smooth brown patina and an "rmdc" Horstmann and Sons backmark.  It is missing the shank {which is probably why it got lost}.  A pretty button.--$195.
  312. Excavated 50 cal. Maynard cartridge recovered from Granny White Gap at the 2nd days fighting at the Battle of Nashville, TN.--$45.
  313. Excavated Federal "hi-port" cavalry bit recovered from a Confederate cavalry camp at Corinth, MISS.  The Rebels had removed the  cast bras "U.S." rosettes from each side so that they could then use the bit themselves and it NOT be "U.S." marked.  A very neat  "U.S. to C.S." kind of relic.--$85.
  314. chickmagaus.JPG (57131 bytes)chickmagausrev.JPG (76851 bytes)Excavated large size lead filled "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate recovered at Chickamauga a few years ago.  The face has one little rust bump on the bottom of the "S" but is otherwise an excellent plate with a smooth chocolate brown patina on the face and full lead and both loops on the reverse.--$195.
  315. vastaff.JPG (76150 bytes)vastaffrev.JPG (73315 bytes)Beautiful condition non-excavated coat size Virginia staff officer's 3-piece button.  This is a 23 mm VA261C with near 100 % bright gold gilt.  The reverse has "Superior Quality" backmark with the shank intact.--$275.
  316. Quite scarce excavated "Long Tail" Confederate cavalry - Hall carbine projectile.  This is an excellent drop recovered from the camp of the 1st Confederate Cavalry located near the old academy at Unionville, TN.--$65.
  317. I'm betting that one of the reasons that you guys regularly check out Midtenrelics is that you are not only going to see some cool relics BUT you are going to see and learn some very interesting stuff.  How many of you have ever seen and read Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest's Last Will and Testament.  Quite Interesting Reading !!!
  318. Nice condition 69 cal. Model 1816 friction fit triangular socket bayonet.  Deep, sharp "U.S." mark on the blade and a perfect compliment to display with your 69 cal. Model 1816 musket.--$195.
  319. Very nice condition 58 cal. triangular socket bayonet correct for the Springfield or any of the 1861 contract rifled muskets.  This was apparently state or private purchase as there is no "U.S." stamp.--$175.
  320. Absolutely beautiful condition non-excavated coat size gilted Virginia Staff Officer's button.  This looks like a VA-20 and has the shank intact and a "Superior Quality" backmark with LOTS of gold gilt.--$250.
  321. Model 1860 light cavalry saber and scabbard.  This one has a clean, bright blade just beginning to grey with age and having remnants of some old plating.  It is marked "Emerson and Silver - U.S. - 186 {1}" I think.  The last digit of the date is somewhat hard to make out.  The grip is pretty with original wrap and wire.  The scabbard is in nice condition as well, but it also has remnants of old plating.  My guess is that it is likely an old Veteran's Hall saber as they loved to paint and plate artifacts.  The saber has a great display look on the wall.--$750.
  322. "Attic" condition "1863" date Model 1860 light cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade has a deep, dark 150 year old chocolate brown patina and is marked "U.S. - 1863 - Mansfield and Lamb".  The grip is worn down to wood and reminds you of an old banister rail.  The scabbard has a thick brown patina as well.  This saber has a pleasing "out of the attic" look and is a great buy for the money.--$695.
  323. forrestprint.JPG (71374 bytes)Beautiful and tough to come by 1973 print of General Nathan Bedford Forrest that was done by the Sons of Confederate Veterans over 30 years ago.  The print is BIG measuring 24 inches by 30 inches before framing and is absolutely breathtaking once it's matted and framed.  I seldom get these in anymore.--$89.

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