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  1. Looks like I'm going to be flying to Houston for some Soccer games !!
  2. Check out my new resident "Pet" at the cabin on the mountain {Cumberland Plateau} here in Tennessee.  It is a BEAUTIFUL American Bald Eagle.  Beautiful he is, but friendly he is NOT.  He sits up in the trees around the pond and any fish that gets to near the surface -- It's all over.  Not only fish, but rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, rodents,  -- and even a snake went for a ride.  Check out the beak and talons on this guy !!!  There are a pair there and I am told likely a nest nearby.  The nest shouldn't be that hard to see in that it is as big as a tractor tire and weighs over 100 lbs.  This area is called "Monteagle" -{Mountain of the Eagle} - During the Civil War - they were common sights here, but have become endangered.  I'm happy to say that they are making a strong comeback and are seen reasonably often now.  Talk about a POWERFUL bird !!!
  3. Really pretty 60 to 80 year old antique glass front and back commercial size display case.  It was made by "KIRKPATRICK BROS. STORE AND OFFICE FIXTURE CO. -  ST. LOUIS, MO."  It is an oak case 11 feet long - 27 inches deep - and 42 inches tall with the prettiest old "wavy glass" that you are going to see.  This beautiful display case belongs to my cousin - Bonnie Hiett - who runs an antique shop here - {It's in our blood !!}  If you are interested - give Bonnie a call at 615-337-6048 and tell her that "Cous. Larry" turned you on to her !!!  Negotiate price with Bonnie !!!  {It could be true --- that half the folks here are my cousins !!}
  4. Exceptionally nice .58 cal. "Norris and Clements" 1863 date 3-band percussion Federal rifled musket.  The metal is very nice with a gently greying aged patina with lockplate markings of "S.N. and W.T.C. For Massachusetts - 1863 - U.S." and a deep, clear matching "1863" date on the barrel.  The eagle on the bolster is as crisp as new and the rifling will about cut your finger.  The original walnut stock is really pretty with 2 cartouches.  This is unquestionably a museum grade weapon.--$1,950.
  5. Excellent condition soldier's small size coffee pot.  A wonderful item for a Civil War camp scene display.--$95.
  6. Beautiful condition small leather Federal cap box with the soldier's Name - Company - and Reg. carved into the outside flap.  And in addition - I was actually able to find a picture of him !!!  The cap box belonged to Ezra D. Chandler of Company "G" - 23 RD Maine Volunteer Infantry.  This is fresh out of the Maine estate, and the only thing that could have made it better is if he had gone up "Little Round Top" at Gettysburg.  Ezra wasn't a spring chicken - 40 years of age - so it might have been a good thing that the unit mostly dug trenches and did picket duty.  IDed relics really add a personal, human touch to a collection.--$275.SOLD
  7. Very attractive excavated emerald green "Medium Size" Confederate "Forked Tongue" or "Wishbone Frame" C.S. waist belt plate.  This was recovered many years ago from Winchester, VA.--$795.
  8. Quite rare non-excavated "GILTED" large size Federal "U.S." oval waist belt plate.  Really nice condition with 100 % gold gilt on the face and full lead and all three hooks intact on the reverse.--$275.
  9. Absolutely perfect condition excavated cuff size "Sideways" Pelican Louisiana button.  It has a "Horstmann" backmark and a nice straight shank remaining intact. JUST BEAUTIFUL --$195.
  10. Nothing less than Beautiful Condition excavated DROP .45 cal. cylindrical Whitworth Confederate Sniper projectile.  This was recovered by Mark Swann from the position of Confederate Sharp Shooters along the Brentwood Hills at the Battle of Nashville, TN.  This one is so slick the patina looks like marble.--$275.
  11. Nice condition Model 1840 Federal Musician's sword {without scabbard}.  It has a nice clean blade just beginning to have some areas darkening with age and marked "U.S. - 1864 - Ames Manufacturing Co."  This would be a great first Civil War sword for a young Civil War enthusiast.--$250.
  12. This is one of the nicest examples of the shipwreck recovered "SNY" waist belt plates that I have seen.  The face is really pretty with a real nice patina and letters that just jump out at you.  The reverse has full lead and rusty remnants of the 3 iron hooks.--$650.
  13. Original May 20, 1861 issue of "The Daily Evening Traveller" out of Boston, Mass.  Interesting content with lots of ads for Firearms - Military clothing - and Units to join - not to mention all the medications for "what ailed you".--$65.
  14. Original small "scissor type" single cavity bullet mold for a .36 cal. pistol ball.  I have put an original ball that we recovered here at Stones River with the mold for display.--$45.
  15. Just in -- Wicked Confederate Side-Knife blacksmith made from a Model 1816 .69 cal. triangular  socket bayonet.  The knife is in excellent condition with a smooth grey-brown aged patina on the blade and no pitting at all.  The Side-Knife has an iron cross-guard and a deer antler grip.  There appears to have originally been a small silver cap on the butt of the deer antler.  The scabbard is made from the original bayonet scabbard body and has a typical C.S. tin throat and drag.--$1,950.
  16. Nice condition smooth type Model 1858 Federal canteen complete with original "butternut" wool cover - stopper with chain - and sling.  The wool cover is about as nice as you are ever going to see without even one single moth hole.  In addition, this canteen has the Civil War soldier's initials nicely cut into the pewter spout.--$425.
  17. Very nice condition 1850s era .60 cal. French M. R. de Chatellerault single shot percussion pistol.  It is extremely well made with crisp action - sharp marks - a compartment on the butt with an extra nipple - and rifling that will cut your finger.  This is an exceptionally nice pistol.--$750.
  18. This would definitely be hard to beat in the "Artillery Rarity World".  It is a COMPLETE 2.25 in. HALE ROCKET !!  It was recovered on private property in Eastern Virginia and is a very rare variant with 5 directional orifices in the base rather than the more common 3.  It is certainly a rarity "10" artillery item as only about a dozen complete excavated examples exist.  It is cleaned - coated - and ready for display.--$2,650.
  19. Very nice little leather Federal Percussion Cap Box.  The leather remains quite pliable and stable -- and still has some original percussion caps inside.  It is crisply marked "Young and Co. - Newark, NJ", and still has it's original closure tab - inner flap - and both belt loops - all remaining intact.  Every Civil War collection should have a nice condition original percussion cap box.--$175.
  20. Model 1850 Federal "Field and Staff" Officer's sword and scabbard that I do believe has the most "service wear" in the brass ring mount that I have EVER SEEN on a Civil War sword.  It has literally been carried to the point that only a "sliver" remains of what started as nearly a quarter inch ring mount.  If there were a movie about this "Old Warrior's" career - I'd be in line to see it.  This one came out of an Ohio estate sale many years ago.  I 100% guarantee that this sword will stimulate lots of conversation EVERY time folks look at your collection.--$1,150.
  21. Very attractive and quite ornate Model 1860 Federal Field and Staff Officer's Sword and Scabbard.  Although the sword is a "Model 1860" - the sword has the "diamond cross-section blade" which suggests that it was probably manufactured just after the Civil War production.  The grip is perfect with original wrap and wire and the blade has crisp, clear engraving top to bottom.  This would be a nice first sword for a young collector.--only $250.
  22. Brought in just a few minutes ago.  This is a deep chocolate brown .69 cal. Model 1816 friction fit socket bayonet.  It is out of an old log barn here and was almost surely a C.S. carried bayonet.--$175.
  23. Attractive frame-able group of excavated artifacts recovered from an 1862 - 1863 Army Of Tennessee Confederate winter camp located near Tullahoma, TN.  The group consists of a gilted tintype frame - a beautiful cameo out of a trash pit - several coins and tokens including an excellent 1853 large cent - a brass buckle - 3 tokens - a wedding ring - 8 bullets - and a couple pocket knives.  Entire collection displayed in a glass display case.--$125.SOLD
  24. CONFEDERATE CAVALRYMAN letter with original cover written home by Henry H. Hickle of the Famous 1ST VIRGINIA CAVALRY.  The letter was written on Nov. 29, 1864.  Henry saw lots of action and was wounded at Raccoon Ford, VA. and captured at Columbia Furnace, VA.  He lived until 1931 and is buried in Massanutten Cross Keys Cemetery in VA.--$195.SOLD
  25. "1864" dated Federal Absterdam 3-inch projectile.  This is a drop with the tall brass sabot.  Most of these shells were left-overs from Post-War Bannermann's Island sales--$175.
  26. Real nice condition Confederate manufactured "Boyle and Gamble" Southern engraved blade Foot Officer's Sword.  This sword originally came into the shop from a local family here about 20 years ago and I sold it.  The collector that I sold it to back then has reached retirement time and he has decided that it's time to let someone else enjoy it for a while.  It's a really pretty Confederate Officer's Sword with a gently aging grey patina on the blade and {if you get the light right} Confederate engraving is visible all the way up and down it.  The classic Boyle and Gamble "fault line" is clear as a bell.  The sword has a beautiful - never cleaned - Boyle and Gamble - Richmond guard and 100 % of the original Confederate leather grip remains intact.  We do not know for sure who carried the sword, but I can pass along to the buyer the "family name" where it originally came from.--$3,650.
  27. Excavated cast brass Colt Navy revolver trigger guard.  This was recovered on private property out of Lucious Polk's Army of Tennessee Jan. through June - 1863 winter camp near Tullahoma, TN.  This is a relic that you won't recover everyday.--$95.
  28. JUST IN -- Nice uncleaned attic chocolate brown patina 1863 date "William Mason" contract .58 cal. 3-band percussion rifled musket.  The metal has a smooth aged patina with lockplate markings of "U.S. - 1863 - Wm. Mason" and the wood has an aged mahogany type look with typical burnout flash around the nipple and it has the normal small dings and marks from "real actual service" over all.  The musket has both sling swivels - long range site - ramrod - and original triangular socket bayonet all still intact.  This old warrior will look really nice on your wall and makes a clear statement that it has "Seen The Elephant".--$1,450. complete with bayonet or $1,295. for musket only.SOLD
  29. Quite scarce to recover - Small cast brass "Indiana" state pin.  These were worn by Federal soldiers when they re-enlisted for a second tour.  This is a nice one and was recovered on private property near Chickamauga, GA.--$595.
  30. JUST IN - "1861 DATE" Model 1860 light cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade is generally clean with areas just beginning to darken with age and is marked "1861 - U.S.".  The grip has original wrap and wire and has been carried enough that it is worn through the leather to wood in some areas.  The scabbard is nice without a single dent.  This came into the shop out of a local Middle Tennessee estate sale and was quite likely Southern carried.  You gotta love that "1861" {saw the entire war} date.--$850.
  31. Really pretty "pea-green" excavated smaller size beveled edge Cavalry style GA. Frame Confederate waist belt plate.  This buckle was recovered many years ago on private property near Chickamauga, GA. and is an exceptionally nice example.--$595.
  32. Excavated brass "drumstick tube" off of a Civil War Drummer Boy's Drumstick Carriage.  This was recovered by Chris Havner from a Confederate winter camp on private property near Tullahoma, TN.--$75.
  33. Very pretty excavated cast brass Federal "U.S." cavalry rosette.  This was a recent find from a Federal Cavalry camp on private property near Tullahoma, TN. also recovered by Chris Havner--$65.
  34. Moore's Patent Firearms Company front loading Revolver.     A .32 caliber revolver that shot a special "teat Fire" cartridge. 3.25" barrel is marked "Moore's Pat. Firearms  Co. Brooklyn, N.Y." readable but faint. The 6 shot cylinder is stamped "D. William's Pat. January 5, 1864. This is also faint from wear. Very attractive pistol with a highly engraved brass frame. Walnut grips are in great shape. The action works great! The owner penned his initials "DT" into the backstrap and the cylinder. This is a rare weapon to find with only approx. 30,000 ever made. The serial # is 17014.--$595.
  35. Excellent condition non-excavated early issue large size - lead filled - "Puppy Paw" hook style U.S. oval waist belt plate.  I love these nice early "Puppy Paw" hook U.S. buckles.--$295.
  36. Original Jan. 14th,1865 issue of HARPER'S WEEKLY magazine.  On page 25 is a full page sketch of one of the charges at the BATTLE OF NASHVILLE, TN.--$65.SOLD
  37. Two original Civil War ration cans excavated by Dr. Rees Buttram from a Federal camp on private property near Chickamauga, GA.  The VERY COOL thing is that the sardine ration can still has the complete brass French label intact attached to it.  You just never see that anymore.--$45. for bothSOLD
  38. Very cool excavated display artifact - This is a .69 cal. three ring minie with the "pointed" style bullet puller embedded in it.  Clearly demonstrates how the "bullet extractor" actually worked to "worm out" the bullet.--$48.SOLD
  39. Four partial artillery shell fuzes recovered by Kent Wall from private property at the second day's fighting - "Battle of Nashville, TN.--All 4 fuzes only--$65.
  40. Very nice "1862" date Bridesburg .58 cal. contract 3-band rifled percussion musket.  The lockplate is crisply marked "Bridesburg - 1862 - U.S. - and the eagle." AND THE BARREL HAS A MATCHING "1862" DATE !!!  The wood is pretty with a nice clear cartouche and the bore isn't a lot different than when it was issued and the action is so crisp it "cracks" when you pull the hammer back.  If you've been wanting a QUALITY Model 1861 3-band rifled musket in your collection - Here it is.  I have seen muskets no nicer than this one priced at $2,450. at recent Gun Shows.--$1,895.SOLD
  41. Nice looking regulation original Federal black leather holster for a .44 cal. Army Model revolver.  It would be really nice with a .44 cal. Colt or Remington revolver.  The holster is in overall nice pliable - flexible condition, but is missing the tip of the closure tab and the small leather plug in the bottom.  The holster belt loop remains intact on the reverse.--$350.
  42. Exceptionally nice small black leather Civil War percussion cap pouch with wool still inside - nipple pick intact - and original Civil War percussion caps still inside.  The closure tab and both belt loops remain intact as well.--$195.SOLD
  43. VERY RARE - Original Nov. 3, 1854 Remington Arms Document issued from "The Illion Bank" Illion, New York and signed by "Eliphalet Remington" himself.  How sweet would this be displayed with your Remington Revolver.--$95.
  44. Excellent condition selection of 4 different Confederate Loan Coupons.  Only--$45. for all 4-SOLD
  45. Excellent condition non-excavated Springfield combination musket tool - perfect to display with your original Civil War musket.  Also, an original non-excavated .577 cal. Enfield trigger block with trigger.  Both items only.--$65.
  46. Excavated coat size Confederate "I" Infantry button recovered from 1862 - 1863 Confederate winter camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.  The face has a smooth brown woods patina.--$85.
  47. Really nice Confederate manufactured "Dog River" Southern Cavalry saber and scabbard.  The classic Confederate "unstopped fuller" C.S. blade has a pretty ageing grey-brown patina.  The leather grip is in nice condition with a single strand iron wire and the "high copper content" C.S. made brass guard is in excellent condition as well. With the exception of missing the little brass cap at the top - The lap seam brass mounted Confederate scabbard is in exceptionally nice condition and is without even a single dent.  If you've been wanting a PRETTY C.S. manufactured "Dog River" Confederate Cavalry Saber for your collection -- Here is a pretty one at a very reasonable price.--$4,250.SOLD
  48. Seriously deadly pike made from a Model 1855 triangular socket bayonet.  This is out of an old G.A.R. Hall and I am unsure if it was actually "used in the Civil War" or was a "Reunion Hall Decor" type item.  One thing is for sure - I would not want to have been stuck with that thing !!--$250.SOLD
  49. Here is a RARE - RARE South Carolina item that I'll bet that you have never seen offered for sale before.   It is an official certificate for 10 Shares of stock {at $1,000. per share} in the "Chicora Importing And Exporting Company" {that would be 10 shares of stock in the FAMOUS BLOCKADE RUNNER "CHICORA"}  out of Charleston, SC.  Also, with this rare item comes two images of "The Chicora" blockade runner.  Tell me -- When was the last time you had a chance to be part owner in a CONFEDERATE BLOCKADE RUNNER.--$750.SOLD
  50. WOW !!!  Talk about your "Lexus" of Presentation Grade Federal High ranking Officer's Swords.  The blade is sparkling bright with crisp, sharp engraving top to bottom and is marked "Schuyler, Hartley, & Graham".  The gilted cast brass guard is beautiful with an eagle in the motif and with an ornate "Eagle Head" on the quillion.  The grip itself is pure silver, and the scabbard is really pretty with "Lady Liberty" and a "Fully outfitted Zouave Soldier".  Everyone that has seen this sword has said "That is just unbelievable" !!--$3,250.SOLD
  51. Just brought into the shop -- Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle - out of the local area - and still in original .54 cal.  The metal has a smooth gently darkening "attic" grey-brown patina with lockplate markings of "Robbins- Kendall - and Lawrence -- 1847 - U.S. - Windsor, VT."  The wood is quite attractive with all the small dings and marks of service.  The weapon still has a visible cartouche and very respectable rifling.  This Mississippi {considering where it came from and that it is still in .54 cal.} was quite likely "C.S." carried.  I have always felt the Mississippi Rifle to be one of the most attractive weapons of the Civil War era.--$1,850.SOLD
  52. BIG - BAD blacksmith made Confederate 15 inch bowie with an 11 inch blade made from a "rasp" {a few rasp teeth still visible}.  It has a completely original walnut grip and a classic iron cross-guard.  This weapon has a great feel and would be as deadly as ever.--$895.SOLD
  53. Guess where I've been tonight !! -- YEP, playing with little Lila !!!  BIG - BIG - BIG NEWS !!!!!  Introducing "Lila Magnolia Blackwelder" with her Mom "Savannah" !!!!!! At 3:25 P.M. C.S.T.  "12-4-13" - my daughter - Savannah - gave birth to her first child -- "Lila Magnolia Blackwelder".  Lila weighed in at 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long.  Lila has a "great set of lungs" and a full head of dark, dark brown hair that is already long enough to comb and put a pink bow in !!!!!!!!!!  I PROMISE MORE PICTURES LATER !!!!!  Both Mom and "Baby Girl" are doing wonderfully.
  54. NEW PICTURE !!!  Guess who is celebrating 1 year old today ??  Yep -- "Lady A - Anastasia" .  I  just got back from Houston, TX. visiting my first "Grandchild - Lady-A" {Anastasia Scarlett Hartig - Born November 19, 2010}.  She is an absolute little doll and has everyone wrapped around her tiny, little finger.  She has arrived at the conclusion - "If I'm awake, somebody best be holding me if you know what's good for you" -- {otherwise I'll give you the business} !!!  She and I have a lot in common -- Two of our favorite things on earth to do is "Eat and Sleep" !!!!  Jonathan {the pup} is a wonderful "Big Brother" -- As a matter of fact - He has a little sweater that has "Only Child" crossed out and "Big Brother" written beneath it.  She is something like 11 months old and already weighs 23 lbs. -- Texas thing I'm told !!!   {Make that "2 YEARS" old now !!!!}  OH MY --- HOW DO YOU SLOW THIS RIDE DOWN  -- MAKE THAT "3 YEARS " old now !!!!!!!!!!!! WOW --- Time sure gets away !!!!
  55. .44 cal. double cavity bullet mold for the big .44 cal. Colt Army Revolver.  The mold has a thick - never cleaned- attic brown patina and would display quite nicely with your Colt Army Revolver.  I have put a couple correct projectiles with the mold that I recovered here at Stones River.--$175.SOLD
  56. "Y - Shaped" combination musket tool.  This is a non-excavated tool and is SO crudely made that I believe it to be a "C.S." made tool.  This would be an excellent compliment to display with your Southern carried musket and very rare to come by in a non-excavated state.--$175.
  57. Just brought into the shop out of the local area - Nice condition Model 1840 "Old Wristbreaker" Heavy Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.  Model 1840 sabers were extensively carried by both Union and Confederate cavalry during the American Civil War.  The famous Southern Cavalry Commander - General Nathan Bedford Forrest - carried one as did many of the men in his command.  This particular example is out of this local area and was very likely a Southern carried weapon.  The saber itself is a very nice condition "import" with a clean, bright blade with absolutely no pitting at all.  It has exceptionally nice condition original leather wrap and wire on the grip.  The saber is housed in a super nice American made Ames scabbard with a crisp "A.D.K." inspector mark on the drag.  {and has been in this rare scabbard since the Civil War era.}  This saber is really pretty -- several clicks nicer than most that you see.--$850.
  58. If you've been wanting a PRETTY .577 cal. Enfield 3-band rifled musket for your collection - here is a DANDY !!  The metal has a smooth gently ageing grey-brown patina with traces of original finish in the recessed areas.  The lockplate is marked "Tower - 1863 - and the Crown" and the musket has a "25 - 25" mark that you can see from across the street.  The bore is still quite good and would no-doubt still lay them in there.  The stock is very nice as well with a "Birmingham Small Arms" mark that will nearly cut your finger and a "King and Phillips" stock maker mark that is clear as can be.  The long range site is not present, and appears to have been gone a very long time.  Both sling swivels remain present and the action is as crisp as the day it was issued.  This is an Enfield musket that will look stunning on anyone's wall.--$1,650.SOLD
  59. Excavated coat size "CS26-B" Confederate Officer's button that was recovered many years ago from Leonidus Polk's 1863 winter camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.  It had a couple small freeze cracks when found {as this button often does} and they have been professionally stabilized.  It is solid as a rock now and displays exceptionally well.--$175.
  60. How many of THESE have you ever seen offered for sale.  This is the OFFICIAL REGIMENTAL POLL-BOOK FOR THE MEMBERS OF CO. E - 76 TH REGIMENT PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS for the 1864 election.  The "Poll-Book" remains in remarkably nice, complete condition.--$250.
  61. This is one RARE - RARE - RARE PUPPY !!  In almost 40 years I've had only 4 of these {which is far less than I've had Nashville Plows or Boyle and Gambles}.  This is A CONFEDERATE "DEWITT FOOT OFFICER'S SWORD" made in Columbus, GA. and is the "well known" Confederate Officer's Sword with "SNAKES IN THE GUARD".  The blade has a very smooth thick "attic brown" patina - the grip is mostly worn to wood with about 10 to 20 percent leather remaining.  The cast brass guard "with snakes" has a nice aged brass look.  This is the sword only - just as received.  It will very likely be a "LONG WHILE" before you see another one of these offered.--$5,650.SOLD
  62. SUPER RARE Confederate manufacture brown leather holster for a small frame {.36 cal. I'd guess} Kerr - Adams - or Tranter revolver.  This was just brought into the shop yesterday afternoon and is going to take someone's little revolver to absolute "museum grade".  It is in first class condition with the plug even still intact in the bottom.--$795.
  63. Non-excavated cast brass Model 1851 "applied silver wreath" eagle sword belt plate on it's original black leather waist belt and with it's original black leather cavalry carbine cartridge box still intact on the rig.  The belt and buckle are as nice as you are going to see.  The carbine cartridge box is attractive, pliable, and displays well, but is missing the end panel on the left end facing the box.  {In display this can't be seen at all}.  This entire rig with cart. box intact is priced at very little more than what just the gilted eagle saber belt plate would bring.--$595.
  64. Absolutely mint perfect excavated large size Confederate "Wishbone or Forked Tongue" frame buckle.  This buckle was recovered about 40 years ago on private property near "Rocky Face Ridge, GA.  It has NEVER EVEN BEEN WASHED OFF and still has the original green woods mulch layer stuck to it.  SUPER NICE.--$850.SOLD
  65. mrkedplteandblt.JPG (44455 bytes)mrkedplteandbltclose.JPG (65446 bytes)mrkedplteandbltmrk.JPG (73708 bytes)Large size "U.S." oval waist belt plate on the original maker marked black leather waist belt.  The belt has the brass keeper intact and is marked "Wilkinson Maker - U. S. - Springfield, Mass." - but the belt does have an old repaired break on the back side.  Still a very nice U. S. belt rig.--$450.
  66. Just what you need to make that nice looking .577 cal. Enfield 3-band rifled musket complete and "museum ready".  Both the bayonet and scabbard remain in good sound condition.--$295.SOLD
  67. Fresh out of a Kansas estate sale.  Non-excavated cast brass Federal Model 1851 eagle sword belt plate on an 1870s era saber belt rig.  The 1870 saber belt rig looks almost exactly the same as the Civil War belt rig, but can be distinguished by having a round adjuster hook rather than the Civil War "flat" adjuster hook.  I would guess that this belt rig saw service in the Indian Wars and in "taming" the Wild West.  Here is something that you rarely find - and Both leather "saber drop straps" remain intact.--$695.
  68. Nice condition little .32 cal. Allen and Wheelock "Sidehammer" black powder cartridge revolver.  These were manufactured between 1859 and 1862 with a total production of around 1,000.  It is marked "July 3, 1860" on the frame.  This is a quite rare little DEFINITELY Civil War revolver at a very affordable price.--$495.SOLD
  69. Quite Rare "U.S." Military marked .36 cal. Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver.  The metal has a smooth, gently aging, grey patina and is marked "Address Saml. Colt - Hartford, CT." and is serial number "64642" which is "Super Early" late 1850s production {just before the outbreak of War}.  All the numbers match except for the wedge which is an old replacement.  The frame is crisply marked "Colt's Patent - U.S."  The action still works nicely and there is about 20 % original cylinder scene still visible.  Colt Navy Revolvers with late 1850s production dates like this one often found their way South and were frequently Confederate carried.  Not a mint example, but a good, honest "U.S. marked" Hartford produced Colt Navy.--$1,650.SOLD
  70. Really pretty .44 cal. Model 1860 Colt Army Revolver.  It has an all matching {except for the wedge} serial number of "91358" which is 1863 production.  The cylinder retains about 30 % original scene and the action works nicely as long as you are shooting downward !!  The hand spring is a little weak, so doesn't engage every time when you are pointing upward.  The walnut grips are original and have an easily visible military inspector cartouche.  This is a little nicer Colt Army than most that you run into now.--$1,850.SOLD
  71. Really nice excavated 1860 - 1863 Bacon .32 cal. single shot pistol.  Quite rare little pistol in that it is estimated less than 800 were ever made.  The pistol was recovered from private property over 40 years ago from camps of the 5th corp located near Petersburg, VA.  Even the original walnut grips remain completely intact.  This excellent artifact is out of the Nationally known "Lewis Leigh, Jr." collection.--$295.SOLD
  72. Excellent condition excavated 6 lb. size solid shot cannon ball recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram about 40 years ago from private property near Shiloh.--$175.
  73. Very nice condition excavated solid shot 12 lb. cannon ball recovered about 20 years ago by Kent Wall from private property at the 2nd Day's Fighting at The Battle of Nashville, TN.--$195.
  74. Very pretty Model 1850 Federal Field and Staff officer's sword and scabbard.  The blade is clean with beautiful deep, crisp engraving top to bottom and is marked "Horstmann and Sons - Phil." EXCEPT the "Horstmann" has been intentionally removed - for some reason.  It has nice original wrap and wire on the grip with 2 out of the 3 original wire strands still intact.  The ornate brass guard is beautiful with the large cut-out "U.S." and has a pretty bronze patina.  The brass mounted metal scabbard is in nice condition, as well, without a single dent, but does show typical wear from actually being carried.--$1,250.
  75. Excellent condition original 1864 "Lincoln - Johnson" OHIO Presidential Ticket.  These have become quite hard to find.--$195.SOLD
  76. If you have an "excellent condition" .31 cal. Colt Pocket Model Revolver and you'd like to add "THE ULTIMATE" in accessories - Here is your chance.  Perfect condition "Colt Patent" marked double cavity Colt bullet mold and an extremely scarce unopened packet of Colt Pocket Model Revolver Cartridges.--$575. for BOTH PIECES-SOLD
  77. Nice little grouping of "Southern" artifacts recovered out of Gen. Leonidus Polk's 1863 Army of Tennessee Confederate Infantry winter camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, TN.  The grouping consists of one excavated coat size Confederate Infantry button and three nicely "soldier carved" bullets presented in a nice glass display case.--$95.
  78. Sweet Home "Alabamma" slave document.  This is a "June 29, 1836" Alabama Slave Bill of Sale.  The slave is a 14 year old negro boy named Stephen and he has been sold for the sum of Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars.  Interestingly - this was roughly the cost of TWO reasonably large farms at that time.--$195.SOLD
  79. Really pretty "1857" date Remington conversion of this ancient, old .69 cal. flintlock musket from flint to percussion using the 1855 Maynard tape primed system.  The metal has a smooth gently greying aged patina with lockplate markings of "Remington - Ilion, N.Y. - 1857 - U.S."  The Maynard system is complete and still works perfectly - and the original Maynard Primer door remains intact - as well as the original long range site.  The walnut stock remains very nice as well, with two very easily visible military inspector cartouches.  These days it is hard to find a Maynard Primed .69 cal. Remington conversion Musket this nice.--$1,495.SOLD
  80. Exceptionally nice condition folding carpet seat "camp chair".  No camp scene display is complete without a folding "camp chair".--$175.SOLD
  81. Model 1858 Federal "Bullseye" canteen with original brown wool cover - original stopper and chain - and original sling.  The canteen has a nice "Hall - Rohrmann - Phil." maker's mark.--$425.
  82. Excavated Federal Cavalry picket pin recovered on private property near Chickamauga by Dr. Rees Buttram about 30 years ago.--$125.
  83. Original 1863 image of General Grant and his staff at "Umbrella Rock" - on "LOOKOUT MTN.,  TENN."  {I have actually done this -- You can go to LOOKOUT MTN. - Point Park - Tennessee and line up the rocks and be able to see almost EXACTLY where GEN. GRANT was standing !!!}--$150.
  84. Very nice condition 12 lb. solid shot cannon ball recovered on private property near Tyne Blvd. - Second Day fighting at the Dec., 1864 Battle of Nashville, TN.  It has already been cleaned - coated - and is ready for display.--$195.
  85. Absolutely beautiful condition excavated Confederate 12 lb. "lead sideloader" copper time fuzed C.S. cannon ball.  It has been drilled and just lightly brushed off, but otherwise remains just as dug.  You just don't see them being dug this nice anymore.--$450.
  86. Beautiful condition excavated Confederate 11-inch side knife.  This super-nice C.S. artifact was recovered in 1969 on private property by Dr. Rees Buttram from a Confederate camp located near Corinth, MS.  It was for a number of years on display in the "Tennessee Civil War Museum" located in Chattanooga, TN.  A REAL NICE item.--$295.SOLD
  87. Excellent condition excavated "grooved back" regulation issue cast brass Federal cavalry spur.  This spur was recovered about 30 years ago from "Camp Stanley" here at Murfreesboro, TN.  This was Gen. Rosecaran's 1863 winter Federal cavalry camp here that was named after Gen. David Stanley who was the overall commanding General of the Union cavalry in camp here.--$75.
  88. Large 1/4th plate fully cased image of a "State Of New York" Infantry soldier.  This is a full standing pose tintype with his Springfield musket at his side and wearing a large size "SNY" {State Of New York} waist belt plate with his cap box visible as well.  The image is cased in a rare large size Gutta Percha case that is in good condition but does have a chip off one corner.  It's been ages since I've had a tintype of a soldier wearing an S.N.Y. waist belt plate.--$475.
  89. Nice condition .44 cal Starr Model 1858 Double Action Army Revolver.  The metal has a smooth - gently greying aged patina with nice clear marks "Starr's Patent - Jan. 1856".  It has a good clear cartouche that is easy to see.  The action still works well and it has a real decent bore and is serial number "15933".--$1,295.
  90. Massive Model 1832 Ames Manufactured Federal Artillery Short Sword.  The blade has a smooth grey-brown aged patina with nice clear markings of "N. P. Ames - Cabotville - 1847 - U.S."  The heavy cast brass guard has a rich, never cleaned, aged patina with the cast-in eagle on each side of the pommel.  With just a little tasteful cleaning this sword is going to really look sharp.--$595.SOLD
  91. Absolutely beautiful condition complete 128 volume set of the "Official Records of the War of the Rebellion" published by the  National Historic Society back in the 1980s era.  Many of the books haven't even been opened one time.  These will either need to be picked up or we can possibly meet someone part way.  Priced at a fraction of the $2,000. {Plus} that they cost at printing.--$750. {Believe it or not that is something like ONLY $6. per volume !!!}
  92. Complete excavated Federal cavalry "Picket Pin" that was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property here at Stones River about 40 years ago.  The Federal Cavalryman was determined to drive this Picket Pin Through one of our Tennessee limestone rocks, and the rock won.  The picket pin is bent into a nice "S" shape.--$125.
  93. Quite attractive .54 cal. breech-loading Burnside carbine.  It has a matching block and frame number of "37892" which is referred to as the "Standard Model" or 4th Model Burnside {A few collectors call it a 5th Model}.  The standard Burnside carbine was carried by many units including the 1st Michigan Cav. - 3rd Indiana - 5th, 6th , and 7th Ohio - 1st New Jersey - 3rd West Virginia - 3rd - 14th - and 18th PA. - as well as the 2nd - 12th - 14th - and 16th Ill.  {There is no wonder that we recover so many Burnside Bullets !!}  The carbine has a smooth, gently darkening patina, but with hardly any pitting at all.  The markings are all easily legible, and the military inspector cartouche remains visible in the stock.  The action works as well as when it was issued and lots of rifling remains in the barrel.  Just a solid - honest - "carried, but cared for" Burnside Carbine.--$1,250.SOLD
  94. Model 1851 Federal Officer's integrally cast wreath eagle sword belt plate on original black leather waist belt.  Very nice condition overall and the soldier customized his saber belt plate a little bit by tapping the edges down, there-by making the edge a little bit wider on his buckle than what is typical.  A very nice relic.--$475.SOLD
  95. Nice condition excavated 3 - inch Confederate Read shell recovered in central Virginia and clearly demonstrating the "base chipping" flaw that the C.S. Read shells were famous for.  The shell has a perfect C.S. copper time fuse.  It has already been disarmed - cleaned - and coated and is ready to go on display.--$350.
  96. Either totally non-excavated or "VERY" early Battlefield Pick-up BIG 3.67 Hotchkiss bolt nose section.  It is slick enough that we could fire it today.  These are not all that common in the larger sizes.--$225.
  97. Relic condition {likely a Battlefield Pick-Up} Model 1812 smoothbore musket with a CONFEDERATE style conversion from flint to percussion.  This nice artifact came out of a central Virginia barn many years ago and has been in my old friend - Jay Collier's - collection for a number of years.  Jay passed away a couple years back, and it's now time to sell his relic musket.  Nicely cut into the stock of the musket is "7th VA."  This is a very hard fighting unit and this musket almost certainly saw some serious "Battle Action".--$975.SOLD
  98. Excavated Federal "Bullseye" lead filled Artillery rosette.  It was recovered on private property near Chickamauga, GA. and has a very attractive "woods brown" patina.--$45.SOLD
  99. PERFECT condition excavated brass mount to a Confederate Manufactured Cavalry Saber Scabbard.  It was recovered about 50 years ago on private property near Chickamauga, GA.--$65.
  100. Beautiful condition excavated cuff size Wisconsin State Seal Federal button.  It has a smooth brown patina with gold gilt all over it and completely outlining the figures.  The shank remains perfectly intact and it has a "Waterbury" backmark.  This button was recovered by Kenny Copelin in Southern Kentucky.--$95.
  101. Fresh out of an attic on top of the Cumberland Plateau here in Middle Tennessee.  Very nice condition Pattern 1853 English Cavalry saber.  The Confederacy imported quite a number of these.  Some of these are marked "Issac - Campbell & Co." while others are unmarked.  This one isn't marked at all.  The checkered "pressed leather grips" are in excellent condition and the blade remains bright and clean.  The scabbard remains in nice condition as well with a smooth - never cleaned - thick chocolate brown patina.  Southern made Confederate Cavalry sabers generally run $4,000. or so.  Here is your chance to own a very nice condition saber that was quite likely Southern carried for a "small fraction" of the price of a Southern made example.--only $795.SOLD
  102. RARE - RARE - RARE 4-page Gonzales Co., TEXAS slave related document.  The document is dated January 1851 and relates to settling the estate of George Normoad {deceased}.  There are a number of slaves - both children and adults - involved and described.  I can't remember the last time that I had a multi-page TEXAS slave document.  {The little arrows are my doing and not actually on the document}--$295.SOLD
  103. Very attractive - just as dug, with a pretty chocolate brown patina - Federal carbine sling buckle and matching belt tip.  This was recovered many years ago by Wade Buchanan from "Camp Stanley" here at Murfreesboro, TN.  This was the 1862 - 1863 Federal Cavalry "Winter Camp" while here at Murfreesboro, TN. {following the Battle of Stones River}.--$125.
  104. Rare - Rare - Rare Excavated 3.8 inch "Tie Ring Base" James Birdcage projectile.  This scarce shell was recovered a number of years ago at The Battle of Gauley Bridge, W.V.  It has already been disarmed - cleaned - and coated and is now 100% ready for display.  I've had several regular "Birdcage James" shells over the past year or so, but this is the first pretty "Tie-Ring James" that I've had in a quite long time.--$895.SOLD
  105. A local family just brought this one in a few minutes ago.  It's a quite rare "Pre-War" 1860 date production Ames Cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade has an aged brown patina with blade markings of "Ames Mfg. Co. - 1860".  The grip has original wrap and wire, but is worn through to wood from use in some areas.  The scabbard has a smooth chocolate brown patina, and the rings are literally worn 1/3rd the way through the mounts.  This saber was SERIOUSLY carried, and almost certainly Confederate carried.  I would love to hear the stories that this saber could tell.--$895.
  106. Very attractive .58 cal. Model 1855 leather Federal cartridge box complete with U.S. plate - both tins - both roller buckles - both leather belt loops - leather closure tab - and brass finial all intact.  This is likely an unissued cartridge box as it was purchased from Bannermann about 50 to 60 years ago.  Interestingly,  the U.S. plate is a "U. S. buckle" rather than the usual U. S. cartridge boxplate.--$495.SOLD
  107. Pretty condition Model 1858 Federal "Bullseye" Canteen with original butternut wool cover - stopper and chain - maker's mark - and also with it's original linen sling.  No collection is complete without a nice complete canteen.--$425.SOLD
  108. Beautiful color, strike, and detail on this excavated coat size North Carolina "Sunburst".  The Confederate government bought shell jackets from the State of North Carolina and issued them to "The Army Of Tennessee" in 1863 - 1864 when encamped around Dalton, GA.  This button was recovered by Benny Anderson on private property from one of these very camps where they were issued.  Missing the shank as usual, but just beautiful otherwise.--$110.
  109. How many of these have you dug ??  Excavated "Plum-Bob" used in camp for construction of huts, etc. and appears to have been made from melted bullets.  This would be an excellent addition to a carved lead display.--$45.
  110. Nice large Civil War era oil container with it's original twist off cap still in place.--$65.
  111. This isn't Civil War, but came in with a recent collection, and I'll bet someone will just LOVE to have it.  It is a beautiful, Highly Detailed "1947" U.S.A.F. cloth {feels like silk} aircraft pilot's map of ALASKA.  This map will frame up GREAT.  Who knows - Sara Palin - might have an interest in this piece.  It's colors all remain bright and vivid.--$75.SOLD
  112. I just got in an original Confederate cartridge box that had two very rare ".69 cal. minies" in original wrap inside.  I am not sure if the cartridges are of U.S. or C.S. manufacture.  Each of the two cartridges had some age cracks and powder was leaking out.  I have very carefully stabilized the cracks and no powder now leaks out.  These cartridges will make an excellent addition to someone's .69 cal. rifled musket display.--$125. each
  113. Very Cool little Confederate infantry grouping out of North Alabama.  The group consists of a quite rare .69 cal. prewar leather cartridge box - complete with excellent condition "upside down" large size "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate {upside down "U.S." becomes "S.N." which {in the South} means "Southern Nation"} complete with the tins still inside, BUT the tins are for .58 cal. and one of the original .58 cal. cartridges was still inside.  The rare Confederate manufacture dark brown leather belt is still with the box as well.  Also, the original butternut wool covered Model 1858 "Bullseye" canteen is with the group and still has the old brown leather  Confederate sling with it.  And possibly the coolest piece of all is an absolutely beautifully written {in old brown ink} 29 page manuscript document honoring  "The Mothers of The Confederacy" and pleading to have a monument built to them.  I really don't know if this monument was actually ever constructed or not.  I do know some family history, but am not certain which soldier these items actually belonged too.  With some digging that could likely be unraveled.  Very nice relics clearly demonstrating how many a Confederate soldier's Civil War equipment was actually "pre-Civil War" outdated Federal equipment.--$1,450. for all
  114. Very nice condition Model 1860 Ames light cavalry saber and scabbard.  Quite clean blade with bold markings of "Ames Mfg. Co. - U.S. - 1865".  The grip is all original and in exceptionally nice condition.  The scabbard has remnants of old Nichol plating indicating that it probably spent time in an old G.A.R. Hall.  This would be a great first Civil War saber for a new collector.--$650.SOLD
  115. Excavated coat size Mass. Vol. Inf. Federal officer's uniform button.  This button has a push in the front, but remains solid as a rock with gold gilt "literally" all over the place.  Nice detail and shank intact, and REALLY bargain priced due to the "push".  {Actually a very pretty button}--$30.
  116. Quite Rare "C. Hammond" Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry saber.  For a good many years "C. Hammond" was thought to be a Confederate maker, but we now know that he was not.  It is quite possible, though, that some of his sabers may have been Confederate carried.  This one has a nice clean blade and a good mark.  The scabbard has a smooth, never cleaned, aged patina and the grip is worn down to polished wood.--$650.
  117. Attractive and somewhat scarce T-28 Sep. 2, 1861 {Two Ladies and Urn} Confederate $10. note.  This was just this morning brought into the shop and is out of the local area.  It's a good solid, circulated note and at a good price.--$75.
  118. Nice condition excavated "pair" {one open end and one closed end} Springfield musket combination gun tools.  These were recovered about 40 years ago on Private property near Chickamauga by Dr. Rees Buttram.  You don't often see a nice excavated "set" for sale.--$95.
  119. Beautiful condition cast brass gilted "Massachusetts State Pin".  The "T-bar" attachment pin remains intact on the reverse.  I have actually seen these on Veteran's Uniforms, but they may date Civil War era as well.--$45.
  120. "1855" date bible by "Lippincott, Grambo, & Co.". Most Civil War soldiers, both Union and Confederate, left home carrying a bible and most often the date of the bible would be from the mid - late 1850's. This is a classic example of a typical bible that a Civil War soldier would have left home carrying.--$65.SOLD
  121. Non-excavated cast brass cavalry spur of the type that we often recover from Confederate Cavalry camps here in Middle Tennessee.  I am unsure whether these were Confederate Govt. issue or were actually private purchase.  Very nice condition with the original iron rowel remaining intact.--$75.SOLD
  122. Excellent condition original booklet printed in New Orleans in 1862 giving a detailed breakdown {per each Plantation} of sugar production in the State of Louisiana in 1861 - 62.  It has been so long - that I can't even remember - when I last had one of these.--$75.SOLD
  123. Circulated, but complete and sound Feb. 17, 1864 - Confederate $2. note.  This is a T-70 with Judah P. Benjamin.--$55.
  124. Pair of original Civil War era "eye glasses".  Just perfect for creating a camp scene display.--$45.
  125. Excellent condition and quite rare cover postmarked "Murfreesboro, TN." {March 18, 1850} - hand cancelled - and addressed to "Mr. Robert M. Rucker - University of Virginia".  Robert was a student there from 1849 until 1851, and would be a future Confederate soldier with the Army of Tennessee.  "Rucker Road"- here in Murfreesboro, TN. today is named for this man and his family.  This item is directly out of the family and comes with a copy of a picture of him and a copy of his personal history.  Inexpensive little item, but "loaded with cool".  This is an item that could easily be very appealing to a current "University of Virginia" graduate.--$65.SOLD
  126. Excellent condition original Civil War era bone handled eating fork and knife.  Just perfect for a Civil War camp scene display.--$45. for both
  127. Bargain Priced "1862" date Mansfield and Lamb Federal Model 1860 light cavalry saber and scabbard.  The markings remain easily legible, but the blade is dark and somewhat dirty overall.  The grip remains pretty nice still retaining original wrap and wire.  The scabbard has a nice "thick layer" of old black paint that needs to be removed.  With a little elbow grease this will be an attractive, early date Civil War saber at a great value.--$595.
  128. Solid as a rock excavated "W. H. Smith - Brooklyn" marked large oval "U.S." cartridge boxplate.  This was dug on private property many, many years ago near Chickamauga, GA.  It has full lead and both wire loops perfectly intact.--$295.
  129. Very attractive "1848 - Ames" NCO sword in original leather scabbard {missing only the brass tip} with the white over-the-shoulder sling - frog - and eagle breastplate.  The blade on this sword is "sparkling" bright with deep, sharp marks.  This rig will display with museum quality beauty.--$975.
  130. Small 1800s era "Opera Glasses" that still work perfectly.  A number of these small glasses are known to have been used in the field during the Civil War.  {Also great for college dorm use !!!!! - I've heard !!!!}--$75.
  131. Really pretty excavated Federal "I" Infantry officer Coat and Cuff set recovered about 40 years ago on private property near Shiloh by Dr. Rees Buttram.  Both buttons are beautifully gilted and perfect with shanks intact.  This type quality could be found 40 years ago, but is nearly unheard of to recover now.--$50. for the pair
  132. Classic example of the Model 1858 smooth type Federal canteen.  It was the most widely used canteen of the American Civil War.  This is your basic canteen with original stopper and chain.--$150.
  133. Excellent condition non-excavated large size, lead filled "U.S." oval Federal cartridge boxplate.  This plate has a beautiful - NEVER CLEANED - rich, bronze aged patina on the face.  The reverse has full lead and both iron loops perfectly intact - and 2 1/4 inches apart.  Just the ticket to finish out your leather cartridge box needing a GREAT plate.--$250.
  134. Original Confederate "Secession Badge" purchased about 40 years ago out of the Gilliard family estate of Charleston, S.C.  The circular portion itself is in nice solid condition.  The silk ribbons had fallen apart and I have replaced them.  The photograph is of two Robertson Co., TN. boys each wearing a "Secession badge".  This will make an impressive addition to your collection, and at a very reasonable price.--$125.SOLD
  135. Very nice condition original .577 cal. Enfield musket tompion.  A fantastic final touch for your nice Enfield musket.--$65.
  136. Attractive attic brown-grey patina on this .28 cal. 6-shot Manhattan produced Pepperbox revolver.  These were produced between 1856 and 1860 and a number of these were actually carried in the American Civil War.  This revolver is "Manhattan" marked and retains good action and is nicely engraved.--$550.
  137. Just In -- Very nice 1/6th plate ambrotype of a young Confederate Cavalryman with his early "N. Starr" type Cavalry saber held upward over his shoulder.  The image is in an intricate pattern "Gutta Percha" hanging style frame.  This young Western Rebel looks tough as nails and is very likely one of Forrest's or Wheeler's boys.  A very rare Rebel image in a very intricate and rare frame.--$750.SOLD
  138. VERY RARE excavated floating shank COAT SIZE Confederate "P. Tait" manuscript "I".  This button was recovered from private property near Savannah, GA. and has a nice "never cleaned" dark brown/green patina.  It is solid as a rock with no dents, cracks, or anything -- It's just PRETTY.--$350.
  139. Excavated coat size Confederate Artillery button recovered from the 1863 winter camp Confederate Artillery park located 4 miles from Shelbyville, TN. on the Lewisburg Pike.  The button has an attractive face, but the reverse was partially rusted out and has been restored and stabilized.--$95.
  140. Extremely rare excavated coat size Western Theater Confederate block "C" - Cavalry Button.  Excellent face with a smooth brown-green woods patina and the iron back remains intact and solid.  This scarce button was recovered from an 1862 Confederate Cavalry camp along the Hatchie River in North Mississippi.--$375.
  141. Stunning - mint condition - with 100 % bright gold gilt non-excavated coat size Confederate "H. T. & B. - Manchester" stippled block "R" {Rifleman}.  This button literally couldn't be nicer and in years gone by would have sold for a solid $850.  This beautiful Confederate button is friendly priced to move in THIS economy.--$650.
  142. Just came in - Model 1860 "Henry Boker - Solingen" import cavalry saber.  Bokers were imported from Germany and a good many found their way into Southern hands.  This one has nice wear which guarantees that the saber saw lots of service.  I suspect that this saber might have at one time been on display in an old Veteran's Hall, since there is remnants of old plating on the blade.  It has an excellent display look.--$695.
  143. Nice condition and quite rare and ornate "Tennessee Brigade" United Confederate Veterans Reunion badge and ribbons for the 29th National Confederate Reunion held in Atlanta in 1919.  This is a difficult badge to find in a condition this nice.--$250.
  144. Really nice condition excavated cast brass Confederate coat size Block "I" uniform button.  It was recovered on private property along Columbia Pike just South of The Carter House at The Battle of Franklin, TN. and it has a beautiful never cleaned brown/green patina.  It would be hard to dig a prettier one.--$150.SOLD
  145. Excellent condition original .36 cal. folding "scissor type" bullet mold for a single round pistol ball.--$45.
  146. Excavated large size "Puppy Paw" hook pattern U.S, oval waist belt plate.  This buckle was recovered 33 years ago at "White Oak Swamp", VA.  and still has the old green woods mulch stuck to it.--$250.SOLD
  147. Non-excavated "Puppy Paw Hook" style lead filled large oval "U.S." waist belt plate.  This buckle has true character with a very well done field repair to the front belt hook.  The field repair was so well done that the buckle is still wearable and quite serviceable yet today -- 150 years later.--$250.
  148. Non-excavated cast brass cavalry spur of a style that we regularly recover out of Confederate Cavalry camps here.  We aren't completely sure if this is a civilian spur that was popular in the South and simply carried from home to War or if it was of Confederate military origin.  This one is perfect with original rowel and complete leather attachment strap.  You won't see a nicer example.--$125.
  149. Very pretty 7-ring non-excavated Model 1858 Civil War "Bullseye" canteen.  The 3 sling holders and the spout are painted gold usually indicating early display in a G.A.R. Hall.  The gold painted pewter spout has both the soldier's initials and the canteen maker's mark.--$195.
  150. This is one of the RAREST and MOST SOUGHT AFTER of all Confederate "C.S." Central Government waist belt plates to recover.  It's nickname is the "C.S. Sardine" -- So named because it is shaped much like a "sardine ration can".  This plate was recovered in central Mississippi and is very solid and is a "Super Nice" example of this scarce Confederate buckle.  It has a pretty chocolate brown patina and has only one very tiny freeze crack.  The solder marks are clearly visible on the reverse where the hooks were at one time located, but they are not present now - as usual.  This is a Confederate plate that you rarely ever see offered for sale.--$4,850.
  151. 1/6th plate fully cased tintype of two Federal soldiers.  Both soldiers are seated with frock coats open.--$135.
  152. Excavated circular Federal eagle breastplate recovered a few years ago here at Stones River.  The plate displays well, but had some chipping around the rim when recovered.  This has been professionally stabilized, and the plate is very solid and stable now.--$95.
  153. Absolutely "drop dead beautiful" non-excavated Confederate "C.S. MISSISSIPPI STYLE" cavalry spur.  This spur has the same wide tooth file marks as a C.S.A. rectangle waist belt plate.  I have never seen a nicer one.--$450.
  154. Pretty little E. Whitney .31 cal. 5-shot 2nd Model 3rd Type Pocket Model Percussion Revolver.  E. Whitney Pocket Models were produced in the late 1850s and only "early" 1860s.  This example is serial number "21064" out of a total production of 32,500.  This is "1860 - 1862" production.  The metal has a smooth aging grey patina with really no pitting at all.  It retains good bore and the action is much like me --- works sometimes and sometimes not - according to how it feels !!  This is a very nice little early Civil War produced revolver and surfaced here in the South -- so could very well be Rebel carried.  {And very fairly priced}--$795.
  155. Nice smooth chocolate brown attic patina on the metal of this .69 cal. Model 1842 smoothbore 3-band Springfield musket.  The lockplate is marked "U.S. - 1848 - Springfield" and the action still works well with a good strong spring.  The stock is quite attractive with a visible inspector cartouche and just the normal small dings and marks of service.  I just purchased this musket out of a North Carolina estate dating all the way back to the 1940 - 1950s era.  This is a weapon with that slick brown patina that some tasteful, gentle cleaning would make look significantly nicer.--$1,450.
  156. Last Thursday was absolutely beautiful and 67 degrees.  My daughter - Savannah - and I decided that it was a perfect day to play "Hooky" and go relic digging instead of opening the shop.  I had found a small Union camp a few weeks earlier and we decided to see what was there.  We got several bullets - a coat size eagle "I" button - and then I got this nice clear "80" reading on the scale.  At 14 inches deep and under several big roots was a beautiful early style - lead filled - "U.S." oval.  Notice the oval "ghost" where it has been laying for the last 150 years.  Savannah now has it in her display case to remember the experience !!!!!  {If a guy could bottle the rush that you get from digging a Civil War belt plate - It would put Cocaine right out of business !!!}
  157. I tried to get Rocky to smile, but all he wanted to do was eat and drink !!!!!!!
  158. Isn't this guy beautiful - almost neon green.  He came up while bullet digging today as if to say - " Hey Man - Digging Anything ??"
  159. Check out my new "Best Friend" !!!!  When I feed him - It's like he says "I Love You Man !!!!"
  160. My "Free Kitten" with every purchase promotion is winding up BUT My Free "Baby Raccoon" with every purchase is just getting started !!!  {I have 2 Moms and a total of 7 baby Raccoons !!!!}
  161. Deep, rich, aged bronze patina on this "1850" date "Batty" produced "PEACE FLASK".  It is in quite nice condition overall with crisp, pretty detail on this flask's intricate stamped brass die work.  The flask has actually been carried as evidenced by a couple small dings and marks from use.  The famous "Peace Flask" adds a touch of museum type beauty to any collection.--$425.
  162. Genuine "actually issued" 1862 date Confederate $100. loan bond.  This isn't a left over "never issued surplus"- but rather is a Confederate bond that is completely "filled out and issued" and every interest coupon was redeemed until the Civil War ended and the investment was completely lost.  This is a TRUE piece of Civil War and Confederate history.--$95.SOLD
  163. Very attractive excavated large size Confederate "Fork Tongue" or "Wishbone" Frame Buckle.  It was recovered from a Confederate camp in North Mississippi.--$750.
  164. Super beautiful excavated large oval "U.S." cartridge boxplate.  This plate was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram over 40 years ago on private property at Chickamauga, GA.  The era of recovering this kind of fine quality has long since past.--$225.
  165. Very nice condition original non-excavated Civil War era 3-blade Medical "Bleeder".  A local family just brought this item in and it could have very easily seen service in the hospitals here following the Battle of Stones River where over 10,000 wounded soldiers laid needing Medical attention.--$125.
  166. Confederate used French import Artillery Short Sword in a leather wrapped "solid wood" Confederate made scabbard.  Granted this isn't NEAR as rare and pricey as an actual "Confederate Manufactured" Artillery short sword and scabbard {typically $5,000. or so}, but just as Confederate used and the C.S. made wooden scabbard is really quite scarce itself to come by.  This nice artifact was recently brought into Bill and Brendan Synnamon's Civil War Shop in Gettysburg, PA. and I purchased it directly from them.  Here is your chance to have a very cool C.S. carried Artillery SHORT SWORD AND SCABBARD in your collection at a GREAT price.--$850.SOLD
  167. Freshly excavated 3.8 inch "Bird Cage James" Federal Artillery projectile.  This was recently recovered from Private Property near Shiloh and is muddy - rusty - and dirty just as recovered.  I have disarmed it, but it IS NOT cleaned up AT ALL.  I am pricing this rare and desirable shell at significantly less than the "$895" you normally see them priced at BUT YOU GET TO CLEAN IT UP YOURSELF {and save $250. to $300.}--$595.SOLD
  168. Fully cased 1/6th plate tintype of a standing Federal Cavalry Trooper.  He is wearing his kepi,  his Model 1851 sword belt rig,  and has his cavalry saber standing right in front of him.  Nothing really fancy about this guy - Just your typical Federal Cavalry Trooper ready to mount up.--$275.
  169. Flawless condition with literally 100% bright gold gilt Confederate coat size stippled "A" Artillery Officer's button with "H.T.&B.-Manchester" backmark.  You will not see a more perfect and beautiful example.--$395.
  170. Very attractive and quite rare "1849" date "Sprague and Marston" .31 cal. 6-shot Pepper Box revolver.  The revolver has a smooth dark attic patina with lots of remaining engraving.  The action works sometimes and doesn't sometimes.  You see Pepper Box revolvers of this type being carried in many Civil War images.--$595.SOLD
  171. Absolutely choice condition cast brass COLT MARKED .31 cal. double cavity Colt bullet mold PERFECT to compliment your nice .31 cal. Colt Pocket Model Revolver.--$195.SOLD
  172. .54 cal. non-excavated Burnside carbine cartridge perfect for complimenting your nice Burnside carbine display.  It does have a couple little dents, but is very solid and still displays quite well.--$65.SOLD
  173. VERY Pretty Model 1840 Ames Manufactured Federal Musician's Sword and Scabbard.  The blade is no less than SPARKLING bright and is marked "Ames Mfg. Co. - Chicopee, Mass. - U.S. - 1864" and the scabbard is in nice condition as well with only one little spot that has a little re-enforcing right at the bottom.--$595.
  174. Very attractive Model 1850  IMPORT French Made  Foot Officer's sword {sword only without scabbard}.  The blade has a smooth - gently aging - grey patina with crisp, sharp engraving top to bottom.  The grip is excellent with original sharkskin and wire and the ornate cast brass guard remains in excellent condition.  This came in out of the local area here in the South and has "U.S." NOWHERE WHAT-SO-EVER on the sword, so, as-you-know, - This is a strong sign that the sword was very likely imported into the South and C.S. carried.--$450.SOLD
  175. Excellent condition cast brass double cavity "country Rifle" or "Picket Style" bullet mold.  Looks to be about .36 cal.  I have excavated a good number of these "Country Rifle" bullets over the years and really can't recall ever recovering one that WAS NOT in a Confederate camp.  This is what many, many young Confederates left home carrying in 1861.--$150.
  176. Non-excavated mid 1800s folding "scissors type" bullet mold for a single round pistol ball.  Excellent condition.--only $45.
  177. Excellent condition excavated drop Confederate cannon friction primer recovered at night out of Jim Kay's lawn off Leland Lane - Battle of Nashville, TN. {NOT REALLY JIM - get up off the floor !!!}.  Actually recovered from a lawn down the street by Mark Swann !!! {Jim's hunting buddy !!}--$48.
  178. Really nice excavated 10-inch Civil War brass guard Side Knife recovered about 30 years ago by the legendary Relic Hunter - Mr. John Marks of Memphis, TN.  Mr. Marks recovered this artifact from the huge camps located at Eastport, MS.  It is very likely that this artifact is published in one of the early reference books as many of Mr. Mark's artifacts are pictured in the early books.--$395.
  179. Nice excavated large size lead filled early "Puppy Paw" style U.S. oval waist belt plate.  This one was recovered in 1978 on private property near Chickamauga, GA.--$275.SOLD
  180. Absolutely breathtaking beautiful excavated coat size SILVERED NC-8 Confederate local.  This North Carolina State Seal button has silver wash nicely outlining the detail - both front and back.  Solid as a rock - no dents - silver wash all over the place - and shank intact.--$195.
  181. Small leather Federal Percussion Cap pouch.  It is complete with inner flap - closure tab - brass finial - and both belt loops intact.--$165.
  182. Very nice and quite rare "1862" date "D. J. Millard" Federal Cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade is clean with a gently greying age patina and is marked "1862 - D. J. Millard - U.S."  The grip has original wrap and wire with just a couple small old age cracks.  The scabbard has a smooth chocolate patina and the saber has seen enough service that the rings are worn deeply into the ring mounts.  This came in out of the local area and the family legend was that one of their Confederate ancestors had captured this saber from a Federal Cavalryman after Stone River and carried it himself for the rest of the war.  Even the leather pad that the scabbard seats against remains intact.--$950.SOLD
  183. 2imagegutta.JPG (57990 bytes)2imageguttacase.JPG (76654 bytes)2imageguttamkr.JPG (47132 bytes)2imageguttasldr.JPG (85446 bytes)2imageguttafthr.JPG (78850 bytes)2imageguttapin.JPG (49338 bytes)Excellent condition double cased images of a father and son in a fine "Holmes, Booth, & Hayden" Guttapercha case.  The image of the son is a nice, clear military with a Colt revolver across his chest.  The image of the father is clear as well with a gilted masonic pin clearly visible.  Just a fine condition case and set of images.--$425.
  184. Quite scarce 1904 United Confederate Veteran's medal from the U.C.V. Reunion  at NASHVILLE, TN.  The flags on the medal still retain 100% enamel and the medal is backmarked "Schwaab & Co., Milwaukee".--$95.
  185. November 1, 1863 Civil War era civilian's letter with original  "stamped" and "Post Marked" cover.  The major content of the letter {unfortunately} is about how upset he is about an early freeze ruining his potato crop.  {How do you just talk about potatoes when the Battles of Gettysburg and Chickamauga have just occurred !!}--Only $20.
  186. Very nice condition excavated circular Federal eagle breastplate with an early "1965" Chancellorsville, VA. recovery tag.  This plate is so nice that it actually has an early "Battlefield Pick-up" type look.  Excellent face - full lead - and both loops intact.--$195.SOLD
  187. Very nice condition "E. & H. T. Anthony" backmark C.D.V. of "Maj. Gen. J. Bankhead Magruder".--$65.
  188. Unopened packet of "Frankford Arsenal" 1864 5-Second Artillery time fuzes.  This is an item that displays very "museum like" and doesn't cost $1,000.--Only $89.
  189. Very RARE "unknown" .52 cal. Confederate carbine projectile recovered in 1968 by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property at "Brice's Crossroads".  This is MM-118.--$65.
  190. Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.  The blade has an aging grey brown patina with markings of “Mansfield and Lamb-1864- US” The grip has original wrap and wire with just a couple old age cracks.  The iron scabbard is in nice condition with a smooth chocolate brown aged patina and has a just a couple small dings from actual service.--$895.

  191. Nice little 18th OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY REUNION document.  This is the "OFFICIAL PROGRAMME" for the Oct. 7th and 8th, 1891 Reunion held at Athens, OHIO and in excellent condition.--$45.SOLD
  192. Really pretty excavated N.C. Starburst Confederate button recovered by Benny Anderson about 30 years ago from 1863 - 1864 Army of Tennessee Confederate winter camps around Dalton, GA.  This button had the shank intact when found and it has since fallen off due to the solder holding it breakdown.  We have put a tiny dot of glue under it to keep it in place.  You cannot even see the dot of glue.  You about never dig this button with the shank intact.  It has nice detail and a pretty chocolate brown woods patina.--$195.
  193. Pretty little small size 1934 United Confederate Veteran and United States American Legion Joint  Reunion  button and ribbon from the 1934 U.C.V. and U.S. American Legion Reunion at Chattanooga, TN.  The badge and ribbon pictures the silhouette of Lookout Mtn. in the background.--$75.
  194. Quite nice grouping of four artifacts recovered from a small camp just outside Lawrenceburg, TN. by Michael Orton.  From the flower buttons and style of the stirrup - we sort of feel the site Confederate even though there was a nice large size "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate recovered there.  All the items are in better than average condition.--$195.
  195. Quite attractive unmarked iron guard Model 1840 "Tiffany".  The blade is just beginning to grey with age, and the metal scabbard has an aged - never cleaned - chocolate brown patina.  The grip was down to wood when it surfaced, and has been professionally restored.  This is a fairly scarce saber and scabbard at a super reasonable price.  Not to mention that surfacing here in the South could indicate C.S. service.--ONLY $650.
  196. Beautiful excavated coat size Confederate Block "A" 2-Piece Artillery button.  This button was recovered from a Confederate Artillery winter camp near Richmond, VA.  The face is smooth as can be with a chocolate brown woods patina and the iron reverse is rusty, but completely intact.  Very pretty dug button.--$125.
  197. Beautiful condition gilted non-excavated coat size floral button of the type that we often recover in Confederate campsites.  This one has the "Ives - Kendrick" backmark - You might be thinking "Where have I seen that backmark before" --- YEP - How about on the back of the "RB" in shield "Republican Blues" Confederate used buttons.--$45.SOLD
  198. Excavated large size U.S. oval cartridge boxplate recovered from Chickamauga, GA. with a beautiful face and a "W. H. Smith - Brooklyn" maker's mark that you can read across the room.  This plate was dug almost 40 years ago and it's quality reflects that.--$295.
  199. Original .58 cal. wooden musket tompion.  This is a Bannermann surplus and will be a nice little musket accent for someone.--$65.
  200. Very Rare C.D.V. of Confederate General T. J. {Stonewall} Jackson.  It is your classic "Anthony" pose and has a nice clear backmark.  This is a C.D.V. that always has been and always will be among the most sought after due to "Stonewall" Jackson's huge popularity.--$350.
  201. Beautiful condition - 100 % gold gilt - coat size Federal "C" - Cavalry Officer's button.  Shank is intact and has a "D. Evans" backmark.--$85.
  202. Nice condition C.D.V. of Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard - His name is on the back in era old brown ink.--$85.SOLD
  203. Excellent condition coat size gilted non-excavated Massachusetts State Seal Staff Officer's button.  The shank is intact and straight with a "Waterbury - Scovill" backmark.--$45.
  204. Excavated pair of nice condition gilted Federal cuff size buttons. These were recovered about 40 years ago on private property at Chickamauga by Dr. Rees Buttram.  One is an Infantry officer and the other is a Staff Officer.--$48. for both
  205. Pair of excavated cast brass "Union Patriotic" tension tighteners off a Civil War era banjo or drum.  They say "Union Forever" around the base of the eagle.  One of the two is 100% complete and the other has the eagle's head broken.  Both were recovered from a Union 1863 camp here at Stones River.--$65. for the pair-
  206. Perfect condition excavated heavy cast brass private purchase {but Confederate used} cavalry spur.  This one was recovered from Starnes 1863 C.S. Cavalry camp located near Altamont, TN.  It has the rowel perfectly intact and a nice green/brown uncleaned woods patina.  A very nice piece.--$275.
  207. Drop dead beautiful excavated coat size excavated Confederate "Lined A" Artillery button.  This button was recovered many years ago from the Confederate "Artillery Park Camp" located 4 miles outside Shelbyville, TN. on the Lewisburg Pike.  This camp was occupied by the Artillery of Polk's Corp - Army of Tennessee in March - April, 1863.  It has a smooth slick brown patina - no dents, and shank intact.--$395.
  208. Excellent condition 1905 United Confederate Veterans U.C.V. souvenir reunion medal.  This reunion was held June 14 - 16 1905 at Louisville, KY.  It has a Confederate battle flag in the middle that retains almost 100% of the original enamel. --$95.
  209. Really cool tiny little reunion canteen bearing the slogan "We Drank From The Same Canteen".  It's been years and years since I've seen one of these but if memory serves me right - This little canteen is from a famous {joint} "UCV - GAR" Reunion.  I can't remember when - where - or any of the details but I'm sure one of my good reunion buddies will send me the "scoop".  Anyway -- It's--$195.
  210. Beautiful excavated coat size "Droop Wing Eagle" Confederate Staff Officer's button.  This was dug in the early 1970s from the 1862 - 1863 winter camp of the 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry located near Tullahoma, TN.- You couldn't ask to dig a nicer button.--$275.
  211. Very pretty excavated stamped brass "Hardee Eagle Hat Pin" recovered on private property here at Stones River several years ago by Danny Hammonds.  Danny recovered this hat plate about 600 yards from our shop here and where I am sitting right now !!!--$150.
  212. Fresh dug 3 inch Percussion fuzed Hotchkiss projectile recovered by my buddy - Kent Wall - along Tyne Blvd. which is 2nd Days Fighting at the 1864 Battle of Nashville, TN.  The cup wasn't with the shell when found - just an extra one I had and am including for better display of the projectile.  I have drilled it, but you get the "fun" to clean it to your own taste.--$250.
  213. Quite rare to recover - Beautiful condition excavated musket main-spring vise.  This was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram about 40 years ago on private property near Shiloh.  This artifact is in such nice condition that it could probably be broken loose to still function. Really, Really Nice.--$65.
  214. Excavated scarce "Pointed Nose" Maynard cartridge recovered years ago from Wilson's Federal Cavalry position at the Dec.- 1864 Battle of Nashville, TN. - Second Day Fighting.--$48.
  215. Quite scarce .58 cal. "Providence Tool Co." - 1863 date Model 1861 3-band contract rifled musket.  This musket shows clear signs of having really been carried A LOT.  The metal has a smooth dark, attic brown patina with lockplate markings of "Providence Tool Co. - Providence, R.I. - 1863".  The markings are all visible, but worn down quite a bit from use.  The wood shows lots of use as well with corners rounded and all the normal bumps and bruises of a carried weapon.  The inspector's cartouche is worn, but you can still faintly make it out.  It is missing the rear sling swivel and has a "home grown" rear site.  This is a good, honest rare contract Civil War musket that without question "Saw The Elephant".--$1,150.
  216. This is one of the best and most sought after of all excavated relics reference books and has been out of print forever.  This is "Excavated Artifacts From Battlefields and Campsites of the Civil War" by Stanley Phillips.  It remains in very nice condition.--$115.
  217. Mint condition very rare non-excavated coat size gilted "lined" Confederate block "C" - Cavalry officer's button.  It has the shank intact and reverse that is unmarked.  This is one of the nicest examples that I have seen.--$450.
  218. Excavated nice condition Leech and Rigdon style Confederate Manufactured Cavalry Spur recovered from Spring Hill, TN. on private property in areas that Forrest's and Van Dorn's Confederate Cavalry were camped in 1863.--$275.
  219. Scarce "Tiffany - New York" iron guard Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade is clean just starting to darken a bit with age and is crisply marked "P.D.L. - Tiffany - New York".  It has original wrap and wire on the grip with about 80 % of the leather still intact.  The cast iron 3-branch guard remains in nice condition as does the original iron scabbard.  "Tiffany" sabers are a bit rarer to come by than most other 1840 style sabers.--$850.SOLD
  220. Nice condition and quite scarce "1862" date D. J. Millard Federal Light Cavalry Saber And Scabbard.  The blade has a smooth gently greying aged patina with deep, sharp marks of "1862 - D. J. Millard - U,S. - Clayville, N.Y."  The blade was sharpened a little bit back during the Civil War years, and is equally patinaed to the rest of the blade.  The original leather grip and wire are intact and in very nice condition.  The scabbard is excellent as well with a smooth, aged brown patina and is without even a single ding.--$895.SOLD
  221. Quite Rare to find "1861" dated Ames Model 1860 Federal Light Cavalry Saber and Scabbard.  The blade is marked "1861 - U.S. - Ames Mfg. Co." and is clean overall, but beginning to darken with age in some areas.  The grip has original wrap and wire, but the saber has seen enough service that the grip is worn through to polished wood in some areas.  The scabbard is in nice condition as well with an aged chocolate brown patina and also shows several small marks from lots of service in the saddle.  This is one of the most sought after of all dates on both muskets and sabers.--$895.
  222. Nice looking Model 1840 Federal Artillery saber and scabbard.  The blade is clean just beginning to darken in areas with age.  It is marked "Ames Mfg. Co. - 1864 - U.S. - Chicopee, Mass." and does have several blade to blade nicks up and down it's length.  The scabbard is in good condition as well, also beginning to darken in areas with age.  This is a good solid, attractive, middle grade example.--$850.
  223. Quite hard to find -- Lucy Pickens Confederate $100. note.  This is the Feb. 17th, 1864 issue and is a circulated note, but strong and complete.--$125.
  224. Excavated large oval S.N.Y. ( State of New York) waist beltplate.  This buckle was recovered about 20 years ago near Cold Harbor, VA.  The face does have a little ground action, but has a nice appearance with brown green patina.--$595.
  225. Pretty excavated circular lead filled Federal eagle breastplate.  This was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram many, many years ago on private property near Chickamauga, GA.  It has a crisp face - full lead - and one of the two iron attachment loops remaining intact.  This is a nicer eagle breastplate than is typically being recovered now.--$175.
  226. Excellent condition and VERY RARE to come by hand stitched Confederate brown leather "Slim Jim" holster correct for a .36 cal. Colt Navy Model revolver.  If you have a nice Colt Navy revolver - here is all it needs to be "Museum Ready".  We have added an image of how a Colt Navy "looks" in this holster.--$595.SOLD
  227. Non-Excavated cast brass keeper for a Model 1851 Eagle Sword Belt Plate.  This keeper fits a buckle that is 2 1/8th inch in overall width and took a belt 1 7/8ths in width and had a tongue from 1/2 inch to 9/16ths in width.  It's really hard to find a keeper "that fits" to finish an eagle sword plate out.--$45.SOLD
  228. Absolutely drop dead beautiful excavated highly gilted coat size Vermont State Seal uniform button.  This was recovered about 40 years ago by Dr. Don Orth and has bright gold gilt outlining the entire detail.--$165.SOLD
  229. Excavated complete .50 cal. Gallagher carbine cartridge.  This one was recovered about 30 years ago from the Federal Cavalry Head Quarters camp located near Pump Springs, AL. and is a cartridge that is rarely recovered anymore.--$65.
  230. Quite rare 2nd grip pattern "Bleckmann" Model 1860 Federal light cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade is in nice condition just beginning to darken with age. The grip is very nice with complete original wrap and wire, and the scabbard is equally nice also just starting to darken with age.  You really don't see this pattern "Bleckmann" for sale very often and their distinctive mark is clear as can be.--$850.SOLD
  231. "Pair" of Confederate Gardner bullets fuzed by the campfire.  This was recovered many years ago from private property near Chickamauga, GA. - Unusual Confederate artifact.--$25.
  232. Scarce "Western Theater" produced "Lee and His Generals" C.D.V.  It has the rare "A. S. Morse - Photographer - Dept. of the Cumberland - Nashville, Tenn." backmark.--$275.
  233. Excavated Enfield musket nipple protector with original chain recovered from the Confederate Battle Line on private property here at Stones River.--$45.SOLD
  234. Rarest of the rare excavated silvered oak leaf "Lt. Col." shoulder strap insignia.  It is in beautiful condition and was recovered in the early 1970s near Brandy Station, VA. by Chuck Sykes.  In 35 years I have only had 3 of these - so how scarce is that ??--$395.
  235. Model 1858 Federal "Bullseye" canteen with original cover and stopper.  It was recently purchased out of a North Georgia estate sale and has a "Philadelphia" maker's mark on the pewter spout.  You can clearly tell from the wear pattern on the wool cover that this canteen was actually carried.--$295.
  236. Excellent condition non-excavated coat size Confederate "Script I" {Infantry} Uniform Button.  It is just loaded with gold gilt and has shank straight and intact.  The reverse is plain.--$225.
  237. Very attractive "non-regulation" Civil War Cavalry Officer's saber with beautifully engraved blade and maker marked "Clauberg - Solingen - Iron Proof".  The blade is overall clean with several spots just beginning to turn dark with age.  The grip is excellent with original sharkskin and wire and the 3-branch iron guard is in nice condition with a smooth dark attic patina.  The iron scabbard is in nice shape, as well,  with a smooth chocolate brown uncleaned patina.--$950.
  238. Very nice condition excavated coat size Confederate "Droop Wing Eagle" C.S. Staff Officer's button.  This is a scarce "CS26A" and was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram about 40 years ago on private property near Chickamauga.--$195.
  239. Nice condition excavated coat size Confederate Lined Block "C" {Cavalry} button.  This button was recovered on private property from a C.S. Cavalry camp located near Richmond, VA.  It has a "Superior Quality" backmark and shank remains intact.--$295.
  240. Just dug out of a lawn here at Stones River.  Coat size Confederate "Droop Wing Eagle" Staff Officer's button.  Solid as a rock with a pretty chocolate brown patina recovered from private property along the first day fighting Confederate line position along Old Wilkinson Pike.  This would be Dec. 31, 1862 fighting.--$175.
  241. Very nice 1/6th plate fully cased full standing view of a Union Cavalryman.  He is well equipted with his Colt revolver on one side and his cavalry saber presented on the other.  The image has good clarity, but does have a few small scratches here and there, but they don't affect the image subject.  The case itself is a beautiful brown patriotic gutta percha with a large shield filled with stars on both front and back.  This is a really nice image.--$450.
  242. Quite rare CDV picturing 14 individuals that were the leadership of the Confederacy and are labeled the, "Confederate Head."  Some of the individuals pictured are Jeb Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, Earl Van Dorn, NB Forrest, Leonidus Polk, and others.--$195.
  243. Perfect condition excavated .52 cal. dropped "Whitworth like" projectile.  This was recovered from one of Gen. Hood's Sharpshooter positions at the "Battle of Nashville".  It is a long bullet that looks just like a cylindrical Whitworth, but just a slightly bigger caliber.  I have been told that this was used in a "Greene Rifle" - but I'm not sure.  It is unquestionably of Sharpshooter nature.  We find these projectiles and actual .45 cal. cylindrical Whitworths in the same areas.--$25.
  244. Quite ornate non-regulation Model 1850 Federal Field and Staff Officer's sword and scabbard.  The blade is darkening with age, but easily visible engraving remains. The guard is iron and quite ornate with the "cut-out eagle and U.S. and E. Pluribus Unum".  The original leather grip remains intact in some areas and is worn through to polished wood in other areas.  The scabbard has a thick brown aged patina and several small dents from use.  A nice honest example that has clearly "seen the elephant".--$850.
  245. Excavated 3-inch Federal Hotchkiss projectile recovered by Guinn Coble from Columbia/Spring Hill, TN. area {prelude to The Battle Of Franklin, TN.}  The projectile was missing the lead sabot when it was recovered and Guinn molded one back in place for display {and it looks excellent}--only $195.
  246. Very nice condition excavated TINY silvered South Carolina State Seal kepi button.  There is pretty silver remaining outlining the motif and the shank is intact.  You have to be really paying attention and listening or you'll miss this little gem.  This button was recovered about 30 years ago from private property near Chickamauga, GA.--$175.
  247. Circulated, but very attractive and sound as can be - Lucy Pickens - Feb. 17th, 1864 - $100. Confederate note.--$125.
  248. Coat size non-excavated Federal Navy button.  "Waterbury" backmark and shank intact.--$45.
  249. Beautiful condition excavated coat size Federal eagle "I" Infantry officer with lots of original gold gilt.  This was recovered on private property at Shiloh many, many years ago.--$38.
  250. Attractive and solid condition Model 1855 .58 cal. Federal leather cartridge box.  The box has leather closure tab - both iron roller buckles - brass finial - both leather belt loops - and inner compartment - all still intact.  It is maker marked "Dingee - New York".--$275.
  251. Nice condition excavated pair of Federal cast brass "Gutter back" Cavalry spurs.  These were recovered on private property near Chickamauga, GA. about 30 years ago.  This is not the most common pattern Federal spur to recover.--$150. for pair
  252. Mint condition original unissued "red" Federal Artillery hat cord for the "Hardee Style Hat".--$45.
  253. Beautiful condition excavated coat size New York state seal button.  The button was recovered in the late 1960s by Dr. Rees Buttrum from the camp of Gen. Joseph Hooker's troops located near Tiftonia, TN.  The button is perfect with shank intact and lots of gold gilt remaining.--$35.
  254. Excellent condition excavated coat size Federal eagle Staff Officer's button.  It has crisp detail and the eagle is surrounded by gold gilt.  This was recovered about 40 years ago on private property near Chickamauga.--$38.
  255. Group of flattened bullets and a button used by soldiers for poker chips or game pieces.  These were recovered many years ago from private property near Shiloh.--$30. for all
  256. Beautiful condition excavated gilted coat size Federal Infantry Officer's button.  This button has a "Goddard" backmark and was recovered about 40 years ago on private property near Shiloh.--$38.
  257. Nice condition  Sept. 2, 1861 rare "Floating Sail Ship" Confederate $20. note.--$65.
  258. Now here is an item that you don't see offered for sale every day.  It is an "1842" printing of "The History Of America" in GERMAN and was presented to a soldier in "1864".  The book remains in very nice condition.--$95.
  259. Excavated drop .69 cal. triangle base French Minie.  This was recovered near Readyville, TN. from Gen. Breckenridge's Nov. 1862 Army of Tennessee Confederate camp there occupied just before the Battle of Stones River.  This is one of my favorite bullets to dig.--$35.
  260. Very attractive Model 1858 "smooth type" Federal canteen.  The canteen shows actual wear from use and the pewter spout is marked "M.V.M." -- likely Massachusetts Volunteer Militia.  Every collection needs a nice original Civil War canteen.--$195.
  261. "Rare as Rare Can Be" just in Confederate manufacture .58 cal. cartridge box.  It is hand stitched - dark brown in color - and has the classic crude construction and also the normal little construction pinholes.  The box remains quite pliable and is all complete with both inner flaps - both very crude iron roller buckles - both hand stitched belt loops - and also the crude unusual shape closure finial with two small exceptions - the outside closure tab has come unstitched and missing one small inner flap ear.  In the world of Confederate leather -- This is a REALLY nice example.--$2,250.SOLD
  262. Nice condition Civil War Federal Cavalry carbine cartridge box.  The box remains nice and pliable with both belt loops, brass finial, closure strap, original wooden block inside, soldier initials {H.E.F.}, and complete inner leather compartment.  The leather closure tab is complete, but has been reinforced with leather from the back to give it more strength.  This would be a wonderful compliment to display with your Civil War carbine.--$350. 
  263. Excavated coat size rare pattern {C.S.-26B} Confederate "Drooped Wing Eagle" Staff Officer's Button.  This is a local with chocolate brown patina and a little gold gilt.  It was recovered from Gen. Lucius Polk's 1863 Brigade winter camp located near Tullahoma, TN.--$195.
  264. http://www.midtenrelics.com/nondug/llawb.JPGcamp bucket.  This item would display wonderfully in a camp scene exhibit.--$85.
  265. Excellent condition non-excavated .58 cal. "spring type"  bullet extractor along with a camp site recovered original extracted minie ball.  This would be a very nice item to display with your original Springfield Musket.--$45.SOLD
  266. Perfect condition original non-excavated musket nipple pick- perfect to complete your regulation issue Civil War leather cap box. --$45.
  267. Very nice condition original "1864 dated" unopened packet of Frankfort Arsenal 5 Second Artillery Fuzes--$95.
  268. Excellent condition non-excavated "Leech and Rigdon" variant pattern Confederate manufacture cast brass C.S. cavalry spur.  It has a nice rich, aged bronze patina.--$250.SOLD
  269. Excavated coat size Confederate local Louisiana State Seal uniform button.  This button was recovered about 40 years ago by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property near Chickamauga, GA.  It has good detail with a dark brown patina and a little gold gilt left in the recessed areas.  The iron shank is rusted away, and only rusty remnants remain.  Confederate local manufactured State Seal buttons are scarce to recover.--$195.
  270. 1992 Printing of "Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment" by Dr. Gordon Dammann.  This is a very useful reference book.--$25.
  271. Beautiful condition and one of less than 20 known - excavated smooth "Artillery Style" Confederate wreath for the Leech and Rigdon "Artillery Type" 2-Piece "C.S." saber belt plate.  This was recovered by Nationally known Relic Hunter - Mr. John Marks - out of Eastport, MS.  When the right Leech and Rigdon "C.S." tongue comes along --- Talk about having a SUPER RARE AND BIG DOLLAR "C.S." 2-piece saber belt plate.  {Rarity 9}--$895.
  272. Civil War outdoor albumin photograph showing a camp scene with a number of visible soldiers, tents, weapons, and even uncleaned fish no-doubt for supper that night.  It remains in a very old frame.  The image has faded and is somewhat light, but everything is still visible - even the fish !!!--$350.
  273. Nice clear 1/6th plate "Ruby" anbrotype of a seated Federal Non-Commissioned Officer.  His "N.C.O." sword can be clearly seen laying across his lap as well as his cross belt strap and eagle plate across his chest.  This is a really nice "Ruby" image.--$375.
  274. "1862" date Federal Model 1860 Navy Cutlass in original black leather scabbard.  The blade is clean with really no pitting at all, but the markings are worn a bit dim.  The brass guard is in nice shape -- {not all bent up like they so often are} and the leather is 100 % intact on the grip.  There is no wire on the grip as is generally the case.  The leather scabbard is in good condition, but is missing the last 3 inches or so.  All in all -- a very attractive example of the Model 1860 Navy Cutlass at a great price.--$795.
  275. Beautiful condition non-excavated small cast brass "Raking Spur".  These were used in the South for pleasure and sport riding on plantations prior to the Civil War and carried with the young Southern Cavalrymen as they left home for war.  A while back I excavated one just like this out of the 1863 camp of Starnes Confederate Cavalry.  Super nice condition and out of this local area.--$79.
  276. Beautiful condition hand stitched brown leather Confederate holster for a Smith and Wesson revolver or any other similar small frame revolver.  You couldn't ask for a nicer C.S. holster.--$450.SOLD
  277. Really cool original Civil War candle holder display.  I have mounted an original Civil War iron candle holder onto a piece of exploded Civil War cannon shell and put a candle in place for display.  Talk about a nice Civil War desk display item !!  The candle holder was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram from private property near Shiloh in the early 1960s--$48.
  278. Scarce excavated large size lead filled regulation Federal Cavalry "Martingale Heart".  This was recovered here at Stones River and had a little rim damage when found.  The fragile area has been stabilized and the heart now displays very nicely.--$395.
  279. MONSTER COOL RELIC --- Excavated .69 cal. Model 1816 musket barrel and bands recovered almost exactly 50 years ago {actually it's 50 year recovery anniversary was just a few days ago "May 2, 1963"!!!!} on private property near "The Wilderness" in Virginia.  The  "super cool" part is that the musket was CLEARLY SEVERED by a projectile or a piece of shrapnel.  I have set a fired bullet in place that matches the path of whatever struck this weapon.  I strongly suspect that it was NOT a good day for whoever was carrying this musket.  Here is a great historic relic with a neat old recovery tag.--$295.
  280. Really pretty excavated gilted coat size Federal eagle button.  It's actually quite rare to dig a common eagle button with gold gilt.  This one was recovered on private property near Chickamauga.--$25.
  281. Rare 69 cal. cartridge box for the smooth bore 69 cal. muskets.  The box is in decent pliable condition and is maker marked "J. E. Condict - New York".  It has about average flaking and the two iron roller buckles are pulled off - but one is inside the box.  The inner flap has neat scalloping done by the soldier.  This is an attractive representative example of a rare "early war" 69 cal. cartridge box.--only $250.
  282. Non-excavated, smooth type, Model 1858 Federal Canteen complete with cover and stopper.  The pewter spout of the canteen is marked "J.C. Johnson- Feb.-1865."  We suspect the blue cover might be an old replacement.--$250.
  283. Really nice 1840 era Militia Officer's sword and original leather scabbard.  The blade still has beautiful sparkling bright engraving from top to bottom and the original leather scabbard is complete and very sound and stable.  The grip is ivory and is in excellent condition.  Many of these were carried over into the Civil War and carried by Confederate officers.  Wow -- what a pretty sword !!--$850.
  284. Fresh out of the ground !!  Coat size Virginia State Seal button just recovered from a Confederate camp site located near Richmond, VA.  It hasn't been cleaned up at all, but you can already see pretty gold gilt showing through the dirt and patina here and there.  "Horstmann & Sons" backmark.--$150.
  285. Beautiful condition non-excavated coat size Civil War era Wisconsin State Seal Button.  This is a three piece staff with nice gold gilt, shank intact, and "Scovill" backmark.--$225.
  286. sixthcavsgt.JPG (72849 bytes)1/6th plate "Ruby" ambrotype of a seated federal cavalryman.  The image is in a 1/2 hard case and is quite clear.  He is wearing his Model 1851 sword belt rig with his Colt revolver clearly visible and also you can see his Sergeant rank stripes on his sleeves.  Very attractive image with good content.--$395.
  287. Very rare extra "Hi-Base" 69 cal. French Dragoon triangle base projectile.  This is a nice drop , but does have a worm hole in the very top.  It's been ages since I've had one of these - This one was recovered near Corinth, Miss.--$85.
  288. Beautiful condition complete set of Federal Infantry Hat insignia.  This would be Union Infantry - 5th Regiment - Company "F".  Quite rare to find a nice complete set offered for sale.--$235. for all
  289. Attractive excavated large size "U.S." oval lead filled cartridge boxplate.  This was recovered on private property at Chickamauga several years back.--$150.
  290. .69 cal. Prussian Musket which was purchased and imported early in the war by the Governor of Ohio for the issue to Ohio troops as they marched off to war in 1861.  These muskets fired an absolutely massive projectile, and they were very quickly found to not be as accurate and serviceable as the smaller cal. Springfield muskets.  Over the years as relic hunters we have learned that when you recover the huge Prussian projectiles that you are certainly in an Ohio camp and could very well be about to recover an "OVM" beltplate.  This particular musket is marked "Potsdam" and dated "1837."  Although the musket was brought in to the shop by a local family, it was learned that the family's ancestry was not unexpectedly out of Ohio.  It has a smooth, dark, uncleaned patina and will display very nicely.--$975.
  291. Excavated 3-inch Federal Hotchkiss projectile.  This projectile was recovered at Port Hudson, LA. and is complete with nose - brass fuze - cup - and lead sabot.  The shell has been cleaned, coated, disarmed, and is ready for display.--$250.
  292. Excavated cast brass  exploded Hotchkiss Percussion fuze.  This was recovered by Kent Wall from near Granny White Pike - 2nd Day's Fighting - Battle of Nashville, Tennessee.  Slider has been inserted for display purposes.--$35.
  293. Excellent Condition Non-Excavated large coat size Gilted Eagle "I" - Federal Infantry Officer's Button.  It has 100% bright gold gilt with a " Waterbury" backmark.-- $38.
  294. Excellent condition non-excavated coat size "V.M.I." {Virginia Military Institute}.  It has virtually 100% bright gold gilt on the face - shank intact - and Civil War era "Evans in the ribbon" backmark.--$195.
  295. Attractive .69 cal. Potsdam musket dated "1826".  This one is out of an Ohio estate sale and has a smooth uncleaned attic patina.  A good number of these were purchased by the Governor of Ohio to arm troops from the state in early 1861 - some are even "OHIO" marked, but this one is unmarked.  The Ohio guys quickly realized that the rifled .58 cal. Springfield muskets were much better and more accurate and these ancient old muskets were soon replaced.  Confederates were also able to get some of these, and they used them until they were able to get the much superior and preferred .577 cal. Enfields.  This is a nice looking "early Civil War" weapon.--$895.
  296. Very pretty condition cuff size Rhode Island State seal button.  It has the shank intact and has a "Scovill" backmark.  It is listed as an early "Dug" button, but could literally pass as non-dug.  It is really that nice.--$45.
  297. Nice clear C.D.V. of a Union Veteran wearing his G.A.R. ribbons and medals.  The image is backmarked "John Bull - Peterborough" which is Peterborough, N.H. I believe.--$45.
  298. Excellent condition excavated coat size Confederate "Block A" {Artillery} button.  This was recovered from a Confederate winter camp near Richmond, VA. about 30 years ago.  The face has a nice uncleaned brown-green patina, and the iron reverse is solid as can be with shank intact.  It's really hard to find an iron back Confederate button this strong and solid.--$125.
  299. Here is a "Motley Crew" of Relic Hunters on a pretty day in the late 1990s.  Our group on that day was Dr. Rees Buttram {on the extreme right} - Dennis Headley {the very large ugly one next} - and next is me {in front} with my trusty old 6000 Pro {the studly one !!!!} - and next in front is a young man with a shovel and a large smile.  He asked to be taken Civil War relic hunting for his 10th birthday.  After about 6 hours we had recovered 152 artifacts and made this young man a "Happy Birthday Display" that I will wager that he still has in his possession today - -  At age 25 or 26 or so by now !!!  Now that is a bunch of guys having SERIOUS fun !!!!!!!!!
  300. Drop dead beautiful condition excavated coat size Virginia State Seal Button.  This is a VA 13 with "Canfield Bro. and Co.- Baltimore" backmark.  The button has a slick chocolate brown patina with the figures completely outlined in bright gold gilt.--$295.
  301. Beautiful non-excavated gilted coat size Confederate "Lined I" button.  It has the shank intact and straight with "Superior Quality" backmark.  This is a CS172 and would be a fine addition to any Confederate button collection.--$295.
  302. nicemich.JPG (83502 bytes)nicemich.JPG (86046 bytes)mintmichbk.JPG (44017 bytes)This is a really nice gilted coat size Michigan State Seal button and is much prettier than most recovered now.  The button is solid as a rock with no dents, or cracks, and gold gilt dripping off it.  The face has fine detail and the reverse is perfect as well with the correct Civil War "Goddard and Bro." backmark.  The shank is intact but leaning to one side just a bit.  WOW -- What a pretty Michigan.--$275.
  303. Excavated coat size block "A" (Confederate Artillery) button.  This button was recovered from the Army of Tennessee's Artillery Park for the winter of 1863 located on Lewisburg Pike just outside Shelbyville, TN.--$95.
  304. This 8 - page "Eye Witness" "Battle of Nashville, TN." letter isn't currently for sale, but is just to "historically cool" not to share.  One such bit of "NEW" information is this -- I have many times read where the citizens came out to watch the Battle almost like going to a Sporting Event -- BUT, This is the first time that I have read that it angered the Federal Generals WHO THEN PRESSED THEM INTO SERVICE DIGGING GRAVES !!!!  Just a great eye witness view into the history of this Battle -- Enjoy !!
  305. Absolutely killer beautiful excavated coat size 3-piece Wisconsin State seal button.  This button was recovered on private property at Shiloh by Dr. Rees Buttram in the late 1960s.  It has 80 to 90 percent gilt if it has a drop.  We could just about sew this baby right back on a uniform.--$250.
  306. Quite scarce July 1st, 1852 - $3. Note from the Merchant's Bank of Washington D. C. - This note has the Tennessee Hero "Old Hickory" {Andrew Jackson} pictured on it.  The note is circulated, but is sound and has a very nice display look.  I have seen this note for as much as $195.  Here is a good buy on a very rare note.--$85.
  307. Very nice condition cast brass double cavity bullet mold for a Civil War era "Country Rifle".  This is what many young Confederates left home carrying in 1861.  Looks to be about 44 cal.--$150.
  308. Really pretty crisp, pliable small leather Federal percussion cap box.  You couldn't ask for a prettier example.  The pick is still inside, but no wool.--$165.
  309. Beautiful excavated drop .58 cal. 2-ring German Suhl projectile.  This extra nice and quite rare Confederate bullet was recovered by Mark Heath from an 1862 Wheeler Confederate Cavalry Camp located near Knob Gap, TN.--$65.
  310. Nose section of a 3-inch Percussion fuzed Hotchkiss projectile recovered at the second Day's Fighting at The Battle of Nashville, TN.  The plunger has been inserted for display purposes and can be seen on the interior of the brass percussion fuze.  This is a great little "Battle of Nashville, TN." conversation piece.--$48.
  311. Beautiful condition non-excavated gilted coat size Confederate "Droop Wing" officer's button.  This is a "CS-5" with a "Treble Gilt" backmark.  You couldn't ask for a nicer example.--$250.
  312. Very nice condition non-excavated .50 cal. Flat Top Maynard Carbine Cartridge.  An excellent compliment to display with your Civil War Maynard Carbine.--$48.
  313. Solid, attractive "Middle-Grade" nice early Model 1855 .58 cal. Federal cartridge box.  The leather remains pliable with about an average amount of flaking.  The box has both belt loops and both iron roller buckles intact, but the tip of the closure tab is broken off.  The tip is present though - tucked inside the inner compartment of the box and could easily be repaired.  The box is slotted for a "U.S." cartridge boxplate, but there is not one currently on the box.  It is "New York" maker marked on the inside flap.--$250.
  314. Excellent condition non-excavated coat size Federal Navy button.  It has 100 % bright gold gilt - Waterbury backmark - and shank intact.--$48.
  315. Excavated circular brass cavalry Rossette.  This was recovered from the 1863 Winter Camp of the 51st Alabama Cavalry located near Fosterville, TN.--$35.
  316. Beautiful condition excavated coat size gilted Federal Infantry Officer's Button.  This button was recovered by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property in Chickamaga, GA.  Both the Eagle and the letter "I" are outlined with with bright gold gilt.--$38.
  317. Absolutely drop dead beautiful excavated "drop" .69 cal. Confederate used triangle base French minie.  It has a creamy, marble like white patina and was recovered here at Stones River in the late 1960s.  I don't know how it could possibly be any nicer.--$45.
  318. Very nice content cabinet card of a fully equipted Ill. Infantry soldier.  The image has a "Woldridge and King - Petersburg, ILL." Photographer's mark.--$75.
  319. Coat size, excavated, western theater, low convex Confederate Block "I" Infantry Button.  It is in good condition with a nice chocolate brown patina.--$95
  320. Group of PUBLISHED really pretty "North Carolina Sunburst" excavated buttons.  These buttons were recovered in the late 1960s from  Gen. Manigault's 1863 Army of Tennessee Confederate winter camp at Dalton, Ga.  Some of these very buttons are in the pile pictured on page 209 in Charlie Harris's book - "Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns".   Just point out the one you want.--$110. each
  321. Early production "very nice quality" reproduction "1861 - Cook and Bros." Confederate Cavalry carbine.  It was made by "Euroarms of America" and all that I can say is - This a beautiful - near "Work of Art" weapon.--$650.SOLD
  322. Excavated coat size North Carolina State Seal button.  This is the style with the star in the depressed channel on the reverse.  The button is very solid with a smooth chocolate brown patina.  There is a light dip in the face but nothing serious.  The reverse has shank intact and gold gilt in the channel.--$135.
  323. Excellent condition non-excavated 12 mm French Pinfire cartridge.  This will be a fine compliment to display with your French Pinfire revolver.--$25.
  324. Quite scarce July 1st, 1852 - $3. Note from the Merchant's Bank of Washington D. C. - This note has the Tennessee Hero "Old Hickory" {Andrew Jackson} pictured on it.  The note is circulated, but is sound and has a very nice display look.  I have seen this note for as much as $195.  Here is a good buy on a very rare note.--$85.
  325. Very attractive Model 1840 Federal light artillery saber and scabbard.  The blade is clean just beginning to gently mellow with age and does have a couple little blade to blade nicks.  It is marked "U.S. - 1864 - Ames Mfg. Co. - Chicopee".  The mark is visible, but deeper on one side than the other, which isn't uncommon to be the case.  The grip is nice with original wrap and wire and the cast brass guard has a beautiful - never cleaned - bronze age patina.  The scabbard is in good condition with a dark  - never cleaned - chocolate brown patina, but does have a little pitting here and there in some areas.--$850.
  326. Offered here is a "set" of excellent examples of the two different styles of coat size "brass face-iron reverse" - Confederate Infantry buttons recovered from Army of Tennessee 1863 winter camps here in the West.  These were recovered by Benny Anderson from Army of Tennessee 1863 winter camps at Dalton, GA.  Note the distinctively different rim and form "I" between the two.--$195. for the pair
  327. Beautiful condition non-excavated coat size Georgia State seal Confederate uniform button.  It has virtually 100 % bright gold gilt and is backmarked "Van Wart - Sons and Co."  You couldn't ask for a prettier example.--$150.
  328. Nice clear C.D.V. engraving of President Abraham Lincoln.--$48.SOLD
  329. Excellent condition excavated gilted Federal "I" Infantry Officer's button.  This was recovered in the late 1960s by Dr. Rees Buttram on private property at Shiloh.  An excellent button.--$38.
  330. Pair {coat and cuff} of beautiful condition excavated "Gilted" Federal Infantry Officer's buttons.  These were recovered in the late 1960s from private property at Shiloh by Dr. Rees Buttram.  Just really, really pretty.--$48. for the pair-SOLD
  331. Beautiful non-excavated coat size gilted "1861" date Mintzer manufactured Georgia State Seal.  This is an excellent example with 100% gilt on the face, and 100% silver on the reverse, and is backmarked "1861 - W. G. Mintzer - Phil.", and the shank is intact and straight.  Top Shelf In Every Way.--$250.
  332. mixedbullets.JPG (33975 bytes)bulkbullets.JPG (82496 bytes)I've just purchased 5000 mixed excavated Civil War bullets.  Bag of 50 mixed dropped and fired U.S. and C.S. bullets-each bag includes a variety of different type bullets at a low cost of $1.70 per bullet--$85. a bag.

  333. Beautiful excavated gilted coat size New York State seal Button.  This button was recovered from private property near Tiftonia, TN. and has no dents - loads of gold gilt - and shank intact and straight.--$45.
  334. Very nice condition Confederate "Sep. 2, 1861" $20. note.  This one is known as the "Industry, Cupid, and Beehive" T20 note and is somewhat hard to find in nice condition.--$85.                                         
  335. Excavated coat size rare "low convex" Virginia State Seal button.  This button was dug by Chuck Sykes from a Virginia troops camp near Brandy Station, VA.  It is quite solid with a smooth brown patina and an "rmdc" Horstmann and Sons backmark.  It is missing the shank {which is probably why it got lost}.  A pretty button.--$195.
  336. Excavated 50 cal. Maynard cartridge recovered from Granny White Gap at the 2nd days fighting at the Battle of Nashville, TN.--$45.
  337. Excavated large size lead filled "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate.  This plate was recovered in the early 1980s on private property in central Virginia by Chuck Sykes.  It has a very attractive chocolate brown patina.--$125.
  338. Excavated Federal "hi-port" cavalry bit recovered from a Confederate cavalry camp at Corinth, MISS.  The Rebels had removed the  cast bras "U.S." rosettes from each side so that they could then use the bit themselves and it NOT be "U.S." marked.  A very neat  "U.S. to C.S." kind of relic.--$85.
  339. Nice clear fully cased 1/6th plate tintype of an early war young Union Private.  If you have no actual "from life" Civil War images in your collection - This would be a pretty one to start with.--$135.SOLD
  340. This letter was written from the "Hall of the Convention" in Alexandria, VA on December 12th 1864.  At this "Unionist" convention the Constitution of 1864 was adopted.  This Constitution contains many important laws including: abolishing slavery in the Union controlled parts of Virginia and recognizing the creation of West Virginia.   Members of the Convention proclaimed the new Constitution in effect, rather than submitting it to voters for approval in a popular referendum.  Initially only the areas of northern and eastern Virginia then under Union control recognized the authority of the Constitution of 1864, but after the fall of the Confederacy in May 1865 it became effective for all Virginia and remained in effect until July 1869.  In the above letter, it appears that the writer, L. W. Webb, was trying to run for some type of office or for a seat in the convention.  However, from his comment, "I see very plainly that a Union man stands no show in our department and it is useless to try to do any things, so I have given up all hopes, and will sit down and wait patiently until things do change," and it does look like he was not successful...$65
  341. chickmagaus.JPG (57131 bytes)chickmagausrev.JPG (76851 bytes)Excavated large size lead filled "U.S." oval cartridge boxplate recovered at Chickamauga a few years ago.  The face has one little rust bump on the bottom of the "S" but is otherwise an excellent plate with a smooth chocolate brown patina on the face and full lead and both loops on the reverse.--$195.
  342. vastaff.JPG (76150 bytes)vastaffrev.JPG (73315 bytes)Beautiful condition non-excavated coat size Virginia staff officer's 3-piece button.  This is a 23 mm VA261C with near 100 % bright gold gilt.  The reverse has "Superior Quality" backmark with the shank intact.--$275.
  343. Quite scarce excavated "Long Tail" Confederate cavalry - Hall carbine projectile.  This is an excellent drop recovered from the camp of the 1st Confederate Cavalry located near the old academy at Unionville, TN.--$65.
  344. I'm betting that one of the reasons that you guys regularly check out Midtenrelics is that you are not only going to see some cool relics BUT you are going to see and learn some very interesting stuff.  How many of you have ever seen and read Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest's Last Will and Testament.  Quite Interesting Reading !!!
  345. Very nice condition 58 cal. triangular socket bayonet correct for the Springfield or any of the 1861 contract rifled muskets.  This was apparently state or private purchase as there is no "U.S." stamp.--$175.
  346. Absolutely beautiful condition non-excavated coat size gilted Virginia Staff Officer's button.  This looks like a VA-20 and has the shank intact and a "Superior Quality" backmark with LOTS of gold gilt.--$250.
  347. Model 1860 light cavalry saber and scabbard.  This one has a clean, bright blade just beginning to grey with age and having remnants of some old plating.  It is marked "Emerson and Silver - U.S. - 186 {1}" I think.  The last digit of the date is somewhat hard to make out.  The grip is pretty with original wrap and wire.  The scabbard is in nice condition as well, but it also has remnants of old plating.  My guess is that it is likely an old Veteran's Hall saber as they loved to paint and plate artifacts.  The saber has a great display look on the wall.--$750.
  348. "Attic" condition "1863" date Model 1860 light cavalry saber and scabbard.  The blade has a deep, dark 150 year old chocolate brown patina and is marked "U.S. - 1863 - Mansfield and Lamb".  The grip is worn down to wood and reminds you of an old banister rail.  The scabbard has a thick brown patina as well.  This saber has a pleasing "out of the attic" look and is a great buy for the money.--$695.
  349. niceusoval.JPG (66096 bytes)niceusovalrev.JPG (77057 bytes)Perfect condition unissued large size lead filled "U.S." oval waist belt plate.  This is the arrow hook variety and all three hooks remain intact.  This is the classic belt plate of the American Civil War.--$250.
  350. forrestprint.JPG (71374 bytes)Beautiful and tough to come by 1973 print of General Nathan Bedford Forrest that was done by the Sons of Confederate Veterans over 30 years ago.  The print is BIG measuring 24 inches by 30 inches before framing and is absolutely breathtaking once it's matted and framed.  I seldom get these in anymore.--$89.
  351. parrottcannon.JPG (85962 bytes)Finely crafted and faithfully reproduced 3/4 scale Model 1860 Parrott Rifle.  The barrel is cast iron with a 3/8 inch seamless liner for maximum strength.  The wheels are hickory and all carriage parts are white oak just as the originals.  All hardware is steel not low strength aluminum or pot metal.  The cannon comes complete with all working implements including water bucket, worm, 2 rammers, 2 hand spikes, a portfire, prolong rope, and vent cover.  The wheel height is 42 inches and the barrel bore is 2.25 inches.  We will include free delivery within 300 miles of Murfreesboro, TN.  If you check around you will find this gun usually priced at $12,000.  Check out our price with a full complement of implements and free delivery !!!--$9,500.SOLD




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